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Backup/Second  Backup for @lolithighs

It's time.

I hate myself for overthinking.

Okay today was stupid but fun cause it be like that.

Today's the day I'm gonna change.

Okay you know who you are so just come out and just say you like lolis.

I'm having one of those nights where I just stay up and think about some stuff in the past. Looking through old shit and remembering how things were. Right now it could be better but I feel like nothing. I just hope these thoughts are only for tonight and that I'll forget about it later. Anyways thank you guys for supporting me and shit but I should get some sleep now.

My music taste is weird, it could go from screamo rap to lo-fi to classic rock to boom bap to latino and back to some underground soundcloud type shit.

I think I'm sick again.

Who's reporting my posts, it's getting annoying.

I love you and you don't even say it back.

I wanna do an 8 person lobby on minecraft where we just make like pixel art or just any kind of art where we just chill and talk and do whatever, of course this will be on PS4 but I don't know if anyone would join.

Gnh gamers on that spring break but still not allowed to stay up for too long. Don't tell my mom!!

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