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María Esther López-Thome®  SCA Trainer. Lawyer Head Coach, Purchase Manager & Green Coffee Buyer @caferegistrado SCA Coffee Diploma SCA Technical Standard Committee Fellow.

So many sacrifices. A lot of tears. Many times I didn't know exactly where I was hoping to go with this path. Wanting to buy things but saving the money for courses. Sacrificing vacation time with my daughter. Having to listen to people saying I was crazy spending so much money in "café" instead of investing in a new car, furniture or just whatever. Some people called me "FATIMA", term used to referred to Portuguese Women whom in Venezuela were for so many years related to little kiosks and "cafecitos", bakeries, etc. Many others asked me why I wanted to stop being a lawyer and do this "coffee thing". And everytime I kept going forward. I wanted much more. And here I'm. Thankful with God, with life and with coffee.
Thankful with my sisters/brother who supported me, who never judged me. With my friends.
And thank especially with my chichi @maria_daniela97 who struggled with me through all these years, and never said anything, just keep going mami!
Thank you @specialtycoffeeassociation for giving me a life I totally love. You are the cause I'm here today.

And thank you my love @_dylanthome_ for being here and share this passion with me.

Please read the article, share and make a comment if you like it. It is translated into 8 different languages.

Link in my bio!
All the pictures in the magazine 📸: @andresanayago

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Training with her...the best feeling! A long time I haven't posted a pict with my #chichi
Somos iguanitas? 🤔🤣 #family #trainingtogether #crossfitgirls #crossfitfamily #crossfitpower #love #mydaughter

Thank you for trusting in us to bring your coffee to Argentina @catrachacoffee #GerardoVentura #Honduras
I'm pretty sure the rainbow was shining in the other half here because we had thunderstorm yesterday (typical of the beginning of spring)
Your coffee is shining bright, tasting delicious and making all of us happy everyday
El Chorro
Guazore-Santa Elena
1.600 masl

Typica Washed

Our first Typica❤

I'm in coffee because I madly fell in love with it.
And with its people.
And this love never ends.- 📸 credit: @andresanayago

Qué habremos hecho para merecer esta situación que vivimos? Por qué nos ha tocado ver familias separadas? Desmembradas. Padres sin sus hijos. Hijos sin sus padres. Con el corazón en la boca y la vida en la distancia.
No nos merecíamos esto ☹ Los Venezolanos siempre hemos sido un pueblo noble, trabajador, luchador.
Hoy me visitan los hermanitos Suarez. Los conozco de toda la vida... cuando los ví solo pude exclamar...pollitoooooo😭, como lo solía llamar mi Sensei, chicken little, en esa particularidad tan suya que tiene de poner nombres que perduran toda la vida. Y que te hacen olvidar su nombre...chicken little es y será chicken little para mi. Por siempre.
Tengo el corazón en la boca. Y me siento triste. Pienso en la familia Suarez. En cuan unidos siempre fueron, y lo siguen siendo a pesar de la distancia. Me pasaron por la memoria todos los recuerdos de miles de competencias y años de entrenamiento de Karate, viendo a los 3 que están en esta foto corriendo por el tatami.
Solo espero lo mejor! Para ellos y para todos nosotros!
Extraño a mi Sensei y a mi Dojo😭

#DiosProtejaAVenezuela #familiakarateka #tucasaesmicasa #chikenlittle #cuandollegaráeldía #madurocoñoetumadre #chavistasdeporquería

And here we are...planning and getting ready for our sourcing trips to Colombia and Perú.
The firsts days of October we will be at #ExpoEspecialesColombia and then traveling to Cauca, Pichindé. We are really excited with the chance of sourcing some beautiful-incredible-super tasty-green coffes from Colombia for our Coffees Shops.
Then, and with the ocassion of @cupofexcellence #Perú where @_dylanthome_ is one of the Judges, we will source green coffees from Peru as well. Again, we are super excited with the opportunity to find incredible coffees. And sustainable relationships.
I will be with my friends from @dsalacaffe sharing some #SCA coffee skills!
A mis amigos en Perú espero verlos la semana que estaré allí @carolfernnde2 @rodriguezwehner yujuuuuu🤙🤪😎😎😎

#tbt to that moment I became Number 105 in the world with the Coffee Diploma, back in 2013! .
Many years have passed by and I still keep learning. And coffee keeps evolving and changing! .

