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Merrilee Liddiard  Encouraging and indulging in nostalgic, creative play through art, craft and handmade rag dolls. New dolls and bunny friends in the shop now. πŸ’«

Rainy day rebellions. #pjsallday at #thebanisterhouse

Happy Saturday! πŸ‹πŸŠπŸ¦ˆπŸŸπŸ¬πŸ‘πŸ³ She has to correctly name which aquatic animal she wants to take with her into the rainfall shower. She's almost got narwhal down. (Large format horse prints coming soon) #thebanisterhouse

Working on the next drop of spring dolls as well as an exciting collaboration coming up this summer that has my ❀️. I'm loving these lower side buns too. What are your thoughts on them. Should I make more in this style? 😘 #mermagdolls

This time of years has so many possibilities for nature crating! We used our printable of little Miss Nellie (as well as Atticus the Bunny) and made ensembles from leaves and flowers. My intern @lexiknilson made this one and I love it. So much spring time fun! #mermagnaturecrafts #merillustration

Our favorite pic from yesterday. And perhaps the kids next album cover? Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 😘 #thebanisterhouse #atticusthemagician #liddiardfamilyplayers


Wishing you all a beautiful and glorious Easter Sunday. πŸŒΏπŸ‡Grateful for His peace and joy #princeofpeace

I can't believe Easter is tomorrow. Mr bunny still has lots to do. Finishing up some handmade characters for the boys and I'm just now realizing I never got or made an Easter dress for Milla. Or really anything for the boys to wear either πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ (how did I miss that?). Sigh. Well we'll keep it simple and focus on the beauty of the season and the amazing promise of renewed life, growth, change and lasting joy. Which is what it's all about anyway πŸ•ŠπŸŒΏ | And if you're a last minuter like me, these downloadable and printable toys/party decor have got your back. (Like seriously I'm relying heavily on them this year 😊). Happy hunting this weekend! πŸ‡ #mermageaster #merillustration

Love this shot of Milla's side of the room which sits opposite of the boys beds (in previous pic. photo also from @oldhomelove's new book where you can see amazing old homes, including ours, still being loved after all these years). I'll miss this little bed when she grows out of it. Which is looking like it'll be sooner than I'd hoped 😭. Also I'm thinking wallpaper for this wall for the next room update?? 😍. #letthembelittle #forever #thebanisterhouse

When purchasing a historic 1890's home we knew we'd have to sacrifice a bit on space in exchange for the charm. So all three kids sleep in the same room, Peter Pan nursery style, for the time being. This is the boys side of the room as it was when photographed by @chauntevaughn for @oldhomelove's newly released book, which is amazing and you need to get it. (Styled by @metacoleman_). The kids love being all together for the time being, like little sardines. I remember a family I met in NYC that had nine kids in a Manhattan apt. and whenever they visited other places they always ended up sleeping in the same room together as they couldn't handle that much space between them. I've always loved that story. Reminds me a bit of my childhood where someone was always rotating where they slept, sometimes halfway out the door. (A phenomenon my husband thinks hilarious). I so hope they have fond memories here together. (Milla's side is opposite this and can be seen in previous posts with her bed between a black wardrobe and yellow industrial metal toy shelf). I only wish it looked this clean all the time! 😜. #thebanisterhouse

We were so happy to see our Bunny piΓ±ata pair nicely with our new printable party decor. Miss M is especially a fan of the cupcake toppers (and the cupcakes!). This piΓ±ata is so easy to make. We skip the tissue paper and just construct piΓ±atas with shaping and painting cardboard - leaving a candy trap door on the bottom. Paper Party downloads in the shop @merrileeliddiardshop #mermagparties

Dress up your Easter table by turning real eggs into Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. Or have the little ones craft these bunnies together using plastic eggs for a worry free festive activity. You can find these friends in the printable party pack in the shop. Lin. 🐰🐰 #mermageaster

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