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📸 Kaye  Model/Owner of Goodeez Boutique. Shop with me! Email: FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!

RESTOCKED.. Available in white, black, and nude

“Bad Gyal 🎩 “ one size fits all.
Dm : to order

When you get Classic pieces .. they never go out of style . I was able to wear this jacket last night like it was brand new.. Bae bought me this jacket 10 years ago.., in our first year of dating ! (Wait it may be 11 years now) 🤔Anywho, The beauty of it is ..He knows Quality when he sees it. He has Exquisite taste , and MAINLY, He KNOWS I STLL APPRECIATE IT 10 YEARS LATER! Last night I had a full blown photo shoot in the Restroom, Either get caught in my pic or get out the way .. EITHER WAY ITS GOING DOWN, 😂 (see prior post )

Have no idea who the other Queens are.. BUT I NEEDED A VIDEO.....🤷🏽‍♀️🎥

Cuz the only Bish he’s allowed to cheat on me with ... IS ME!!!! 👊🏽Every now and then when he’s been exceptionally marvelous , he gets to have an affair with my Alter Ego. Sometimes he needs something to pull on 😉.Short hair / Long hair/ Yea dats 🙋🏼. Don’t let that go over your head! Hair by jae @hassadity_hair .

“I can smell the summer” Set. Dm with size to order.

High Waist Belted Denim Jeans have been Restocked . Dm with size to order 💕

RESTOCKED .. dm with size to order .. Runs xs-l.. I miss my braids 🤔

Thank you so much my Beauties !! Over 60 of these sold !!! I am trying my best to respond to everyone in the order received .. Thank you for your patience !! ALL unsatisfied invoices are being CANCELED at this time . NEON IS STILL AVAILABLE ! ❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 If you wish to switch your color choice speak NOW or foreva hold your peace ! Dm with size to order NEON ONLY!

Who said I only had Hott Pink , BAD BISHES HAVE OPTIONS SILLY 🙃 🤷🏽‍♀️ “NEON” thumb hole dress. Dm with size order. Runs xs -l.

“HOTTTT PINK” GlOVED DRESS. Runs xs-l. The material on this is 5 star dolls . Ladies THIS DRESS HIDES ANY EXTRA UNWANTED FAT AREAS, and DEFINITELY CREATES HOUR GLASS ⌛️. The suction in that middle area is nothing short of AMAZZZZZING. Dm with email and size to order 💕

The “Fendi Girl” sweater dresses have arrived for the 3rd time . All who pre-ordered, thank you for your patience and your orders will ship TOMORROW !! 💕Also stocking in yellow and white . DM with email and size to order .

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