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Melissa Ortiz  “He has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace...” 2 Timothy‬ ‭1:9‬

I GET TO MARRY THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!! Baby, I love you so much and tonight was perfect! I’m gonna be the best WIFE to you!! 😍😘💍

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPI!! We had a blast and we love you a ton!! #MEXTour #MEXvsCRO

I’m so in awe of the things he does for me. Down to the very last detail! He makes me feel special every single day. Baby, I’ve never experienced love like the way you love me. You’re amazing and I love you with everything in me. #BaeForLife #MarryMeAlready 😏

Look at those big, beautiful eyes!! This cutie turns 3 today! Such a joy and blessing to get to be her aunt and to love on her any chance I get. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUZZY!

LOVE THESE LADIES SO MUCH! 1 year and a half in our group and going strong! Missing a few! #WomensGroup #NCC #DoingLifeTogether

I love finding throwback pictures of Debbie and I because it’s crazy how much we’ve changed, yet stayed the same. I especially love telling stories of us growing up as kids and how much I looked up to her and how I loved being called “Lil’ Debbie”. They said I was her mini me and she hated it! 😂 Cheers to always being your mini me and creating sooo many more memories together! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIE!! #Sisters #WhenYourSisterIsYourBestFriend

Nothing in this world could ever stop me from eating pizza! Not even a diet! 😜🤤 #Keto #DontMindTheBurntCrust

GIRLS DATE! 👩‍👧‍👧 gosh, they're so beautiful! 😍
And we had a BLAST!

BABY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎊🎉 Fun facts about him:
-He can get things for free/discount ANYWHERE he goes! 😂
-He's only been playing soccer for a year and he's KILLING it! ⚽️
-He's the youngest person to be CEO that I've ever known. 🤑
-And he's the most generous, forgiving person ever and that's why I love him!! 💏

Have a great birthday babe! 😘

Celebrated this beauty tonight! She's so special in every way! Love you so much! I hope you felt loved today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 😘😍 #ForeverRoomie @chris_car17

Love these scrumptious babies! Celebrated Juju's 1st birthday! 😍😍 #LatePost

Singing, "Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary, anniversary!" 🎶🎵 A year's worth of memories with you, babe! And I cannot wait for decades to come! Life with you is AMAZING! The Lord made you just for me. I love you so much! 😍❤️ #Anniversary #MyFavoriteNigerian #IWantToBeHisWife! 😳😏

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