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Without going too technical on you, this was one for serious high definition TV lovers. And sports aficionados.
Mega 4K TVs are well & truly out there - & perhaps some of you have one already – so Foxtel boss Patrick Delany hosted a packed event in one of Fox Studios sound stages (aka the former fruit & veg produce hall to be precise) to officially unleash iQ4 - & what they are going to do with the technology on a channel on their platform from October, with sport - natch - a huuuuge part of the ‘4K’ roster.
You can basically see every pore & bead of sweat of every players skin. Let alone every wood splint on a cricket stump. (Pretty sure it would pick up sandpaper usage as well. 🤭)
Warnie @shanewarne23 was SO looking the goods. As svelte as.
Some of the big wave action they showed was seriously, nail-biting sensational.
Surfer and photographer @tim_bonython Is the surf master & his vision is extra-ordinary.
Obviously the crew of the new cricket faces were on hand as well.
Cricket fans will watch Australia in 20 times higher then standard defo & 4 times more that high-def.
Ok, so sport is sorted. Plus they’ll be showing live music gigs as well.
Now it’s about a great pop culture/entertainment/style show that could be done in 4K??? 😄😉 - thanks for having me @foxtel . . . (& thanks for some of the pics gorgeous @belindarollandphoto ❤️❤️❤️❤️)
#tv #foxtel #4K #launch

A good morning after a few days of fffffflu - a fiery Newsfeed panel on @sunriseon7 #opinion #panel #tv #tefloncoated @newscomauhq - loving this @marimekkoaustralia trench coat - thanks for a twirl! #marimekko #coat #hoodie #poppies #fashion

Now is the time, more than ever, to support Australian produce.
So Australia’s food gurus are en masse for the annual @deliciousaus 2018 delicious. Produce Awards in partnership with @mieleaustralia
Editor-in-Chief @kerrie_mccallum at the helm at @qtsydneypics & looking sensational. 👌👌 - & @mattscravat looking very sharp too. 👍🏼
#produceawards #makeitdelicious #knowyourproducer #australia #fresh #oysters #yum #goodness #instafood #foodies

Reflecting. And the flu. An emotive combo.
I still cry - like I am now - when I think of my dad, George, who died, 14 years ago today, August 13. I can’t believe it, 14 years ago.
A Czech immigrant who instilled a work ethic in me and my brothers.
George (Jiri) essentially left his entire life and arrived in Australia with nothing. He ended up running Tabou in Kings Cross. The stories!
He didn’t want to be part of the Czech army, so he went to London before he & a few of his fellow Czechs like Vlad Podpera (who ran the Sundeck in Perisher in the 70s/80s) ended up in Australia.
My dad met my mum, Dorothy here - & each year she still goes down to Vaucluse - our favourite place when we were growing up - to think and reflect quietly.
Mum looked after him up until the very end. She is a saint.
Sure, they had their ups and downs, as all couples do. But she was his rock, particularly when it came towards the end.
I often think what it was like to move from the relative calm & beautiful life just outside of Prague & to be thrust into war. He survived the bombing of Dresden.
But was not allowed to return to the then Czechoslovakia until it became a republic. I know that saddened him, but he did see his mum who he bought out to Australia and he and I visited his since passed sister together in Prague many years ago.
We didn’t have much - but we actually did – we had our ‘home’ - our government housing home that was full of action and football classes and ballet lessons.
I’m sure he is up there somewhere having a cheeky ciggie and a drink. The night before he died - it was a Thursday - I went to see him and we held hands and he looked into my eyes. ‘Good night my darling, I love you.’ He knew. He just knew his time was near.
Dad. George.
He died on a Friday, the 13th.
The papa who called me ‘my little ‘on-e-on’ head (I had a round face so he thought it looked like an onion). Shame there’s no onion emoji.
We always remember people we genuinely love, at some time, everyday. I know I do.
I love you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(Quite an arty, beautifully angled shot mum, for those days!) 💫📷
#life #love #death #family #father #daughter

Please help in any way you can.
Buy a bale.
Mental health counsellers.
Whatever you can.
There are lots and lots of credible farmer/drought relief agencies, so try to help out if you can. #farmersdroughtrelief #farmers #australia #drought #aussiehelpingaussies #help #nobetterfeeling
@Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the worsening drought had triggered the national carrier to quickly develop a support package in addition to what it already does in regional Australia. “#Qantas started in the outback. Many of our staff live there and we have a lot of farming families who supply everything from beef to broccoli that we serve customers. We feel we have a duty to help these communities who are doing it so tough,” said The QF boss whose donating $3million.

