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Meredith Leich  ((new media)) animator | ((old media)) watercolorist cities | victorians | whales | glaciers

Excellent. (Thanks @greetings_q for this.) Now if only this were real life...

An experiment for a Monday morning #watercolor

From earlier this summer #duet #watercolor

#Repost @nleich [*working on a little project with my bro -- follow him to see!*]
I'm trying out a new project, where I post musical ideas and sketches as they come to me, in collaboration with my sister, @mer_like, on art. This is the first piece, Elegy. You can find the link in my bio.

Testing some new brushes. Just discovered the Sceptre Gold II, w&n's mix of synthetic and sable -- hot damn! What water retention! How it preserves a point! The benefit of being mostly self-taught is you get to make thrilling basic discoveries many years after you shoulda known better... (Also, I miss Alizarin Crimson, that lovely pomegranate color - alas, it fades, so I only use it for tests. There are decent replacements but it's never quite the same.) #watercolor #winsorandnewton #sceptergold2 #rigger

The other half of a painting. I often get sentimental and reluctant to rinse off the pretty patterns. Stop it, Meredith. Go wash off the damn paint remnants or you will fuck up the rest of this painting. #watahcolah #palettepainting #muddycolors #unhelpfulsentimentality #fearofchange

In need of a wedding gift? Parents' anniversary? Just moved? I am about to have two weeks *to myself* (in between jobs), without pressing deadlines, grad school, funerals, or cross-country moves, for the first time in...eons! And I plan on PAINTING!*~*^!! Joy! I'd love to work on commissions, and in particular find arrangements that work for friends (and friends of friends if anyone comes to mind). So do send me a direct message if you are interested...

Little study -- Glacier creeping in the distance - 7.5x5.5"

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