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adele  an antevasin's photo diary

a friendly reminder...

terima kasih Bali for giving me the sense of belonging...just look at my sarong and the intricate patterns surrounding me, you guys!

still the same songs with the same old beats / sure i could stay but there's a place i'd rather be

061117. nuff said.

eat, pray, love...loljk i just ate most of the time // cue in pure shores by all saints

batik-making 101.

got invited to a "no skirt, no entry" fête.

trying to figure out how to use lunchin' and photo dumpin' in one sentence without sounding so off...still haven't figured it out. 💩

there is no such thing as personal space for these lil hairy guys. 🐒🤗

060917. rain makes almost everything look more beautiful.

052817. weekend high: i hope your monday energy is as otherworldly as theirs.

040917. on sundays (post-food coma), i'm usually short on witty/nonsensical captions.

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