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I've been a bit of a recluse lately. My mind has been cluttered with so many unnecessary thoughts and possibilities. It's a day to day struggle to control my anxiety-driven thoughts - I know many of you can relate.
So my goal for today is to catch myself when those negative thoughts come up and to reel them back in. It contributes nothing to my life to wallow in anxious thought patterns. Be aware of EVERYTHING you do and say. Your perception is your reality.
Quote taken from @alyssa.exposito 😘

While you catch them feels I'ma sip on this drink...

If you're not ruining perfectly good scenery with a slutty pose- are you even living?

Dem titties doe.

My dearest Luna: I am so sorry I missed #internationalcatday yesterday. I was too busy napping with you. Love, Melanie

Self acceptance is something I think all of us battle with to some degree. Self hate can manifest in very unique and odd ways... It's not always as obvious as someone saying "I hate myself". It can take the form of binge drinking, drug abuse, or self harm. It can also be hidden away with constant negative thoughts, comparing yourself to others, or purposely sabotaging your relationships, your job, or your friendships.
Bottom line - Everyone is deserving of love and acceptance. Be aware that the struggles you deal with are not unique to you. Many of us have the same ones- which is comforting in a way... Knowing that you're never alone...

The neighbors love us.

I'm. Not. Leaving.

Da Baddest

Bye bye Baltimore- hello NYC! 😘

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