So, ‘Kevin’ the #kea - a totally, gorgeous thank you memory from Donn and Anna’s NZ wedding has found a new friend at home: in the form of - #Bird - part of the animal menagerie @jillwaddy is collecting & nurturing #bowerbird #animallover #birds #birdsofinstagram #sydney - they’re having a gay old time . . .

I remember first coming to New Zealand with my mum, dad & brothers. Years ago.
The weather was so spectacular (in January) we flew to the top of the mountains - and there was mega snow - and we still had our t-shirts & denim shorts on. Complete with chunky leather belts. As you did. 😉
And I will do it again. 😂😉
I have to say New Zealand is one of the most spectacular countries in the world.
Like others, I have been fortunate to travel. But F. Me.
Every corner, ever turn, every small town is beautiful.
Sure. I only did the South Island this time, but I was genuinely passionate, thrilled & happy about being here, surrounded by nature as the best backdrop ever & great people at their finest - what a way to have your wedding @annacubby & @donnsal - here’s to a life together (as many of us ultimately wish for) full of love, (differences of opinion allowed & expected); loyalty; trust; understanding: the great & the not so good times ; integrity and plain old love.
And knowing that at the end of the day, you are there for each other to lay on the lounge, cook dinner & take out the garbage. Real life. LOVE it. 😉😌😂
You are made for each other.🙏🏻❤️👌 (I’m nearly crying while writing this!) Thank you.
And Donn - your children are beautiful, inside and out. And what a spectacular step-mumma in Anna they have!
And btw, am mad about @sherwood_queenstown - affordable, cool & relaxed.
Who could ask for anything more? #wedding #newzealand #queenstownlive #sausandposs #love #newlyweds #wedding 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #illbeback
(Please excuse the accidental 4 food pics !) xxxxx
Great & swift flight on @virginaustralia to Queenstown & back btw....)

This town is just exquisite - I just noticed that, like of the Pont des Arts in Paris (the bridge where they used to be thousands and thousands of love padlocks - including mine! 😉) - Queenstown has started the same thing.
What an appropriate place for Anna and Donn to wed. #love #loveislove #queenstown #newzealand #sausandposs18 #queenstownlive #wedding #nature #adventure #travelwriter #travel. @silliesallieswanepoel

Thanks for having me give my keynote address on journalism & media to a brilliant pack of new media peeps @macleaycollege - thanks for posting lovely ‘in action’ pic. As, essentially, a small business owner - umm, me - I loved the reaction & support.
Can’t wait to get back there again. #givingback #media #editor #writer #tv @newscomauhq @vogueaustralia @deliciousaus @vogueliving @whimn @sunriseon7 @morningshowon7 @dailyeditionon7 #diversity #worklife

The most amazing drive from Queenstown to Arrowtown (a major gold town in the 1800s) then to Cardrona, Wanaka and then back via the Amsfield winery. then to the extraordinary bungy situ on the water (wow!) then back to @QueenstownNZ for fish pie & to watch the footy at the pub on the wharf. A brilliant, full day!
Seriously, this part of the world is just exquisite – every moment is an experience of pure nature - and most importantly, so lovely to be here to celebrate the wedding weekend of Anna & Donn.
I’ll be back in a flash! #queenstownlive @queenstownnz #exquisite #nature #peace #snow #reallife @arrowtownnz #bluedoorbar

Introducing Mr & Mrs S. 😘😘😘😘
@annacubby @donnsal @mikehorne2208 #queenstown #justmarried ❤️❤️❤️ #pubonwharf

Class act indeed. And proving that #nature really is the best backdrop of all.
Wow. Just wow. 😵👰🏼😍
Anna and Donn. Wedded wonderland.
Beautiful. Just beautiful. And white Converse trainers. Nailed it. 👌
Queenstown. Jacks Point. New Zealand. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #sausandposs18 #wedding #bride #nuptials #queenstown #newzealand #queenstownlive

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