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Melissa Sophia  🔹Personal Trainer 💪 🔹Bikini Competitor 👙 🔹OPA Natural Provincials 🏅 🔹Dancer / Performer 💃🏽 👉 For Training Contact:

Had an awesome #squat lesson with @danpetkovsekpl from @torquebarbell on Tuesday!!🏋️‍♀️💪 Learned a bunch of tricks to improve my squat. Played around with bands, box squats and low bar. Great session - thanks Dan!! Looking forward to tackling my first powerlifting meet in the near future 😈😬

Quick #finisher to my leg work out today!! 3 sets of 1 min timed box jumps (superset w planks - not in the video 😝) The trick to a good box jump is to be SOFT on the landing - you shouldn't hear a loud thud when you land. Absorb the jump as you land into a squat position, with your chest up, knees neutral and eyes facing forward. 📦 💪

Here's a little creation of mine for a healthy veg dip 🥒🥕 ✨1/2 - 3/4 cup 0% PLAIN Greek Yogurt ✨2-3 scoops Tostitos Salsa (check out the macros they're good! 🙌)
✨A touch of sweetener - optional ✨Abundance of desired veggies


As promised I'm keeping it real with you guys!! My body has fluctuated quite a bit since stoping prep, and this is because I haven't been very strict on my reverse diet/training.
I purposely let myself have some fun ... playing around at the gym with lots of exercises that I hadn't done in a while and, of course, enjoying my share of "junk" foods.
Although I included a pic of my cute, ugly toes on the scale to show you guys my current weight (see I'm not lying) .. I try not to put too much emphasis on this number and focus more on how I FEEL. Having gone from one extreme (strict prep routine) to another (relaxed/Melissa's gone rogue routine) it's time to find my balance again. 🙏👊💪

#tbt to last week's leg session. Haven't done conventional deadlifts in over 6 months of being on prep. Pretty excited I was able to throw on a couple plates. Deff not a PR but loads of fun!! 🏋️‍♀️💪

Thank you for keeping me fed all week @cameronrobertkane 🍽👌Breakfast 🍳 Lunch 🥗 Dinner 🍗 ✔️Healthy Meals ✔️All Natural Ingredients ✔️Macro Friendly #mealprep

Last Sunday's #ooftd and a little bit of #vascularity ☺️☺️💪👗

As promised ... sharing the good along with the naughty 😉😈🍪 Home made cookie + brownie explosions STUFFED with Reese Cups for bae's bday 😚🎉 Don't know the macros, nor do I want to know. Life is about BALANCE. Why else do you think we're doing sled runs today?! 😂👌👍

Last night's dinner compliments of @cameronrobertkane 👌👌 I combined two meals because 1) why not?! 2) I'm a hungry lady that has growing muscles to feed and primarily because 3) IIFYM
DM @cameronrobertkane for meal prep and receive 35% off with promo code MSFIT !! ✔️All natural ✔️Macro friendly ✔️Delivered throughout the GTA


After A LOT of thought and self-reflection, I’ve made the decision to no longer pursue THIS year’s provincial show in August.  Qualifying in my first ever bikini competition in April was such an amazing experience, and rest assured, I will be back on that stage come 2018!! Instead, I’ve chosen to take the next few months in a different direction …

WHAT’S IN STORE FOR THIS SUMMER?! I put a lot of thought into what kind of motivation I want to be for my followers and clients.  You guys have seen me go through prep, sacrifice, cut my food week by week, get leaner … now I want to show you the REAL me (when I’m not on prep.) This is the Melissa who LOVES to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.  Who trains hard, and enjoys food.  Life is about balance.  I strongly believe that your training and diet should be, above anything, sustainable.
FOLLOW ME THIS SUMMER! I want to share everything with you guys.  I want to show you lots of fun exercises (especially the ones you can take outside!) as well as healthy meal and recipe ideas.  When I eat a CHEAT MEAL I’m also going to share it with you, because we’re all human and no one can eat clean 100% of the time.  When my abs disappear the next morning, because of that meal, I’ll share with you the after math and what I do to get right back on track!
Here’s to a great summer and hoping I can inspire many of you to have an AMAZING, fun, healthy, active and enjoyable summer 2017!! ☀️💪😎👙🏋️‍♀️🍔🥗🍕🍗🥒🥑🍎🥕🥓🍦🍪💕

Messages like this, that I receive from my clients and followers, is EXACTLY why I do what I do, and why I love what I do so damn much!! I want nothing more than to inspire and be a positive influence on others. I want to help people discover the happiness and the endorphins that a healthy and active lifestyle can generate. Thank you to my follower for this love filled message, that completely made my day. Thank you to all my followers and all of your positive vibes and comments that you continue to give me. It means more than you know. 💕💕💕

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