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Melody Chen  Actor / Host Mom to #mezzarantwins Wife to @randalltan Fur-mom to #mochaboycat Pix are all mine unless otherwise stated 📧 :

Occupational Hazard : When this Momma can’t stop creating shorts out of these two... 🤣😅 Well, hope this puts a smile to your face! Have a great week ahead!! 🤗 #mezzarantwins #reubenmichaeltan #maeganrileytan #boygirltwins #mezzatv #9monthscorrected #oneyearold

( DISCLAIMER : I’ve been wanting to post about this for a long time now, so if you’re not comfortable in seeing premature infants, please look away! 🙅🏻‍♀️ And please do not steal my pictures. Thank you! 😅 )
This is for those enduring the pain of witnessing their loved ones or little patients fighting for their lives at every neonatal ward around the world...
September is NICU Awareness Month and we are so thankful that our 26-weeker preemie twins who were born a year ago have survived thus far. In fact, they are now so much larger than the Dräger nest cushion that first cuddled them in their incubators!
Medical science is indeed amazing and we are deeply grateful to all the NICU healthcare professionals who devoted their time and expertise to help our babies live another day. Of course, there have been those who experienced dark times and sadly did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. My heart goes out to these families. Giving birth prematurely is not an easy thing to go through and yet we remain hopeful that our little warriors would continue to fight till the end.
Pray. Hope. Persevere. And trust that everyone at the NICU is doing their best to save your babies. Every neonatal procedure has its risks and whenever you feel scared and helpless, know that you are not alone in this journey. Keep the faith!
Hugs and love,
Reuben & Maegan’s Mummy. 💕
SGH NICU Graduates - Class of 2017
Reu is about 9.5kg now and Mae just reached 8kg. BOOMZ. 🤣
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Manic as it was, I do miss our little staycation at @fourpointssingapore over the weekend. We had such a great time and lovely evening walks around the riverfront. Truly felt like we were miles away from home ( and from our noisy neighbourhood too! ) Can’t wait to plan a real overseas vacation with the twins soon! 🤗 It’s gonna be a crazy challenge but we are GAME for it! 😅( 📸 #instagramhusband @randalltan ) #mezzamama #maeganrileytan #melodychen #stateofescape #babyzenyoyo #babyzenstrollers #babyzensingapore #letsgoyoyo

When the #mezzarantwins were born at only 26 weeks, it was imperative that I had to produce breast milk to help them survive those early stages and I was lucky enough to produce a decent amount to help them along. We used to refer to it fondly as “Deliver-Moo” every time we brought the expressed breastmilk to the NICU. When the babies came home, I did tandem breastfeeding for 6 months before sadly waving the white flag on it. It was one of the toughest things I have ever had to do in my life but yet extremely rewarding to say the least. Kudos to those who can still breastfeed for many months ( especially twins or multiples )! In any case, the twins are now happily on Stage 2 formula milk and if you ever need more information or tips on breastfeeding or formula milk feeding, you can refer to the Health Promotion Board’s “Mum’s Guide to Early Nutrition” for help! It sure helped me! 💪🏻

Did you know that you can start feeding your baby cow’s milk ( pasteurized or UHT) after 12 months? Check out for more info! 👍🏻 @hpbsg
. ( 📸 : @stickylilfingers_photography )
#sp #hpbsg #healthpromotionboard #earlynutrition #breastfeeding #preemiebaby #throwback #maeganrileytan

We survived our first staycation weekend! Phew! 😅 It was a busy double celebration of the #mezzarantwins 1st birthday and my Dad’s 70th! Yup, I’m exhausted AF but so grateful to be able to experience what the twins are like away from home. Happy to report that they actually love hotel rooms ( comfy and quiet ) and the cool air-conditioning 24/7. It sure makes them happy babies! Must be the holiday vibe too. 🤣 Well, it’s back home to the humidity and construction noise. Sigh. ‘Till our next adventure! Let’s begin Year 1! 💪🏻💋 ( 📸 : @stickylilfingers_photography ) #lifewithtwins #preemietwins #mezzaranclan #twinparents #boygirltwins #oneyearold #9monthscorrected #mezzamama #reubenmichaeltan #maeganrileytan #randalltan #melodychen #stickylilfingerskidsphotography #familyphoto

