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Charles Mencel Shape & Designs  100% Hand Shaped Performance Art Monmouth County,NJ

First wave of summer coming in deep!

Log season is upon us. Lots of orders flooding through spring, once summer hits... it hits. Don’t miss out. @erikalibrizzi putting her 9’4” Perch noserider to its namesake. #mencelsurfboards

And then there were 3! Welcome Florence Jane. Born 5/5/19- 7lbs 14oz 19”. Baby and @rebeccamencel are doing amazing #dontjinxit

@patschmidt on previous posted 4channel ‘plug’ in Waco. Last slide puts power into perspective 😬#mencelsurfboards 📷: @jimmicane

A turn and a lot of tubes- gotta love the transition seasons!!! 🌷🌺🌾💐
6’1” camo ‘soft squash’
#mencelsurfboards 📸: @timmytorchia

@patschmidt off to Waco with this 4 channel 5’10” PLUG Rocker, deck/rail foil and channels all done nice for the freshwater juice 🤠🎯

5’10.5” 19.5” 2.5” ‘plug’ for summer/el nino winters (4 months late on that)
Bottom is... flat>vee 🤦‍♂️
New mirror nose lam via @thedenimdome 🥰

Prov1 5’9” 18 7/8 2 7/16”
Four channel ‘single slot’ bottom for steep and deep drives. #mencelsurfboards
@Alexander_aristotle_gazonas with a bone dry lam, too 🤙🙌

@thomas_ihnken and his 5’8” double winged twin. Maybe more of this soon? Maybe some warmer water, too?? 📸@ryanmackphoto

Dan Paczkowski’s 5’8” Twinster and 6’2” Shogun #mencelsurfboards

#tedspencer hull start to finish for @corfrunk ::: foam was brought to me by Bobby Raffetto- an old Hap Jacobs log snapped at the fin line. Liddel-school rocker/foil w “faux hull” design features in entry bottom. @true_ames 7.5” LFlex. Should haul on ‘day after the day’ conditions. It got some serious love at the Pass in Byron Bay but we want her home @patschmidt !!! 😜❤️

@david_lee_scales of @surfsplendor came a few months ago to stay with @rebeccamencel and I to see the Mid Atlantic and talk surfing. I’ve long admired David’s work and as someone from the East Coast, I’ve always searched for more: sharper insights, deeper design analysis and authentic narratives. Folks like me have David to thank for compiling and articulating the work and words of people like @aleutianjuice or @mcsurfboards For that, I am honored to be a part of the conversation and add my small slice of surfing life. My story isn’t much different than others but it’s mine and I’m learning that it matters. Thanks, David.
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