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Marjolyn vanderhart  •🎨👩‍🎨 Collage artist that looks towards nostalgia as inspiration •🌹Empower the Present with stories from the Past! 💋💪🏼📺📽

Good bye sweet mountains. It's been a journey of around the "world" to show at three art fairs in a row. From Chicago to Seattle and finally to Colorado, each art fair was rich in their own way. Every mile was filled with vistas of beauty. #artistlife #goinghome -

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" Ralph Waldo Emerson -
-Today I had a couple of incredible conversations with other artists @crested_butte_arts_festival about their authenticity and thought about the direction of their work. Frank, honest, interactions about whether what they make has value. These types of conversations are rare. This is an art fair after all. A place where it's all about selling art, not making it. I find it amazing that accomplished creative veterans still question their direction. But then I think this doubt is what makes these artists fantastic. #artistlife

Well it's time for the fantastic @crested_butte_arts_festival today! -
-Highlighted at this show is this brand new Piece titled Cowgirl's Ride (40x60) Love how it just captures the western flavor of this town!

Oh to be in the studio! I'm on my fourth art fair in a row. Traveling 7000km and going from fair to fair can make an artist forget that making art is at the core. #artistlife

As I travel across this incredible country I am struck by the vastness, the grandeur, and the realization I am a mere speck in the continuity of this world. #nevertakeitforgranted

Thank you @bellevueartsmuseum art fair for a fabulous show! Besides selling a few pieces I had a great gallery pick up a few pieces @mercersources. So #Seattle there's still a chance to buy a piece!!!

Discovering inspiration. Always love the secret notes on the back. #seattle #inspiration

A day for gratitude. Count your blessings friends. #inspirationalquotes

"Wallflower" 36x36
-Yep today I really just want to Escape into another world full of dancing and fun. But I'm not. I'm here @bellevueartsmuseum art fair enjoying the day chatting with #artcollectors who are looking for new vision for their world. #livingwithart #creativelife #inspireyourself #bamartsfair

We are again. Another #artfair! Showcased @bellevueartsmuseum art fair in #Seattle. Booth H-19 #buyartwork

"A (wo)man travels in search of what (s)he needs, and returns home to find it" George Moore -
-One of the most important benefits that happens when I travel is the realization that home is a precious soul charging place. I love to travel, to have an adventure. It empowers me and reminds me of who I am without having to be the partner, the mother, the dog walker. Yet these are the things that define me. Without them the void is filled with a conscious choice to do other things that are not about taking care of others- but taking care of Me. It's an odd experience. But then I think that's what traveling is about. Confronting the emptiness when there is no routine. #artistlife

"A Perfect Man, A Perfect Home" 36x36
- So I just arrived in the Seattle area to be part of the Bellevue Art Museum Art Fair. It's been a long drive and lots of self reflection. There is something very exciting to be part of an event in a city I've never been at. Looking forward to showing off the new work and meeting new friends!. Booth H-19
#bamartsfair @bellevueartsmuseum #inspireyourself

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