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Melissa Carlson  R.I.PARADISE BabyBear--Lost in life til I find my way. My son is was&ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEST THING 2 EVER HAPPEN!I'll see u again My Lil' Man xoc


MaltShop on Superior St...Duluth, MN

Bonnie&Clyde on em

Pretttty girllll

My hardworkin man 💯👍💯

Earplugs made from cig filters bc the bass was just TOO much ✊✌✊✌

Kiss, Kiss--Bang, Bang

My hearts song is a painful tune that follows the strum of my tears

We don't wanna neva end

R.i.P Michael Andrew...mommy's guardian angel

Your smile was enough to melt my heart, and your hand was made to be held in mine! I miss you I miss you. Xoxo

RestInParadise my angel...Mommy loves you to infinity and beyonnnnd

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