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MelodyDraws  Hi there! I see you've stumbled upon my account. What do I do here? I draw I (probably) repost I do not have a tablet so bear with the bad camera

--not mistaken, this is how we enter the give away-- My Favourite cosplay you've cosplayed is Ichimatsu! But, Monukuma and the Jumin cosplay were really good too!! @shiros_kage_bunshin

Name- Melody Fairy
Age- 16
Birthday- 26 Feb
Likes- Anime, K-pop, kinda spicy food, cold water, spring, winter, long sleeves
Dislikes- Bullies, anyone hurting her little sibling, ligh pink, barbies
Sibling- 1. Meldy Fairy (twin-16) 2. Kuro Fairy (12)
Parents- Mom- Marie Fairy (Dead) Dad- Mako Fairy
Melody looks childish but she's actually very mature. She's the mom of the group. I designed her this way cause, well...everyone has a little kid inside them you know?

Some reason (me being stupid) O lost this post. So here it is again. As explained before, I'm stopping reposting because
1) I do not know if the artist allows reposting. I found the pics on google/Pinterest
2) I've wanted to make a fanart account for quite a while. I already have three accounts (including this one) so I don't wanna make another hope

Hope you all don't mind!

Now I understand...thanks to you..whoever did this. Cute btw
Credits to the artist

When you are in the osomatsu-san fandom.
Credits to the artist're so cute. Can I adopt all please?
Creadits to artist

Don't worry Karamatsu....there will always be someone there for you. Be safe my little depressed son

What the heck...Ichimatsu...Stop ruining the ship😂

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