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Melody ☥  24 l USF JD+MBA San Francisco, CA

I have been consistently employed since I was sixteen years old. I worked through all of my undergraduate education and worked full time in the Financial District during my first year of law school. This year, because of my desire to seek an additional graduate degree on top of my JD, I had to quit my job altogether as required by school policy. With that came a wave of additional free time that I've never known. I decided to make use of that time by dedicating it to my mind and body. Don't get me wrong, I was never "overweight", but I've completely restructured my diet/intake and my day-to-day routines and this is me today -23 lbs from where I was this time last year. So this is just a lil' public FriYAY love for myself and a calling card to you. I've got a long way to go, but I am pretty damn proud of what I'm sharing. And what I'm sharing with you doesn't just necessarily correlate with weight loss. Point is, take care of your body; it's the only one you're ever going to have.

At this rate, I'd rather sit in traffic than outline for Corporations.

And so, it begins - finals preparation got me like... #twoweeksuntilimdonewithmysecondyearoflawschool

I had all the best intentions, I swear. I woke up at a reasonable hour, worked-out, was going to work on my Antitrust final assignment after just grabbing a coffee, but then there were bacon donuts🤷🏻‍♀️

I officially get to call this cute lil' place that kicks my ass a part-time home. #saltsquad #staysaltysf

*Waits for sister to get ready while laying on grandma's bed as mom is yelling in Farsi "aaahhh Melody it's Persian New Year, why do you always look like you're going to a funeral?!"*

And then there's me, tripping over myself.

Mr. Russell is art.

Perfect start to my day ☀️🍓

Never have I ever been so content with a purchase before. I mean, I couldn't even wait to put the thing on my wall before snappin' a photo 🙈 Thank you so much @zanniiiiiiii for creating this one of a kind/custom piece for me and for being my virtual buddy for the past several years 💛 ________________________________________________________(This is not an ad, I happily paid for this custom piece, so if you're interested in your own set of nakie ladies, please be sure to contact the artist! She is rad and even donates 20% of her profit to the International Women's Health Coalition or any other women's charity of YOUR choice! How awesome is that?)

Wrote some words down for myself before getting started on my work. "Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation." _______________________________________________________
Let people talk, let people think you're weird as hell, let them even make nonsense up about you. Nothing is taken away from you as long as you know the type of person you are and hold your character true to your heart. Essentially, just be a good fucking person and the rest will fall into place. No matter how hard people will try to take that away from ya🤙🏻

I realize there are a lot of people who will willingly read this because they care and that there are also a handful that won't admit to looking because they want to portray that they "don't care." Either way, whatever group you fall under, these words are for you because they matter to all.
Be conscious of where your energy lies. I can't express how much this matters.
Understand that in this world, there are major issues and harmful wrongs we should spend our words and time bringing attention to. Choose these instead of getting involved in minuscule rumors or attacks on those that won't mean anything 30 days from now. Be wise and save that momentum.
Additionally, make sure you surround yourself with people who want to lift your spirits instead of shooting you down or critiquing your ways. Make sure these people you're around, WANT to be around you. Interact with people who have goals, big hearts, open ears, loud mouths, value maturity yet have enough balance to not take everything in life so god damn seriously. Paying attention to who is kept around you directly correlates to the energy that you'll receive and the energy you'll eventually project back into the world. Oh and learn to brush off any negativity or ache that people try to swift your way. This will happen a lot. Again, save your energy.
If you're in your early twenties like me, or even late, or even nineties for that matter, be conscious of what issues and whom you're spending precious brainpower on.
So for all of you, again: this is your energy, your life that could wither away. Be selective and apply yourself where it matters, spread word on issues that count, stop looking for reasons to try to attach negativity to a fellow human unless they've deliberately done you wrong. After-all, this is YOUR energy and YOUR shine that's wasted otherwise.

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