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Meowmie  The Little Ball of Sunshine βœ‰οΈ ∞

Meowmie, Luna and Yumi would like to thank all 700+ of you for your support all these while! ☺ Meowmie, Luna and Yumi is very grateful for this and hope that we have added a little sunshine in your life. 😘 Feel free to let Meowmie know what you would like to see next! Thank you again! ☺🐱❀️

Modern take of paint meow as one of your French Girls 1: Meowmie is feeling so confident and sexy. Do you like it? 😘🐱☺ #pinupmeowmie

Hello. Meowmie had a chance to give a presentation at Apple, Upper East Side NYC. 😊 Meowmie is really grateful for this opportunity. Thank you very much Apple! Meowmie would like to take this chance to thank everyone who attended the session. Hope you had fun! πŸ˜„ Meowmie thanks everyone of you for all the support too. Meowmie looks forward to more opportunity in future! 😘☺🐱

Hello everyone! Meowmie is looking out for ideas. Feel free to let Meowmie knows what could Meowmie draw next? Meowmie welcomes ideas and of course, commissions! ☺🐱

Meowmie 🐱, Luna πŸŒ™ and Yumi πŸ¦„ wishes everyone a Happy Easter Day! ☺🐱

Meowmie 🐱 is happy that Yumi πŸ¦„ is adjusting well and is happy. Meowmie is also very surprised to see that Yumi likes to roll around in a blanket too! Yumi is so adorable! 😊🐱

The book said unicorn like clouds and strawberry. Meowmie 🐱 built a fluffy bed and prepared a bowl of strawberries for Yumi πŸ¦„! Yumi seems happy with all of these! 😊🐱

Meowmie 🐱 is reading up on Unicorn 101! Meowmie wants to provide the best environment for Yumi πŸ¦„! Yumi looks curious. Do you know anything about unicorn? 😊🐱

Hello everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ» This is Yumi the unicorn πŸ¦„! It's is so cute, right?

Meowmie 🐱 and Luna πŸŒ™ dresses up as Mewty and the Meast (Beauty and the Beast). Meowmie and Luna dance all night. πŸ’ƒ Isn't it lovely? 😊🐱

Meowmie 🐱 and Luna πŸŒ™ had decided on the name! The unicorn shall be call Yumi πŸ¦„! Let's say hi to Yumi πŸ¦„!

Meowmie 🐱 and Luna πŸŒ™ is wondering what name to give to the unicorn πŸ¦„. Do you have any ideas? Share with meow.

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