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melvnin melvnin

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Bee  💁🏿Fulani 👻Melvnin 🎌Anime

My name is not Melvin 😂 Melvnin = Melanin
Everyone calls me Bee because no on can pronounce my name 😁

Top: @falkocollection

I always remember to eat my @sugarbearhair gummies... They help give my hair all the nutrients I need since I love to wear wigs 🐻💕 #sugarbearhair #ad

My arm/hand looks broken 😁

New lip combo.


Thanks @sugarbearhair for these yummy vitamins! My hair is still able to get all the nutrients it needs even when I wear my wig! 💕 #sugarbearhair #ad

Bunny teeth
Hoodie: @nunbangkok

Thank you for drawing me💕

Hoodie: @nunbangkok

What should I be for Halloween? Help!😣 #messyhair😂

Can't stop wearing white☺️what's your favourite color?
Outfit: @nunbangkok

Who said you can't love your hair with @sugarbearhair and wear wigs at the same time 🐻💕 #ad

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