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weekend shenanigans with the young at heart gang.

031217. hello from the other side...

031117. i ran out of captions and tagalog words. (ang hirap pala, bes 😂)

031017. friday family affair: sendin' good vibrations from our location to yours...happy birthday @neilvibes!

030417. king's cup is best played when all players have barely 4 hours of cubes, red cups and non-alcoholic beverages are optional.

030317. nothing is different but everything has changed.

p.s. thank you so much @matchogwapito/@thesentralcebu!

022617. beach essentials.

022517. that road trip craving: drove around aimlessly in the north of cebu for 3 hours just to gab.

8 degrees of separation (2/2)

8 degrees of separation (1/2)


welcome to The Lins' crib—the oldest shop-house in dihua street. the place where good things happen, i.e. free palm reading, tour and tea.

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