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Melissa Peterman  Played Barbra Jean on "Reba" & Bonnie Wheeler on "Baby Daddy" other stuff too. I am even taller in person.

Happy Birthday to this amazing woman. I’m not convinced she isn’t one of triplets because she handles a million things a day and never gets fazed. She’s funny, she does Ironman marathons on purpose and LIKES them, she’s smart, beautiful and kind and I can’t wait to sit next to her again, I promise I’m almost as fun as that empty seat. Happy Birthday Marne!!! Ps the gift Reba gave you is from both of us! @mjmirongirl #youdbeluckytositnexttoher #sheshouldruntheworld

I’m pretty sure if he had an agent, he would work more than me. “A Minute With Remy” #beardeddragon

Throwback Thursday to when @peteporte and I ate fruit on a stoop and yelled at imaginary people walking by. #tbt

One of my favorite pictures ever. It was a couple of years ago. Sunrise in Mexico. Wearing my pajamas after watching the last baby sea turtles make their way into the ocean. Thanks @snellycat for capturing my Zen moment.

Love you @thelesliejordan you are the coolest kid I know!! And PS loving your new show @thecoolkidsfox

A Boy, his dog and a bearded dragon. Just a regular night here. Goodnight. Sleep Well. Dream Big.

Her brother @tahj_mowry was my partner in crime for 5 years on Baby Daddy and I adore him forever! I just got to work with his wonderful sister @tiamowry She is beautiful inside and out, kind, talented, funny and a true class act. I had the best time ever and so very grateful to get to play with this amazing lady! #ChristmasFunComingSoon

I love Facebook memories!! And I love @peteporte !

My new costar is the strong, silent, type. #notagreatdancerbuthelistens #doIsmellaChristmasMovie?

Today is my friend Di’s Birthday. She would have been 46. She was amazing. No one made me laugh harder. She knew me best & loved me anyway. She was smart, kind, talented & a brilliant nurse. If you met her once, you wouldn’t forget it. She was at every major moment in my life, from college to marriage to giving birth. She should be sitting on my back patio right now. She was complicated, she was the life of the party & she was beautiful. She loved harder, felt things deeper than anyone I have ever known. This made her the great nurse & friend that I miss. She took her own life last Christmas Eve. I haven’t shared that before because I wasn’t sure how to talk about. My grief is enormous. My anger comes and goes. My guilt is a daily passenger that I try to quiet with reason and the knowledge that I was a good friend. That she knew I loved her. That she knew she was a sister to me. That her friends knew she loved us fiercely. So, for those left behind with questions and grief. I understand. For those who are hurting, feeling hopeless and think ending the pain right now seems like the right choice. I understand. I hope you can hold on for a minute, an hour, and reach out to someone. Because things can look different in a minute, in an hour. And we want you to stay. We need you to stay. So check in with each other. Love each other. Hug everyone too long. I love you Diddle. I miss you. #nationalsuicidehotline #8002738255

Proud to join @ChavezforCharity as they work to #EraseHate with this special bracelet supporting the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Together we can replace hate with understanding, compassion and acceptance. #erasehate

Fernie apologizing for eating Chelsea’s flip flop. In her defense they were the most adorable thing that has been on the floor in this house for ages. @chelseakane

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