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Your destiny is created by your decisions... Take control of your own life!!

Be wealthy

Have you a tried Ritual yet? Come see what the fuss is about... Link in the bio

Happy birthday to one of our founders @seantorbati
1/3 of the Collective.....
Let's all wish #RichHomieSean a happy one and prosperous year!!!

We all impact people we deal with... Allow your impact to be a positive one... Share good news and suffocate negativity πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‰
#MentalJewels πŸ’Ž

Do for self... Then teach someone how to do for themselves.....
#MentalJewels πŸ¦‰

Do the right thing...
Be straight up and honest with people... and you'll have nothing to worry about.... that's why I live such a bold life.... @mental_jewels

This came up yesterday in a conversation with my brother @robfuckingbailey
I was telling him about a time in my life that my future was uncertain.... Every day, I faced the possibility that the next day could be my last. So as a result, each day I did everything that I wanted to do and everything that I felt I should do.... I took risks.. (not destructive ones)
Everyday I lived on 10, on max, I pushed the limits... I danced with fear daily, and absorbed it, breathed it in and used it as fucking fire.... I learned early in life that fear will either paralyze you or fuel you... I mastered using fear to my advantage, after all it's only energy... My bold and fearless disposition put me on a perpetual state of progression... Now, the things that I was dealing with back then, are no longer a factor and my future is not threatened with potential death, incarceration or any of the other demons that I had in my life.... but guess what.... I still live my life on 10... volume to the max.... Exploring any and all possibilities.... I don't even know what a comfort zone is anymore.... This gives me the most exciting life.... extremely fulfilling.... I touch on every emotion at the highest level.... happiness, anger, sadness, fear, it's all energy and it all makes me feel alive.... When you "stay in the house" or stay in your comfort zone, operate with a safety net, you ain't living.... you're just breathing.... fuck that.... live how you want to, but I'm just sharing my experience, and life and actually LIVING.
Anyway, fuck your comfort zone and do something scary.... the more you do scary shit, it ain't that scary anymore😈

Are y'all ready for this?

You have to do more than 'want' and 'pray' for it...: get off your ass and make it happen!!!! ✊🏾

Never have and never will😏

Nuff said....

Word is bond.

@mental_jewels to keep me operating on an elevated cognitive level... I dreamt of a product like this years ago... I bought many products that claim to help with mental functioning and found no benefit... I teamed up with my brothers Sean Torbatti and @marclobliner and we put together a powerful and effective cognitive matrix.... We spent lots of money, and time to put together all patented ingredients for @mental_jewels
It's clinically dosed.... I stand firm by this product. Many of our peers have given us the thumbs up... We reached out to Medical professionals, doctors etc, and they all gave the nod... This was sourced and formulated for actual results, not for price margins... There's a link in my description box that you can click on for the full description, ingredients etc.... I'm super proud of #MentalJewels
We will be launching more products under the #AmbrosiaNutraceuticals brand soon... More products I'm excited about, like Ambrosia OS (Overtraining Solution) which is next... The sports nutrition lane is clogged with every Tom, Dick and Harry that has a few ig followers throwing their name on white label bullshit products.... In order to not get associated with that, we choose to step up the types of products and quality to the market... Innovation and creativity at its finest... My goal is to produce important and intelligent products.... Hope you all realize and appreciate what we are bringing... Sean, Marc and I are all already doing very well financially, let's put that out there... So this isn't about money to us... This is about legacy... This is the spirit of innovation... And this is a product fueled by passion and purpose.... Once again, for the full product write up, click the link in the description box.....
Image by @trellimages of #InterstellarMedia

Next product..
Coming soon πŸ˜ŽπŸ’Ž

Entry 24 from the book: @mental_jewels
Not out yet....
But listen.... What's said in this is so basic and common sense... People have become too smart for common sense.
Lose the sense of entitlement.
Don't expect people to do things for you.
Better yet, why the FUCK do you think people should do things for you?
Ask yourself "What have I done?".
What do you do?
Look around.... Are you just really important to yourself, or are you important to others? Like really important....
Fitness people...........
You want a sponsorship? Your looks ain't gonna sell product!!!!! Your hustle, your connection with the consumer would do that.... Not your fucking abs πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I see people begging so much their hands look like cups.... Knock it the fuck off....
Get your mind right, lace up your boots, and get to fucking work!!! Put in overtime.... And I ain't talking about more time in the gym.... You don't get special accolades for taking care of your body...... #MentalJewels

@bountytank starting his day and setting the tone with #MentalJewels

@mikerashid making power moves.... I spy that #MentalJewels bottle on the #DigitalDash

#MentalJewels πŸ’Ž

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