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Invited preview/final dress for Romeo&Juliet (Layla&Majnun) tonight! Pay-what-you-will is tomorrow, with all proceeds going to Defensa de la dignedad, and Friday we're officially open! Don't miss this show! #bnbrnj #bagnbaggage #laylaandmajnun

Photos from tech! This show is beautiful, y'all. #bnbrnj #bagnbaggage #laylaandmajnun

Lady Capulet: hostess with the mostess. #bnbrnj #bagnbaggage #laylaandmajnun

Sea life.

Check it! "Bag&Baggage's mashup... represents, onstage and in its creation, an unprecedented cross-cultural collaboration..." -The Oregonian
#bnbrnj #laylaandmajnun #bagnbaggage

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

San Francisco! Person I care for a bunch and a half! Stacks o' vinyls!

"Records are downstairs. Nothing is alphabetical."

"I haven't seen an ocean in years, but I know one's out there, poised like a cassette tape tucked into an answering machine nobody's calling."



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