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Woohooooo! We’re honored, thankful, thrilled, elated, giddy, and all synonymous adjectives to have won Outstanding Bride and Groom Portrait at last night’s @modluxweddingsdallas Diamond Awards. Thanks a million! And thank you Lauren and Matt for putzing around at the @perotmuseum for this shot! Current status: nursing champagne hangovers. 🥂

Couldn’t have said it better than @toddevents so not even trying. For the children. 💔
#Repost ・・・
I'm not ever political... ever on social media People say it will screw up your career. But I am with these kids and I don't care. Democrat republican, NRA who cares. If you can't be protected - protect yourself. #guncontrol #beresponsible we have to do something. #crying

New hotel means exciting new portrait spots to find! Same ol’ @sarakm.dds and @drgillchiro though. ❤️#inagillmood

We really, really, really, REALLY, RRREEEAAALLLYYY love these two. 😍 #inagillmood

Challenge: give your clients a set of unique imagery at probably one of the most photographed wedding venues in Dallas. Solution: double exposure. It enables us to thoughtfully compose an intimate moment within layers and textures, guiding the eye to the magic. ✨

Sorry y’all, she’s taken. 💥

Well, Sara wanted to do portraits outdoors, but the wind speed had other plans...which resulted in this. 💥


Ok, ok, ok, last one...because there’s a whole lotta love goin’ on. ❤️
If we’re tasked with giving a collection of photographs that represent such a delicately delightful time in our couple’s lives, we want to make sure we get it all - the goofiness, the excitement, and always always always the sweetness. This one was MAXIMUM sweetness.

Aaaaand since I’m isolated indefinitely to the couch, pinned down by a sleeping 4 month-old, just admiring how freaking adorable these two are, you’re probably going to get a couple more. Can’t help it.

Mornin’, y’all! Anybody else have the fireplace cranked all the way up today?
❄️ Just delivered @kelseyrebelez and @shawn_burrows ‘s portraits, and they’re making us all warrrrrm and fuzzzzzzzzy.

But also, the shot that you anticipated and waited 5 minutes at the bottom of the stairs for...that one’s your other favorite.
We love images that just have a FEEL to them. You don’t have to see her face to know she’s smiling but a little nervous. ❤️

Yeah. That moment when you realize that the shot the bride asked for ends up being your favorite one of the whole day.
Yes, of course, we love creative freedom, BUT we also love collaboration with our couples! We always want you to feel empowered to give ideas for shots you want. For us, making our couples the happiest they can possibly be with their wedding photos sometimes means making great images together!
. @lzrod7 It was our pleasure to photograph your beautiful love in this beautiful light. XOXO

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