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Merrilee Liddiard  Play Creatively | Summer Nostalgia' collab with @wrenandjames where a girl can match her doll. Now live in the shop!β˜€οΈπŸ’«

Paper dolls and paper puppets forever (childhood favorites that still get me all excited for a weekend of creative play). Oliver finished his first week of Waldorf school (a week before the other kids start, Milla -preschool and Atticus -middle school. So I have three kids in three diff schools 😱) It's so fun to think about what's in store. Their tag line is 'No Child Left Inside' and we couldn't be more thrilled about a hands on, low tech, nature based learning environment for him. Last year was a bit overwhelming for him (he was bogged down with homework and he was starting to hate school and structured learning) so this approach seems much better suited for his creative, daydreamy, fidgety artist personality. We'll see how it goes. Anyone have experience with k-6 Waldorf schooling? And the transition into middle school thereafter?

Printable paper doll we are playing with today. My computer completely crashed on me and might be down for the count. 😩 But we'll be listing this as a download when everything is up and running again. You can color it or leave black and white. Print on magnetic paper and more. See Milla playing in stories. #merillustration

"Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be." - Rita Pierson
Something I've been thinking about with my kids and the new school year and for all children in this world. Time to be champions friends. Many are depending on us to do so. To teach and to show love. To be better. To provide hope. To tirelessly promote goodness. To truly believe that our children can accomplish amazing things. To make sure they have a safe place to do so. We need it too. We need to see ourselves fighting for good. Teaching and believing in its power. Again and again.

Our simple and favorite diy boats we're made simple pieces of scrap wood. To make one yourself:
1) find a piece of wood that floats well (we found the more rectangular ones float better than the ones that were uneven or split - but for decor or indoor play I love the way the uneven ones look)
2) drill a hole in the raft part of the wood, the size of the twig you're going to use for the sail
3) insert the twig
4) glue on triangle canvas sail to twig (we used low temp hot glue)
5) connect a string from the top of the sail to the bottom of the raft.
6) cut out and glue small triangles onto string
7) Take your new boat out for a spin on the water! (we recommend tying a string onto one side of the boat if you want to get the boat back!) HAPPY SAILING!

Making play miniature campinging tents for her bunny from canvas scraps and twigs...and living in complete denial that school is starting so soon. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰ #mermaghouses #thebanisterhouse

I've heard that children create some of their fondest memories while traveling or doing simple things but in an out-of-the-ordinary way. Which means summer is ripe for creating nostalgia. This is what our collab 'Summer Nostalgia' with @wrenandjames is all about. You can still capture these moments with playful doll companions and matching dresses. Instigating simple, adventurous and imaginative play similar to our grandmothers time - when children created their own stories for toys from their own imagination (sans liscenced characters - but we totally get it if today each adventure has a side of Moanna on it - we're right there with you πŸ˜‰). If you missed our pop-up you're in luck as this week we're part of @wrenandjames favorite things over on @brickyardbuffalo, starting today, which means all 'Summer Nostalgia' dolls are all 15% off!! Wishing you an endless summer through fond nostalgic memories. #wjxmmsummernostalgia

We made drift wood boats (well technically scrap wood I guess as we don't live near the ocean) and sailed them in a stream today. Such a lovely Sunday afternoon. (See making and sailing in stories).

Oh summer dayzzzz. Can you just last forever? Have you already created your own moments of 'Summer Nostalgia' this year? Do share! And a reminder for you locals that our Pop-Up Shop is this Saturday, Aug. 5!! All of our 'Summer Nostalgia' collection, where a girl can match her doll, will be 15% off!! We will be at Madewell in SLC at City Creek. 50 Main Street #209, SLC UT. We'll be at Madewell in city creek from 12-2 pm! In addition to lots of dolls and sleeping bags I'll be. Ringing and signing books. Stop in and say hi, try on a @wrenandjames pinafore and test snuggle a @merrileeliddiardshop doll. 😘✨#wjxmmsummernostalgia

So many little secrets and stories to share with Bitty Bunny Benjamin in his cardboard cape cottage. This house was so easy and fun to make. You could do it in a creative afternoon. DIY on a few posts back. #mermagcardboard

The only good thing about summer flying away is the anticipation for fall...and a season for dress up! I so love my little dear fairy girl. She's already been putting in her costume orders for Halloween this year. Can't wait!! #mermagwings #mermaghalloween

Greta just wanted to drop in and share that we're having a Pop-Up Shop this Saturday, Aug. 5!! Together with @wrenandjames we'll be bringing pieces from our 'Summer Nostalgia' collection (at 15% off!!) where a girl can match her doll. (Only a few select styles of dolls left from this collection so this is your chance to scoop them up!). Meet us at @madewell in SLC at City Creek. 50 Main Street #209, SLC UT. We'll be there from 12-2 pm! I'll be bringing signed fairy books and some prints as well as lots of dolls. Stop in and say hi! πŸ‘‹πŸ»#wjxmmsummernostalgia #merillustration

I've decided I'm just going to make my dream world in doll size. πŸ’™ New doll slumber bedding (limited stock) in @merrileeliddiardshop today. (Also I will be sharing this doll bed canopy DIY after I make a few tweaks to it). #mermagdolls #wjxmmsummernostalgia

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