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Little Woman  I am a curious creature and help with creative direction, welcome.

Toxic tastes like you.

Today I have mastered the true meaning of "give them hell".

Whatever I am, I am because I wrote it.

My one way ticket to the Middle East today. I will be circling Lake Michigan until I find an outlet river to get there. Will take up offers for rescuing on my way back. Road side assistance for row boats recommended below please.

Approaching this babe on a stroll this morning gifted me with major vibes. I imagine wearing a light sundress, sitting on the porch during a sweltering summer day as this music drifts through the open window. the air is still and the heat wraps me in an embrace. it is late afternoon and the cicadas are humming. i haven’t had plans all day. my glass of sweet tea perspires in my hand and he pulls up asking me to get in. ✨

She drinks pints of coffee and writes little observations and ideas for stories with her best fountain pen on the linen-white pages of expensive notebooks. Sometimes, when it’s going badly, she wonders if what she believes to be a love of the written word is really just a fetish for stationery. // one day

Spent the night with a magnifying glass in my hands gawking over @lorraineloots most tedious and fascinating replications of incredible Chicago based photographers work, all found at the @the.annex! Thank you for having us and thank you Lorraine for inspiring the idea of possible! #neversleeps #theannex

What a dream this past weekend has been with @nikechicago X #nikeairsocietychi ! A huge gratitude shoutout goes to one of my favorite empowering women @_kellyu for inviting me out even though her panel was Sunday and unfortunately I missed it. My words can't express enough for all of the creative women in Chicago to make this possible.. let alone follow one particular rule and that's how to GRIND using your creative process! Thank you Kelly and @nikechicago x @nikewomen !

I am very very serious about having fun ✨ P.S I made this little lovely skirt from an old pant pattern that was obviously too out dated for me.. much better. Thanks for catching me 📸 Jon From Chicago!

These are the best days of my life and forever to never end 🌞

"I want to do just that. Create pocket size stories of real life"

Goal for being a "Woman" today: Be whoever you want to be today, opinions are shit.

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