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Merrilee Liddiard  Crafting a Playful Life. Share how you #playcreatively | new dolls coming soon to @merrileeliddiardshop

A poor sick little cupid had to stay home and missed all the Valentines festivities today. So a kind brother brought her cards to school to give to her teacher in the hopes that she can bring home a bag full of notes from her classmates in return. 💕💗🧡 swipe left to see the cards we made for this cat lover 🐈 . And see stories to see the Valentines box her dog loving brother made. 🐕 (oh and a little sneak into how our master bedroom remodel is coming along. Can’t wait to share the before and after in the final reveal. Lots of back and forth with these old mud and brick walls and I think we’re happy with our solution to showcase it a bit while adding new paneling). #thebanisterhouse

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January felt like the Monday of the year, am I right? With the beginning of Feb. clumping into that as well. But I’m finally starting to feel some momentum. And we’re dreaming of warmer weather and charting all the road trips we want to take this year on our latest USA map collab with @gathre. Feeling like this is the year we will finally explore the Oregon coast. And I’ve never been to Portland and need to know all the places I must go to shop and eat and sight see there 🧡. #mermagxgathre

Her new little perch for reading and journaling. She’s obsessed with her new @nestnotes journals - suited just for her age. She loved the part where it asks what rules she would have in her house. “No going onto my room.” Punishable by 50 min time out. Seems fair enough 🤷🏻‍♀️ #thebanisterhouse

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Friends I’m thrilled to share two friends I’ve grown so fond of - Little Charlie and Emma. You might already know a bit about them from their creator, author and friend, Amy Webb of @thislittlemiggy who writes the story of their meeting which turns into a sweet friendship. I’m so honored to have been able to illustrate ‘When Charlie Met Emma’ which is now on amazon for pre-order (link in profile). It’s a beautiful and simple story that “helps kids think about disability, kindness, and how to behave when they meet someone who is different from them.” My kids love it already and I know you’ll fall for this book and these new friends too. We’re excited for the day when we get a final copy in hand to proudly join our shelf of favorite stories and characters.

It’s a heart cookies with faces kind of week. I’m determined to make these into edible gifts this year for Valentines - or just for fun. And now that I have a certain 6 year who is all about confectionery I know I’ll have help. (These ones here are clay magnets I made years ago for a galentines party). #mermagvalentines

Thanks for all your sweet comments in my latest post. It’s nice to gather together sometimes and relate as women/mammas. Feeling ready to really finally get this year going. And in a fun superficial way I’m stalking all the winter sales looking for great capsule wardrobe finds. Would love to hear if you have any suggestions of what sales can’t be missed - I know you know the good ones 😉 (was thinking for women but if you know of great finds for little ones too share). I’m also compiling a booklet of all of last years mother daughter wardrobe illustrations. It’s so fun to see them all together and how it captures a bit of our year together (even if some of it was in an imaginative dream wardrobe ☺️). #merillustration #merscapsulewardrobe

Friends it’s been quiet around here and thought it a good time to pop back in. I don’t typically share personal things on here but as I’m getting back into the swing of things I’m feeling like it might be helpful to share. The day after Christmas we were given the best news that made our hearts soar only to have them cave in a bit shortly there after. This week I miscarried. I wasn’t super far along - but the loss of something you thought was going to change your year, your life, your family dynamic, your mamma heart, is still felt. I know so many of you beautiful mammas have had this experience and at different stages - some that can be unbearable - and my heart is with you. Sometimes things like this make our hearts as women united even more.
I was somewhat surprised to see how much this affected my kids. My boys cried for quite a bit - didn’t want to go to school and Oliver kept asking if there was a way to fix it. And miss Amelia was so looking forward to being an older sister. Life takes some crazy turns. I’m not getting any younger ☺️ so this loss also feels a bit like a closed door (even though we thought we had closed that door our hearts had opened right back up again). We’re doing well enough right now. And I know what I do have and am very grateful. I feel this experience to still be beautiful in hard ways. Sending love to all who might be going through anything difficult at this time. 💕😘

Reminiscing about last years super easy diy clay heart bracelets for Valentines, or for whenever you want to share some love with friends really, and feeling the desire to pull out the clay. Do you ever feel like sometimes you’re inspired to do great creative work when you’re trying to finish up your hired work - but really you want to rebel and do something else altogether? Funny how we humans work. (I can’t be the only one right?) #mermagvalentines

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Our days have pretty much been centered around Olivers new little puppy 🐶 that Santa brought. And when Ollie’s away at school, Amelia (in half day kinder) is the diligent puppy keeper. Her homemade gift to Oliver this Christmas was this dog house that Jon and her put together. We found a diy from a mag and then I added fabric to the sides. And the puppy is finally keen to call it home now that it houses Olivers own pillow ☺️. Suffice to say, we’re obsessed with her. #thebanisterhouse

Anyone else having a hard time getting back into the swing of things? The days are still melting together but I’m slowing working on coming out of the holiday fog. (And my stairs actually are still covered in dried out garlands). Still looking back while looking forward. 2019 already has a unique feeling to me. A feeling of change and possibly the unexpected. Growth is coming - even if it’s uncomfortable. I can tell. Beauty in its unique moth like forms. Transformations might not always look like butterflies. Trying to embrace a mindset ready for this. I think I feel it just a tiny bit in the cold crisp January air. And you know it feels just a little bit exciting. #thebanisterhouse

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Looking back while looking forward to 2019. So many things in store for the next year. Feelings of wanting to leap forward while also trying to slow down and savor. An energy mixed with a calm. Working on pacing myself this next year to be able to do both. To enjoy the present while also feeling the thrill of new beginnings. To remind myself I can always start again today. As time goes on and my children grow I feel the tingle of nostalgia and sentimentality. I’m trying to channel that sentiment into really enjoying the today. I don’t have a theme or word picked out for 2019 but I want it to be along these lines. Any ideas? Or do you have any words or themes you like or have chosen either in the past or for the new year? #thebanisterhouse

What a lovely year it’s been friends. So many dream collaborations and book projects (which are coming out next year!) with fellow women I adore and admire and now call friends. Thank you for going on this journey with me and for your support, especially with my little handmade doll venture @merrileeliddiardshop which is growing bit by bit. You’ve probably heard the phrase “my customers are the best!” many times, but I can honestly say that this feeling is so true for me. I feel such a fondness for all who give my work a home - who take a chance on loving my dolls or artwork or books or crafts as much as I do. So thank you very sincerely. To show my kids that you can succeed at what you love if you work hard and try to give the world a little more joy, a little more of yourself and a little more of something special is such a dream. Here’s to more dreams with all of you in 2019! ✨ #bestnine2018

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