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081417. we ain't got time for monday blues. (welcome back from the land down under, ken!)

080617. "There's another way to not give a fuck that is actually quite passive and similarly transformative in both the short term and long term. I equate this version of not giving a fuck to mentally repeating the phrase: it's just not worth it."

shot down 🎧




terima kasih Bali for giving me the sense of belonging...just look at my sarong and the intricate patterns surrounding me, you guys!

still the same songs with the same old beats / sure i could stay but there's a place i'd rather be

061117. nuff said.

eat, pray, love...loljk i just ate most of the time // cue in pure shores by all saints

batik-making 101.

got invited to a "no skirt, no entry" fête.