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María Esther López-Thome®  SCA Trainer. Lawyer Head Coach, Purchase Manager & Green Coffee Buyer. SCA Coffee Diploma SCA Technical Standard Committee Fellow. Venezolana🇻🇪

A dinner with family.

Just one more night on Seattle and tomorrow will leave to Miami. Then, come back to Buenos Aires. It has been a wonderful time with Dylan's family. Now, my family too. Will deeply miss every single one of the beautiful souls who received me with kindness and love. Especially, these two little monkeys: Russel and Harrison.
Hope to see you pretty soon. All of you!
#family #love #willseeyouagain #Tillnexttime #familyinlaw #dinner #icecream #littlebabies #travelingwithbae #Seattle #Washington

As I said, this was a not typical Expo for me. But it was -with not hesitation - the best by far, because I had the chance of experiencing it with you, my sweet love.
Was super funny that the few friends I met asked immediately for this cutie pie!
Cheers to many more together, we are an incredible team! I love you with all my heart @_dylanthome_
Thank you for being here! #scaexpo2018 #Seattle #specialtycoffee #travelingwithbae #wecuptogether #inlove

It was a blast to be part again of the @specialtycoffeeassociation #scaexpo2018
Giving support to the community I trust and believe for another year makes me realize how blessed I have been all these years. All the amazing people I have had the chance of getting to know.
Many people working together as a team to make Expo possible. Thanks to all the beautiful people I worked this past week, all the amazing AST and Q-Graders who instructed with me. The Baristas who joined the BGA to pull shots to everybody.
It was a crazy Expo for me, didn't have opportunity to go to any party or attend any dinner. I even didn't see many of my friends and that is really painful...but it will be in another Expo or event. We are always around, right?! To all of you who volunteered, gracias totales! To all of you I could not hug and give a kiss, my love and respect forever.. See you in Boston 2019.

Ps: Apparently I'm sour/fermented on the flavor wheel 😁🤣😂🙈 #scaexpo2018 #seattle #specialtycoffee #SCA #volunteering #trainer

More than happy to know that @cole_coffee is the new #usbaristachampion

Such a sweet and adorable friend. Cole used a Natural Ecuador coffee from La Papaya farm as an independent barista with an incredible performance.

He is an inspiration and a reminder that with passion, perseverance and believing in what you love, you can achieve whatever you put your dreams on!
@_dylanthome_ and me feel super happy for this....well done buddy!! Cheers!
#independentbarista #anaturalcoffee #weloveyouCole #US #SCAExpo2018 #Seattle

Another year, another Expo being part of the #BGA #EspressoBar as one of the Lead Baristas

Today, in my station we worked with this increible beautiful coffee, Ethiopia Jimma- Yukro, washed, cultivar Heirloom. Champagne, mango, peach, green apple notes. It was super floral, tasty. Bright acidity and brilliant coffee. It was an honor to pull these shots roasted by #ReanimatorCoffeeRoasters from Philadelphia

Also, we used only alternative milks: almond, coconut (my favorite one of these), rice and oat (the favorite of almost every one). Not whole milk (yeiiiii)
The coffee was surprisingly good with these milks. Why? Because it was such a complex coffee with this beautiful acidity, that I thought that milk could be a bad idea or combination. However, although my best recommendation was trying the coffee pulled in an espresso shot, people loved with oat, coconut and almond. Just a few, ordered rice.
Interesting day. Thank you to everyone that stopped by. Was a pleasure to be there! #CoffeeExpo2018 #Seattle #LeadBarista #SCA #BGA #Ethiopia #Sponsors are beautiful!

Time-lapse in our airbnb! #amazingnight #wanderlust #ourworldisawesome #doyouseewhatisee #thankful #blessed #travelingwithbae

We are here.

Celebrating 30 years of Specialty Coffee with @specialtycoffeeassociation #SCA #exposeattle #specialtycoffee #coffeeexpo2018 ❤🍵☕

The fields of tulips are blooming. Yesterday we went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.
It was amazing. Pictures don't give the right credit the flowers deserve.
At the end, you can see how the stupidity of people have reached incredible levels on the pursue of the best "selfie". The sign was there, everywhere, clean and clear...STAY on main roadway. But no, many people were not only getting on the fields but also walking through them, putting on risk the majestuosity of the flowers and their harvesting.
If you are not a tulip you were not supposed to be there!
These are the kind of people that take dolphins and other creatures out of their natural spaces to take a selfie. It annoys me af😤😡🤬 #shameonyou #stupidpeople #ifyouarenotatulip #skagitfestival #tulips🌷 #tulipsseason #washington #travelingwithbae #wanderlust#magnificent

Jessica and Dusty wedding.
Apparently, Vikings came to this town (Poulsbo). They have incredible Doughnuts and here, in this town, is where the coffee life started for my bae.
Was super nice to meet all the people that love my husband and showed their appreciation for him, specially one of his homies: the incredible and lovely Chad and his beautiful girlfriend, here with us in these pictures!
#party #wedding #travelingwithbae #inlove #wanderlust #washingtonstate #beautifulplace #poulsbo

While we are here in US, at Café Registrado my boys keep killing it. Today we received visits from Ethiopia. They just loved our Ethiopian coffees.
Thank you for stoping by and for your kind words. A pleasure! #caferegistradoBuenosAires #coffeeshop #directtrade #wesource #weroast #webrew #weserve #specialtycoffee

I've been hearing about these two since day number one: Russel and Harrison. Being here with Dyl's family is a super lovely experience for the two of us. I'm really happy and proud to be part of his family and meet part of his relatives. They are not pictured here, but there are other two little awesome boys: Noah and Nathan who were with us yesterday. Then we had dinner all together and spent a lovely night.
I'm really thankful for all their love and kindness. Their support means all to my sweetheart!❤ #love #family #Seattle #inlovewiththem #beautifulboys #travelingwithbae

Miami, see you later. Seattle here we go! Excited to see everybody there! #miami #travelingwithbae #wanderlust #SCAExpo #volunteering

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