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Melani Sutedja // California  hot springs mischief ✖ victory burritos↟ talent acquisition @redbull


Some cathedrals are made of granite ✌🏽got snowed out of summiting the Grand, but that didn't stop us from jumping on Fairshare Tower and staying an extra night up in 20 degree temps. thank you @redbull and @rbfitforflight for the wiiings and laughs round the Coleman stove ❤sidenote: I'll pay you in Lara bars in exchange for lead up Exum route 😁😁😁 #totallynotcheap #itson #climbingwithcat #grandteton #wildernessculture

Your physical body is a fiction. Write the story 😉 395 ode to @hopeisdopee @kainoahawaii #staywild

Yellowstone don't give a fug about your autumn colors 🌨😝#surpriseitswinter #wyoming #staywild

When you need to train for Tetons, but #burningman happens. Brought the ol climbing Scarpas to the playa 🔥#wallparty #blackrockcity #climbingwithcat #burningman2017

In 2015, I attempted to summit the Middle Teton, only to be met with a layer of unstable snow separating me from the top. Feeling uneasy in my crampons and ice axe self-arresting skills, I made the tough decision to stop right there on the last saddle. I was heartbroken, but I knew if it was in the cards, I'd come back someday. Fast forward to now, and I'm nervous/excited to say that in less than a week, I'll be heading back to Jackson Hole to attempt a more technical route.. this time up the Grand daddio Teton. The best part? I'll be doing it alongside my Red Bull @rbfitforflight familia. I know I don't usually talk about work, but damn... #redbullgivesyouwings#climbingwithcat #backinthesaddleagain #tetons

We've spent the last few months traveling through some gnarly crevices to see Pachamama’s creations. For once, we marveled at Man's. Ingenious feats of engineering. Cathartic spaces crafted by human hands. Superhuman thought.

Its not always easy to process what you've seen or felt those 9 days in the desert, but you willingly allow yourself to be vulnerable. Cry, laugh, see your inner darkness, your purity, and potential. As my amazing brother and favorite high-vibrational human @mike.alahouzos reminds me, it's all bound together by love. "And in the center of it all, is Man." #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #burningman2017

DAY 5 - Photos, videos, paintings, wow's, holy shits, and oh my mother of donkey kongs doesn't do this place justice. It's the kind of place that makes you forget about the 48473 stair master on steroids steps you just took to get there. It commands your presence and demands you to shut up and thank Buddha, Allah, God, Jesus Christ, Mother Earth, your spirit guides, and lucky stars that something this fucking beautiful and serene exists. -Mina Young Lee #peru #machupicchu #salkantay #staywild #paisajesperu #mtnchicks

DAY 4 - Woke up with bites and no frosted rainfly in the middle of the Andean jungle. Boiled some oatmeal with @beefontherock, @ashmiia and thought, 'this finally feels like home' ❤ #salkantay #peru #perpetualhome

DAY 3 - Living on red (Gatorade), vitamin C, and coca ✌🏽Beyond grateful to finally reach the 15,255ft pass and see the epic, sacred 'apu' on our second attempt. This would be the longest day at 13 miles, with the terrain changing every other hour or so. We'd go from frost-covered tents in the frigid glaciers, and somehow end in tank tops and skeeter repellant in the Andes jungle 🌿🍃#truckin #peru #mtnchicks #andes #salkantay

DAY 2- Breathtaking views. Literally. I had been throwing up every 20 minutes on our way up towards the dreaded 15,000ft pass this day. With little sleep and no appetite, I'd been stubbornly pushing myself because I didn't want to go off schedule/miss our Machu Picchu reservations. We were above 14,650ft when my lips started turning purple/I could barely speak. That's when Keane called it and had us go back to 14,000ft. He put up the tent in this little protected area, and the first thing I did was collapse into a fetal position, where I would stay all throughout the night. Keane tried boiling coca tea and feeding me quinoa, but it was no use. I may have eaten 200 calories that day. Meager compared to the huge watermelon growing inside my head 😖 Lesson of the day: acclimatize, acclimatize, and don't be too greedy when you need to descend to lower altitude 🗻also, you rock @beefontherock#altitudesickness #coolcampsitedoe #peru #salkantay #mtnchicks

Embracing the edge of the middle of nowhere 💕#first16er #peru #ausangate #mtnchicks
@peru #staywild

DAY 1 - Less than 24 hours after we landed in Cusco, we strapped on our tents/packs and headed straight for the mountains. Aggressive? Probably. We trekked up to Humantay Lake, which was so breathtaking, that we decided to plop our tents down and acclimatize there at 13,845ft overnight. A bit effin freezing and would set us back for the long trek that following day... but we had this turquoise lakefront all to ourselves 😍 #cheesemeplease #peru #humantaylake

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