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m e l a n i e 🌤  writer + creator + lover + jesus follower 💐 twenty | florida 🕊

two weeks (!!!!) until tab marries the man of her dreams. we went for the final fitting today. can’t believe i get to stand next to her on her special day. ✨💫💛 #goinggreene

💭 “allowing yourself to feel all of the pain within you is necessary to begin the process of healing. we cannot shove those feelings out or diminish the extent of said feelings because they will always find a way to re-surface. we must accept them, let them rush through our bloodstream until we feel totally consumed- and then we release- we say goodbye- and that is how we grow.” // i’ve never learned so much about healing until healing was the one thing standing in my way between where i am and where i want to be. 💫 #journalexcerpts

although i do love good solo coffee trips- coffee just always seems to be so much better with a friend, especially if you have one as good as mine. alsooo i just really love @banditcoffeeco and i want everyone to love them as much as me ✨☕️💕

here is my pretty coffee on a pretty saturday ☕️

hello, it is me. here are some real life feelings: i am learning that we bloom best in direct sunlight, but sometimes the clouds come and we are not able to move them away because, u know, God Is The Creator Of Everything Not Us™ butttttt that doesn’t mean we have to be stuck in cloudy weather. we can move to direct sunlight. we can uproot and replant ourselves where we will bloom even MORE than ever before ! but it is uncomfortable and hard and cloudy weather is always so inviting. i am in the process of leaving the cloudy weather; i am on the journey of finding direct sunlight. i am telling myself that 🙂 is so much better than ☹️. aaaaand if u think of it, throw up a prayer for urs truly. life isn’t easy !!!!!!!!!! idk if any of that made sense!!!!! ok bye. ✨💫💕

“You are my Healer, and in the midst of my sorrows, God you open up my eyes to let me know there’s tomorrow.” // we’re coming to a close of #worldmentalhealthday and i just want to let you know how loved you are. mental illness is real and scary and so so hard. but you are loved all around. and the battle is so worth it. appreciating life and being grateful to wake up every morning is worth fighting towards. i believe in you. 👊🏼💕✨

we hung out for the first time last week + now we’re best friends for life. thanks for being a sign to me that God is so so faithful. wouldn’t want to be velvet twins with anyone else. 🙌🏼💕✨

whole 30 round 2 day 7 what’s gooood 👊🏼

while i’m sitting on the floor waiting for anthony to finish closing, let me share a quick excerpt from today’s sermon: “praise is not a denial of our circumstance, but rather it is a declaration that God is faithful and trustworthy regardless of our situation.” W O W. can’t stop dwelling on the truth today that my God is faithful. 🙌🏼😭 He is worthy of our trust + He is deserving of our praise. #lessssgoooooooo #TooAnnointedToBeDisappointed

to my forever favorite coffee shop filled with some of the best baristas, happy #nationalcoffeeday. thankful that coffee shops are The Thing™ in 2017. truly blessed 🙌🏼🙏🏼☕️ #blessup

He meets us where we are. and i think too often we only correlate that to us coming to know Him for the first time, and although that is true and He totally does! it is so much more. He meets us where we are daily, moment by moment, every time we fall, every time we fail- He graciously meets us. What a Savior to serve; where He loves us ALWAYS, even when we have given Him every reason to walk away, He still chooses to stick around. I’m resting in the truth tonight that although i mess up and become all things short of worthy, His love never fails me. It always upholds. wow. (also sry 4 two posts this was just rly on my heart)

+ you are too ✨💫🌟🌙

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