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• Soft & Opaque •

Autumn 2015 - 2016
Taipei, Taiwan. 💙

Current mood:
Hazy Seattle rain and Taiwanese treats. And all those in my life now because of Taiwan in some way, shape, or form.
My time in Taiwan not only allowed me to be with family and meet locals, but has also brought me new friends from the US, Canada, France, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and more.
Taiwan may be tiny, but it's magnificent.

• Infiltrate •

Summer 2015.
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

• Observe •

Just got done talking with someone dear to me since my teenage years. He's a great skater and still extremely athletic to this day. He has always been an encouraging friend, and gave me my first pair of skate shoes, tee, and skate video when I was learning how to skate. If my memory serves me right, I think we met at a skatepark. This one's to you.

• Tangram Sky •

Autumn/Winter 2014.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
During pre-production scouting for Day of Gluttony's Toronto episode.
My co-producer @nifermartin and I went from Chicago >Toronto >New York >Montreal >Toronto >Montreal >New York for pre-production and filming of 3 episodes within a 2-week timeframe.
It was wildly intense, a whirlwind of flights, lots of food, countless new connections, very little sleep, 100% memorable, and 200% fun.

• Lifeboat •

Summer 2013.
Stockholm, Sweden.
On a deck of the hostel ship I stayed at.
It was my first time sleeping on a sleeper bunk (ship or train), and my first time sleeping on a boat. Luckily, I don't get seasick, so I enjoyed the gentle rocking every now and then. The rooms and showers are small, but it was a unique and memorable experience for me, and the location was centrally located near Gamla Stan. It was also fun running around exploring the different deck levels of the ship.

• Serendipitous Hellos •

Spring/Summer 2013. Ishigakijima. Okinawa Prefecture. During my 2.5 months traveling around Japan.

Never have I ever seen as many hermit crabs than while I was wandering on this pebbled beach in Ishigaki. It was only when I looked closely that I realized the "pebbles & shells" were all shuffling around.
This "couple& #34; was my favorite. They were in shells the size of my hands! They remind me of all the happenstance chance encounters I've had traveling or not, and how grateful I am for all the things that have come to be serendipitously.

• Three's Company •

• 💪🏼🚺🌈⚫️👥 = ☮️❤️ •

• Deception Before Sunset •

One of the many views from today's getaway with my ladies since high school days.

• Hint of Needle •

Back in Seattle and enjoying the pleasant surprise of sunny skies these past few weeks.
Now it's time to hang up my travel backpack and ease back into a conventional life either here in Seattle or back in San Francisco. Let the job (and apartment) hunt begin 🙈

• Rainbow Braille •
August 2015.
Porto, Portugal.
While walking to the metro, I peeked in as I passed by @nervotattoo , then quickly stepped right back to take in the colorful wall of @montana_colors that reminded me of the texture of Braille crossed with some sort of computer code.

• Looking For Love •

June 2014.
Busan, South Korea 부산.
Yongdusan Park 용두산공원.

I accidentally stumbled upon the Busan Tower (behind me to my right) and these heart locks on a rainy day. One interesting view after another kept me curiously wandering and wondering " ...what's over there?" , and eventually led me to the long sets of narrow single-person escalators at the bottom which brought me up here.

If only I could read Korean, I'd probably be squatting there in the drizzling rain reading everyone's proclaimed love for one another like this guy. He went from one heart to the next to the next. I couldn't help but wonder if he was just reading, or if he was searching for a specific heart. Either way, he was looking. ❤️

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