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Backup/Second  ▫️️Backup for @weebermemer

I got some new Bluetooth earbuds and holy shit they are really worth it for $140 so far and also they look really nice with the sliver sleek color

It's been a lazy weekend for me. I feel like passing out.

Since this is a backup I should follow back the people I follow on my main.

Its been a while. Hope you had a good day at school/college/work. Unless you stayed home. Lucky you.

I should be doing my homework but I already know I'm going to finish that later tonight or in the morning. I also need to get ranked in Overwatch and Rainbow 6. I haven't been playing that much since I got my account back.

I'm trying to let my hair grow out a little to see what I could do with it. I hope I don't fuck up and end up looking like a retard. Also I read everyone's comments and I'm glad you guys are okay with what I post :)

Do you guys like what I post and shit? I'm just wondering because in my captions I just talk about me

I get to play online this coming Sunday. For the meantime I'll be playing on my second account. (PS4 is what I play on) Oh and also my posts have been doing well lately, so thanks for that and we're almost at 3000 followers!

I'm posting this in public

I just got off the bus and I started walking home. (I think my house is like a 5 minute walk from the stop) But it started fucking rain and shit and now I'm all wet. Not to mention it's super hot, especially with pants on. Did I mention I'm wet ;)

I've been growing a lot lately, one of my post got 1K likes and the other 5K likes which is crazy to me. But so far I'm surviving high school. So how's your day going on this lovely afternoon/evening?

I start high school tomorrow so wish me good luck and also I'll still try to make OCs and if not I'll just repost some old ones but thanks for all the support lately on my main :)

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