And just like that, a year has flown by and the #mezzarantwins are ONE! 😱❤️ ( and I can’t believe that we have been parents for a year! ) 😅 What a whirlwind of a year it has been though! I have loved every minute of it, even during its toughest moments. Last year at this time, my temperature shot the roof and I was rushed from Mt E Orchard to SGH in an ambulance for an emergency c-section. These precious two were pulled out from me way too early and we nearly lost them at only 26 weeks. Miracles do happen and God is great. Happy Birthday, my spunky sprouts. Momma loves you so much. 😘 #preemietwins #boygirltwins #mezzamama #mezzaranclan #reubenmichaeltan #maeganrileytan #lafamilia

It’s BIRTHDAY weekend for the #mezzarantwins!! Yay!! Since they both follow corrected age until two years old, @randalltan and I decided not to throw a BIG party on their first birthday but instead we are on our first family staycation! 🤗 It’s actually travel training for us to be on our own with the twins so that hopefully someday soon we can all go on a first overseas vacation together. Crossing fingers that we will survive this weekend! 🤞🏻 #staycation #birthdayweekend #preemietwins #26weeker #boygirltwins #reubenmichaeltan #maeganrileytan

So how did we know when to feed the twins their first solids? Well, weaning usually starts around 4 - 6 months old and babies should at least be able to sit up against the back of the chair and show signs of being interested in food.
The #mezzarantwins started showing signs around 5 months ( corrected ) and kept wanting to chew on everything, so I looked up the Health Promotion Board’s guide to early nutrition and found tips to start them off on their first foods.
There’s even a sample daily meal plan with several recipes which we still follow untill today! It really helps any new parent!
>> << @hpbsg
#sp #hpbsg #healthpromotionboard #earlynutrition #maeganrileytan #reubenmichaeltan

The #mezzarantwins are at a very fun age right now where they are highly sensitive to everything around them and their reactions to first experiences are as natural and genuine as can be!
So recently, we attempted the #pigeonbabychallenge and the twins had the cutest and funniest first reactions to lemon, ice and grass! It was absolutely priceless to have that captured on video too!
If your child is going through first experiences, go ahead and try the #pigeonbabychallenge to win $300 worth of products from Pigeon!
All you have to do is to follow @pigeonsingapore IG, post a video of your baby trying any first experiences ( eg. lemon, ice, grass, sand, water etc ), tag 2 friends on the post and hashtag #pigeonbabychallenge. You could be one of the 10 winners!! Contest ends 23 Sep!

As a new ( and older 😝) Mum, I have had a lot of great advice on how I should wean my babies when they turned 6 months old. However, as special 26 weeker preemies, the twins were a little tricky to assume the same as every other baby, so I was constantly consulting their neonatal doctor on steps to take as well as looking up the Health Promotion Board guide booklets on early nutrition. I swear these guides are a godsend! Lots of great tips and information are all in there and it’s now available online to read at your own convenience! >> LINK : << .
#sp #hpb #healthpromotionboard #earlynutrition #mezzamama #mezzarantwins #throwback #melodychen #maeganrileytan #reubenmichaeltan #preemietwins

YAWN. Here’s a LONG post. 😝 Let’s fast forward to the day the #mezzarantwins were born. 😊 In summary, I was only 26 weeks into my pregnancy when I developed a high fever following a sudden burst amniotic sac belonging to Twin A ( i.e. Reuben ). That could only mean an infection was brewing and I had to undergo an emergency c-section to save them pronto. However, things could not have been more unexpected : My OBGYN was away, Mt E NICU ward was full and I had to be sent to a structured hospital ( SGH ) in an ambulance. Everything had to happen fast and within hours, two very tiny preemies were born to us. There were tears of joy, tears of pain, tears of worry. We have even lost count on the number of procedures that had to be done to save them but in the end, they managed to thrive during those tumultuous days. Reuben stayed in NICU for 2 months and Maegan was there for 3 months before they were strong enough to come home. @randalltan and I were there everyday praying for them and we feel blessed that the light at the end of the tunnel finally came through. We are so grateful that all’s better now with the twins ( even though they had a rough start to this world ). We could not have been more proud of their progress. Such tiny little warriors we have. 😍 To those who are still going through the rollercoaster of emotions at all the NICUs, my heart goes out to you. Hang in there and keep the faith! 💕 ( #mezzarantwins photo by @stickylilfingers_photography ) #pregnancydiaries #mezzamama #birthdaymonth #turning1 #9monthscorrected #preemietwins #26weekers #throwback #reminscing

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