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Turning your garage into a gym paradise? Craigslist is the smartest, least expensive way to do it. Here’s what you should aim to pay:
•Squat rack: $250
•Bumper plates: $0.50/pound
•Cardio row machine: $700
•Treadmill: $750
•Fan bike: $350
•Commercial-grade bench: $75+
•Olympic barbell: $25+
•20-pound dumbbells: $0.50/pound
•Kettlebells: $0.25-0.50/pound
(🎨: @ tavisco1)

When you roll up your sleeves to get to work, show 'em the work you've already done 💪

Was there ever a more manly character than Mike Ehrmantraut? Also, can you believe #BreakingBad turns 10 today? (📷: @steveschofield)

Never let ‘em see you sweat. (📷: @rainmac)

Say hello to the Copenhagen hip abduction, demonstrated here by @joeythurmanfit. Your shoulders and obliques are gonna love it. #MHRecRoom

Our boy looks good with that #Olympic torch 🔥 #Repost @ebenezersamuel23
Throwing it back to ... a whopping two days ago for that very special moment when I was blessed enough to be part of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics torch relay.
I spent a lot of years watching the Olympics but never really comprehended the journey of the Olympic flame until this week. The torch relay is a collaborative effort: Over more than 100 days, the flame travels thousands of miles from Athens to the Games, carried by thousands. Each person runs with special zeal, for their own reasons.
It's a surreal moment when you get your chance, a few hundred meters that help set up the Olympics. As you relish your moment, you set up the next runner's surreal moment; when the Olympic torch is finally lit, it's the culmination of all these moments.
It's a cycle that repeats in the life of each runner: none carry the torch if not for the story of their life that got them there. Thankful for all the people in my life who helped get me this far, and who helped make this year's Olympic flame that much more significant for me.

Burger cravings happen. When they do, grab the Dave's Single from @wendys. With the best protein-to-carb ratio balance of the chain restaurant bunch (yes, fanboys, that includes @fiveguys), it's our pick for top cheeseburger in the MH Restaurant Awards. See the full list at menshealth.com/restaurant-awards. (📷: @levibrownphoto)

You know it's bad when you lose a shoe. #FridayFails

@heliocastroneves just hanging around in our NYC office. Head to our Facebook for the full interview with him and fellow @team_penske driver @rickytaylorrace!

#Repost @ebenezersamuel23
Underrated lightweight finisher for anyone looking to develop upper inner chest: multi-plate prayer press.

Your upper pecs near your clavicle are responsible for two key motions: horizontal adduction of the arm (the fly motion) and flexion of the arm (think front raises). The multi-plate prayer press challenges both of those motions; if I don't squeeze the two 10-pound plates together hard, they'll slide, so I must maintain constant adduction for the life of the set. Each rep also demands shoulder flexion. Presto...inner upper chest focus (just don't round your back...that wrecks the whole thing). You can't go heavy obviously, so to get the most out of the move, use it on The back end of a superset near the end or your chest workout. We are strictly carving details here.
My favorite combo: single-arm cable flies with the off arm maintaining an isometric chest fly contraction (more horizontal adduction), 12 per arm, straight into prayer press til technical fatigue...3 sets.
#training #fitness #chestday

@bobbymaximus' 100-rep challenge. Pick your poison: squat or bench. You have 10 minutes. Go.

Cleared for takeoff ✈️
(📷: @jeanyveslemoigne)

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