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Melizarani T.Selva  Spoken Word Poet | Storyteller | Journalist Author of 'Taboo' | Founder of 'If Walls Could Talk' poetry open mic in Kuala Lumpur


Thoughts on Edvard Munch's art and the cigarette. #nerdwriter

SPOTTED #Taboo in the MPH Highlights section.
Thank you @qishin for snapping this. :)

Kathleen Collins - Whatever Happened To Interracial Love?

One year ago, you trotted into my life and I've been on antihistamines ever since. Happy Alice Day, fluff butt.

Eyes wide shut.
Photo by: Anubhav Tyagi #ZEEJLF


Matt Cook.

Tao Te Ching.

Circa 2015. I believed in a lot more then. Captured by @prakashdaniel

Wife: "Is it healthy to involve God in our lovemaking?" #RidhwanSaidi

Ridhwan Saidi. #TeaterNormcore

Amber Fort and her reflection. #Jaipur

En route. #Jaipur

Alison Bechdel.

Alice. The worst proof reader since 2017.

Tania De Rozario.

The Book of Chocolate Saints.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Watching Kavin's Netflix special with the stand-up comedy community tonight reminded me how crazy beautiful Kuala Lumpur's scene can be. There was so much love and a fair amount of fried chicken in the room. We huddled together and watched our friend soar to tremendous heights. We teased him for his subtitled fuck-ups. We cheered for his name in the opening sequence, end credits and every punchline. Homeboy has come a long way. And so have we, as one big fat community.

Homeboy #KavinJay is now on Netflix! We are so goddamn proud! Tonight, we celebrate our fler by projecting his Netflix Special on a stolen hospital white cloth makeshift screen, KFC and whisky while hollering our lungs out at the subtitles and credit sequence. We love you lah @kavinjay

One of my greatest highlights at ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival was listening to French Moroccan writer, Leila Slimani. I was completely fascinated by her demeanour, stance and gorgeous hair. Above all, Slimani spoke truths that made me feel less alone in a fiesta. Here are some things she said: "As a woman, you have to fight for your room." "I wanted to be like those men. I wanted to be paid for reading, dreaming and thinking." "The aim of literature is empathy. To be able to tell the story of monsters - even monsters have stories." "It is an objective fact that women are victims. But I do not think "victim" is an identity. It is a fact but it is not our nature to be a victim." "You never really know someone. You only see them with your eyes." - on why we must write movement into a story line. "Intimacy makes us blind.
The more you live with someone - the less you know about them." "Loneliness is our condition. Nothing can make us stop being lonely." "What you don't write is as important as what you do write." "A situation can be ambiguous but the writing must be clear." "Despair has no nationality." #ZEEJLF #LeilaSlimani

🔊 Rakei for recovery.

Last week's home. #TheHighLife

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