Every time @_dylanthome_ and I go sourcing coffee We always look for something extraordinary. Not only in terms of cup profile, which of course is one of our main interests, but also We want to provide an unique experience with our beans. Something unusual, something that people do not always have the opportunity to taste. And with these coffees We nailed.
Proud to introduce our Brazil Special Edition Finca Santa Rita, JHONE MILANEZ LACERDA.
Jhone's family has been working with coffee since 1896. Today, he is the 4th generation in coffee, 100% focus in producing Specialty Coffee Beans, developing and improving pre and post- harvest processes, keeping their passion for coffee alive.
Finca Sitio Santa Rita
Region Serra do Caparaó
Average altitude 1050 masl
We present for the first time in Argentina 3 different cultivars in 2 different processes

1) RED CATUAÍ Natural Controlled Fermentation 43°

2) YELLOW CAPARAÓ Natural Controlled Fermententation 43°

This special edition comes in a set of 3 tins, each one 125gr.

You can not miss the opportunity to taste a fully washed Brazilian coffee mastered by Jhone Lacerda's family.
They are incredibly beans, different, rich on flavors and body. UNIQUE.
Once again, thank you to our Brazil dealers @thiborba83 @3brotherskoffee @burgeoncoffees let's keep the good job!
And a special thanks to all Brazilian producers, who with their efforts and expertise have shown to the coffee world that their land produces much more than commodity coffee, that they are more than chocolate and vanilla flavors. Go to all of you who have dared to innovate and believe in a better coffee bean our acknowledgment and gratitude!

Muito Obrigada!

We are so excited that our HONDURAS Coffees are HERE! Super fresh harvested specialty fresh we could not help but started dancing!
Estamos realmente emocionados que nuestros cafés de Honduras han llegado a #CaféRegistradoBuenosAires.
Hace 4 años atrás en el Symposium de #SCA tuve el honor de oir el conversatorio de @mayraorellanapowell acerca del trabajo que se estaba haciendo con @catrachacoffee para incentivar las buenas prácticas agrícolas y los cafés de especialidad de la región de Santa Helena. Hoy, el sueño de ambas se ha materializado y 2 increíbles Cultivares arrivaron a Argentina por vez primera:

1) FINCA EL CHORRO, Guazore-Santa Helena, Gerardo Ventura productor, 1600masl, con nuestro primer Typica Lavado
2) FINCA MATAZANO, Casas Quemadas-Santa Helena, José Antonio Nolasco productor, 1700masl, Catuaí Lavado

También hemor recibido uno de los cafés ganadores de lo mejor de Honduras Late Harvest 2018

3) Un café de nuestro querido amigo Jorge Adalid Nicolas, FINCA LA DEMETRIO, Santa María-Montecillos, 1450masl, con un blend verde de Catuaí, Lempira y Parainema (estos dos cultivares creados en los laboratorios de IHCAFE hace muchos años atrás). Si quieres saber más de nuestros cultivares acercate a Café Registrado y pruébalos. No podrás parar de bailar🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ Bailarines:

Video cortesía del genio 📽🎬 @andresanayago

I'm proud of having these group of people with me. Training is a full time job here at @caferegistrado We work hard, yes, and we do have fun too.. Do you also have fun in your job? 🤔🤣 Super orgullosa de trabajar con todo este grupo de personas. @_dylanthome_ y yo nos tomamos muy seriamente la capacitación de nuestro personal. Y estamos en constante y permanente entrenamiento, pero también nos divertimos bastante. Eso es parte de la vida y lo que convierte al trabajo en pasión.
Y ustedes, también se divierten a la vez que trabajan?

#justwondering 📽📸➡️ @andresanayago 🔥

Tu fuerza no está en lo que haces. Tu fuerza está en todo aquello que pones tu empeño. En todo lo que piensas que no puedes hacer, pero que aún así intentas.
Tu fuerza está en sorprenderte cada día. En encontrar aquello que te mueve, que te impulsa. En todo lo que te lleva hacia adelante. En eso, que tu misma/o pensaste que nunca harías...y aquí estás. Haciéndolo.
Tu fuerza radica en vivir. En intentar. Fracasar. Seguir. Intentar otra vez. Llorar. Sonreir. Ver tus logros con satisfacción pero sabiendo que son pasajeros.
Tu fuerza eres tu. No lo que haces 🤸‍♀️ @maria_daniela97

Así vivimos el café y así lo enseñamos.
#SensoryFoundation @specialtycoffeeassociation 08 de septiembre en @caferegistrado
Ven a aprender con nosotros. 🎬📽➡️ @luciosantilli 💜

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