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Memu  in an open relationship with existence... Five Twenty Mgt

Looking through a page where I used to gather all my thoughts at 18,this ones called "Maybe"
"Maybe I’m the one to settle joy in your heart, but it’s not my place to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to be the girl that repairs, I want to have your heart settled and settling. There is only room for healing, you must do it yourself because no one can fathom your feelings. there is no conjuring involved, no fairy tail, reality is a jungle and I’m a beast, I seek only to be a camouflage, my reflection should reflect myself being , the corners of who I am, the outline where no one traces, you notice I only speak of myself. Well you must do the same in order to change and grow, but maybe." I'm currently in a comfortable, uncomfortable place at 21 where stretching out my changing limits have never been so hard. I allow all that come into my life, but to a degree where I can observe and mesh my reality into theirs . Anywho happy Wednesday, don't forget to expand your mind and read a book. 💖💖

Hey lovely friends and family just a reminder that you are beautiful. Keep working hard on what ever it is you're doing.Don't forget it's all about the little things in life. Take a moment to breath, find time for yourself. Read a book, meditate, go for a run. Listen to some music, vibe out.
If you're going through a stressful time, it'll pass, trust me - bad days are inevitable. Learn from them rise up, become stronger.
Love you. M.C Xxx

Good vibes on set today. 👧🏻👦🏾👩🏽🐶


@aaizel FW17 // chapter II by @treandelmaz
MUA by @colettem_

@aaizel FW17 // chapter II by @treandelmaz
MUA by @colettem_

@aaizel FW17 // chapter II by @treandelmaz
MUA by @colettem_
Side Story😉
Look I don't remember the type of dog this was but I had to run up to the owners and ask for this beautiful creature to share the moment with me.😭😭😍 #campaigncomingoutsoon #FW17 #chapterII #AAIZEL

Your sensitivity as a human should be celebrated. There's power in being aware in how you feel on a day to day basis.Vulnerability is beautiful ❤️

GUYS IM SHOOKETH 😭😩- I was running to my platform thinking I'm about to miss my train, but you know what, no I wasn't. I started day dreaming into the letter "S" thinking yea I've got style😂😂 then I saw my damn head, when I tell you ya girl started sweating, mainly because of the humidity that is the underground train system in Sydney, I was sweating!😩 Anywho first ever billboard a random lady who was equally as shook as I was took this photo of me on her phone then sent it to me 😂😂😂 so here I am. 👍🏾 Thank you to the whole team at @stylerunner and @adamflipp for this cool ass opportunity and my my awesome agency @fivetwentymgt wouldn't have done it without you guys💖💖. Hopefully there will be many more billboards for me in the future. #thankyouJesusyoudaman

@aaizel FW17 Coming soon 😭😭 Photographed by @treandelmaz

When a Belgian and a Sierra Leonian meet in Australia. He's equally as emotionally sensitive and aggressive, a match made in heaven😂. Our arguments look like a white man just entered a room filled with black women who know their rights and now he's trying to calm them all down😊#goodluckchamp.#1yearlaterkids this is as real as my C cup breasts 😘😘💖

The new Style Runner Campaign is out with three special beauties . So blessed to have worked with such a dedicated and exciting team😭😉💕😭✨✨

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