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  Northern Cali☉ Santa Rosa7⃣0⃣7⃣ Raised to be the best☝ United States Air Force 🇺🇸✈

Oh what is #nationalpuppyday ?! Not at all sorry for all these pictures of my dog!

When it's finally going to be sunny and rain free long enough to justify cleaning the whip!! #genesis #sedanlife #itseatsfive

When your dog successfully learns how to shake! #feelsfuckinggoodman #MydogSookie
#thepolarbear #fluffy

"Hey Sookie, act natural"

When there is a mini grand piano you must play it.
Explosions in the Sky- Your Hand in Mine. #fridaynightlights

Just like everyone else on instagram, I too am a huge fan of this filter..

This my polar bear

Zucchini tots n sun dried tomato, spinach, mozzarella stuffed pesto chicken.. #imdone #chefshmendo

National puppy day #sookiethepolarbear

I like to sleep like the humanzzzzz.. Ok bud I guess you can sleep there..

Took him 2 seconds after I sat down for him to jump up and get comfortable lol #franktheweinerdog #weinerinmylap #chilltits

Sookie taking full advantage of this blizzard.

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