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See Meow Cheng  "I love photographing. It’s that simple." ~ Stuart Franklin

9 months 11 days

Just had her 2nd haircut. Hee... super short fringe but still cute.

2 months 29 days

Daddy's girl


2 months 22 days

Had an adventurous day out with mother to town! Cried due to sleep deprivation. 😅
However we all survived the day n all trip is via mrt, not cab. Feeling accomplished. 😆


2 months 21 days

Merry Christmas dear friends!

Our first Christmas with our baby. Joining in the fun of snapchatting ourselves as a family of reindeers!


2 months 20 days "Look at that row of milk in different flavours!" #宝贝xinhui

2 months 17 days
She went NTUC with her favourite cousin and talked to Oreo. But didn't bring new friend, Oreo, back home. 😂


2 months 16 days

Love how these make her looks more girly. Thanks for the lovely clips, SIL!

2 months and 15 days "Hmmm.... let me guess what is inside by sniffing it." After that, her nose was poked by the tag and was a bit stunned. 😂


2 months 14 days

Outing to the temple with 2 of her favorite cousins. Followed by a trip to her grandma's place.
KO'ed after the long outing and had an 8 hrs sleep throughout the night!

2 months 8 days

Happy to be with one of her favorite cousins, Jovan gor gor.


2 months 1 day

Little panda baby resting on the back of her panda daddy.

2 months and 1 day

Good morning! Back to work since last week. Hope the little one's been a good girl n listen to her grandma!

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