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I've been working on "kiss" for a couple of days now... Of course, this is when he put it all together. #2 of 2.

The next two videos are bound to make your day complete. I promise. #1 of 2.

My Eowyn and I have had one full year of adventures together. Today, she let me climb all over her, pat her back, play with her ear, and give her kisses (she gave me kisses back!). She's teaching me about how to be gentle, but I just get so excited to see her! #oneyearold #babyyd #growingupfast

Happy birthday to my amazing Michael. It's hard to believe that a year ago we welcomed you into the world; you changed our lives in an instant! I have loved watching you grow into an adventurous, daring, curious, sociable toddler who loves books and music and, of course, your dog (picture forthcoming!). You hate being confined (you nearly worked your way out of the grocery cart today!) but love being held so you can point at objects, play with light switches, and help me stir oatmeal on the stove! You want to be about whatever Mommy and Daddy are doing. We both love you so much and can't wait to see how you will grow next! #babyyd #growingupfast #oneyearold #whereismybaby

We love dismantling puzzles at the library! #babyyd #puzzlesarefun #throwallthepieces

We've discovered the baby who lives in the mirror realm. #babyyd #mirroring #whosthatbaby

The picture doesn't really do it justice, but Michael's got some awesome #bedhead going on. #babyyd #morning

Attempted a sensory play art project with Michael that I found on Pinterest. Our clear plastic wrap had tiny holes in it, hence the pink stuff. He wasn't super interested... I had fun though. This is the first layer. #pinterestwin #artproject #playingwithpaint

Growing up is hard work! Yesterday I turned #51weeksold. I'm standing and walking more and I like asking Daddy and Mommy to name objects all around the house. I love musical instruments - Daddy's guitar and Mommy's recorder are lots of fun! The world is so interesting that I really don't want to sleep...except when it's in Mommy's arms. #babyyd #growingupfast

Last week I turned #50weeksold! Here, my Eowyn and I are on the ferry to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Yosua. I am taking good care of my puppy, especially since the are other dogs she wants to play with on the boat. #babyyd #growingupfast

Another from my walk.