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MELT HOT FITNESS  Heating up the way you workout with Yoga, Strider, Barre, & More! Now in Westerville, Ohio and new to Dublin, Ohio (6659 Dublin Center Dr.)

"I left my expectations at the door and it was then when I was reborn." -@jessi_claire, thank you for doing the work and allowing the process to happen in MeltMethod. #findyourfire

"What you are seeking you will not find within these four walls. But you will find yourself.

A year ago, I found myself sinking. You know the feeling - when you close your eyes and it feels like there’s nothing left to hold on to - all you can feel is the chaos and panic.
It’s a hell of a fight to dig out of that place. And that’s where I found myself on my last birthday. Not yet strong enough to walk away from the toxic relationship weighing me down.

So this year, I was humbled to start my birthday day on my mat with @kelly_sodergren at Melt Hot Fitness. I wanted to feel all the feels. It is there that the submission occurred. The tears flowed. Somewhere in the midst of all the breaking down, the growth happened.

It’s not always pretty. It’s never perfect. But it’s consistent. It’s strong, and it’s me now. Melt taught me that sometimes the only way out really is through and what you find on the other side is so worth the fight - and so are you." -Wow. Thank you, Casey Gregory, for pouring out your heart on both the mat and through your words. You story is an inspiration, and we hope you had a wonderful birthday with us.

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Nothing taps into our emotions the way music does.. You hear it - that song. In an instant you're back to that place..a favorite memory, a painful memory, a buried memory.. Other times, you hear it and it sets your mood and gives you what you need to push through the feelings, process them, maybe celebrate them.. And then... There's that one that lights you up and brings you such sheer joy.. You can't stop moving.The rhythm brings a permanent smile to your face and you feel like being alive is EVERYTHING! This new Drake release is lighting me up today. Hope you'll give it a listen.. You'll definitely be hearing it at Melt. #FindYourFire #MotivationMonday #Spotify #Music #NowPlaying in #Columbus #Ohio #GoodVibes #Yoga #614 #asseenincolumbus #lifeincbus #experiencecolumbus

It’s hot. It’s dark. And you’re strapped to the barre. No one else does it like we do. Pull. Lift. Extend. Curl. Squat. Pulse. Breath your way to that place. You’ve worked for it. You’ve earned it. This is your reality. #FindYourFire

Thank you Representative Mike Duffey for taking time to celebrate the opening of Melt Dublin with us. Rep. Duffey presented a commendation to Founder and Chief Boss @kelly_sodergren. Come see us at our new Dublin location! Tell us what you think 💓#FindYourfire #MeltHotFitness #MeltDublin #aseenincolumbus #lifeincbus #experiencecolumbus #fitcolumbus #columbus #dublin #ohio

@lauranewpoff - Thank you for sharing the power of our movement with your readers! We invite you to come join us and we will have your mat laid out for you just like we do for all of our new visitors who come to experience the heat darkness in the power of the movement. The melt community welcomes you! #FindYourFire #614 #Dublin #Columbus #lifeincbus #asseenincolumbus @columbusbiz1st

This chandelier is the heart of the lobby at Melt Dublin. It’s unique, complicated and beautiful. The curves and twists symbolize the complexity of life and the gorgeous movement we create in this space.
Check out what founding boss @kelly_sodergren has to say about our new sanctuary. #FindYourFire, Check out our blog on the website for the full story ❤️#asseenincolumbus #lifeincbus #melthotfitness

Ahhhh… this face. Our beloved member Jill Carfagna understands all that goes into making Melt, Melt. As GM of our Dublin location, she will take care of each and every one of you the way she was taken care of as a member. “When I first came to Melt, I was just looking for a place to do Yoga. What I found was a support system that has pushed me to be my best self, feel confident and heal emotionally. Melt gave me a sanctuary away from all of life’s stresses. I’m so excited to meet all of you and welcome you into the warm and inviting community I’ve come to know and love.” – Jill Carfagna
Classes at Melt Dublin start Friday June 23. FIRST CLASS IS FREE. Schedule here > #FindYourFire

Melt was built on the desire to create a safe space where all people could come and find emotional healing and physical strength. We honor all of you this week with a special hour long Pride Ride this Saturday at 10 AM with Melt founder, @kelly_sodergren. Hope to see you there! #FindYourFire #PrideRide

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It has been one year since the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando, and our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to everyone affected. Read one woman's story about how losing her best friend that night changed her definition of Pride and why she's now devoting her life to fighting hatred and spreading acceptance—link in bio. #OrlandoUnitedDay | 📷: @gettyimages / David McNew

This space. These women. It was such an inspiring morning at Taste of Fitness yesterday. Thank you Rachel and @thebeautyboost for inviting us and letting us show Columbus how we do it at Melt Hot Yoga & Fitness. #FindYourFire #vinyasa #asseenincolumbus #lifeincbus #614 #hotyoga #fitness #experiencecolumbus

CONTEST: Dublin Grand Opening Giveaway!
In the darkness, in the heat and on your mat, find yourself and maybe even do it for FREE. As we work to perfect your new space full of healing energy – we welcome you to reserve your space now for opening weekend on the schedule. Sign up to WIN *One YEAR Carefree (unlimited classes, mat, towel and water bottle), *6 mos unlimited classes, or a *20 Class package! First time visitors only. Sign up for Dublin classes opening weekend (June 23-25) – peel back the layers and let everything go.
If you've already signed up for previous contest dates, you can re-enter during our new Grand Opening Dates! Winners will be announced Monday the 26th on Facebook and emailed to the winners.
1) Like this Post + Tag a friend!
2) Click the link in our Bio to Schedule Your Class
3) Schedule your Dublin Class Opening Weekend (Make sure to choose opening dates, June 23-25)! #FindYourFire #614 #Columbus #Dublin #LiveLocalCbus #AsSeenInColumbus #LifeInCbus #ExperienceColumbus #ExpCols

Kelly's Korner:
The Evolution of MeltMethod "MeltMethod came out of this place, this need, to feel ok mentally; to create emotional space, freedom and joy through movement. I took all of the negative dialog that was in my head, the self-loathing, the doubt, the overwhelming feeling of not being good enough and I turned it around. Telling myself I was enough – I was capable and powerful. Then moved my body in capable and powerful ways." READ MORE-- LINK IN BIO. #findyourstrength #findyourfire

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