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Melissa Frederick  📍Dallas 🔮Wife + Witchy Mama 🌹Women’s Body Transformation + Empowerment Coach ✨Healer 💎Luscious Life Design + MomSpired/GirlTribe 🧜🏼‍♀️Scuba 📷 Creative


He’s got the most amazing big little personality. He’s mostly smiling and making silly faces, but recently he’s been what I assume is asking questions, based on his babble inflections and faces. This is my amazing, handsome, joyful, soulful, inquisitive babe.

Making time for me. I’ve recognized recently how depleted I’ve felt. This whole being a mama thing 100% of the time, along with working hard behind the scenes to rebrand my business has sucked a lot of energy from me.
My business “building” has gone a bit out the window, sometimes there’s guilt that comes up for me around that, but the reality is I’m working to create a whole new website, new copy, new content, and new offerings. Right now that’s where my energy wants to flow, and I look forward to sharing the shit out of it once it’s completed. I do currently have openings for my 1-1 coaching program. I’m combining all that I’ve learned along the journey into this new body to empower women to heal from the inside out and the outside in. There’s an application in my link in profile if you want to connect and learn more, so ya know.
And I’ve felt called to share more here but then find myself pulling back. I desire to share deeply, authentically, and creatively in this space but have felt lost in the how and what.
So I’ve been taking small bits of time that are allotted during the day, when Starke is sleeping, or when someone is here to take over for me, to create, to get out, and most importantly for this right here. Heavily salted baths with candles and books to help me continue to shine my light.
I’d love to know what you’d like to hear from me. What do you want me to share more of? And how are you taking care of yourself, regenerating your energy, and caring for your temple and your soul?

Spent the evening with this stud dreaming about our future and talking about our desires and what we’re going to manifest together. 😍💕✨🔮

As my child sits in his crib screaming, I try to remember that some days are good while others are really fucking hard and I’m doing my best. He’s healthy, he’s fed, he’s hydrated, and he’s tired. His sleep has been crap lately, and he’s really angry because of it. I’m patient and loving and give and give and there are times when I need to give him space to work his shit out, and give myself space so that I don’t get worked up. It’s all about balance, and figuring out what works best for you and your family. So mamas out there who are having a rough day, you’re not alone, and you’re doing your best. Xo. #honestmotherhood #motherhoodrising #childhoodunplugged

I have had a lifetime of weight struggles and as much as I always hoped that I would live in the body I do now, it felt like a pipe dream. I would have visions of myself on a beach with my little family in a small, healthy, strong body and a yellow dress. The dream was always there but after years and years of trying so hard to release the weight and failing, I came to believe that it was not possible.

It feels pretty surreal to live in this body now, 40+lbs lighter than I've been since I was 12; even at that age I was told that I was the size of a whale (kids can be so effing mean). So what changed? I let go of the outcome, I released it to the universe. I made lifestyle changes and used tools that I've learned along my journey to manifest this healthy and strong temple of mine. I stepped into my power, I released what was no longer serving me, and I allowed my light to shine.

I have created a 6 month, 1-1 coaching program to give women the space and support they need to transform their lives. I see and honor your vision and your desire to feel amazing in your body and I'm here to help you arrive there with ease and joy.

If this calls to you, you'll find the link to apply in my profile AND if you enroll before March 1 you'll save $750!

This sweet little man of ours is 20 months today! I haven’t posted monthly pics since his first birthday, but today I remembered. Oh how he melts my heart. Being his mama is such a gift. Of course, some moments can be really tough, he’s got his my fiery and persistent nature, but he’s such a chunk of LOOOOOVE. And motherhood has been such an awakening of an experience for me. Thank you little babe of mine, for choosing me. #motherhood #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #igmotherhood

Yesterday was rough. I let go of a very close friendship that was no longer serving either of us. Words were becoming hurtful, good intentions were being twisted, the support was false and it was clear that it was no longer an energetic match. I spent the day in mourning and feeling extremely hurt by her words.
This isn’t what sisterhood looks like. Sisters support and love each other. In sisterhood we should be able to have hard conversations and hold loving space for each other at the same time. Yet, many women struggle in sisterhood. There’s history behind this sisterhood struggle named the witch trials. Women turned in their sisters in fear of being burned, drowned, hung, beheaded, and tortured. We aren’t ancestors of the witches they tried to burn, we are those women, the DNA runs through our blood.
Sisterhood needs healing, it needs love and care. I’m grateful for my sisters who held me through yesterday, @ejtr0y @femme.rising @iamnamazte @christarealba @beaushelle @berkleyaboo, thank you for being such amazing reflections of me, of sisterhood, and of support.
It is an even greater reminder that in doing this work, in taking up space, in creating beautiful sisterhood, people will be triggered by me, and it’s important for me to keep doing this work. Our world needs for sisterhood to be healed, and for women to fully step into their power.
PC @kourtneykeil

My dad snapped this of me yesterday morning, we got up at 4:45, watched and photographed the eclipse, and then went on a long sunrise walk. This is in the far southeast area of Wildwood, where he’s cleared out the underbrush and opened up the woods. Pretty magical, and so nice to have this place to get away from the city to.

The eclipse this morning was beautiful and powerful. Excited to host a gathering tonight for some close friends. Full moon magic in full effect! 🌕🌒🔮#magic #witch #fullmoon #eclipse #goddess

As my friend, wether we’re friends personally or connected here, I’m so excited to share this with you! @usanainc has outdone themselves again. Celavive, the new skincare line is luxurious, botanically based, and scientific. ⠀

They’ve discovered a way to bring cellular technology to a natural skincare line! Do you know what this means?! This means when you apply it onto your skin it fires all of your cells to communicate properly with each other, even those cells that aren’t doing a great job and are causing your skin to have visible signs of aging. This means that this skincare, TEACHES your skin to become more intelligent. It teaches your skin how to create collagen and how to repair damage. It’s literally teaching your skin how to age backwards. ⠀

Recently I’ve been getting loads of comments on how my skin glows and how good it looks. Since starting my use of the Celavive line in Nov. my fine lines on my forehead are basically gone, my melasma on my upper lip has disappeared, my under eyes are lighter and less puffy, my sunspots are going away, revealing my beautiful freckles, and my acne has diminished significantly. ⠀

I’ve included my before and after 2 months of use, and if you swipe you’ll see each angle with the before/after and how my skin glows now. The pro shot by @kourtneykeil was shot in natural light, with minimal makeup and no retouches. ⠀

Celavive launches on Friday!!! I can’t wait to restock what I’m running low on, and help other women naturally and cellularly heal their skin! I’ve just created a new list if you’re interested, want more info, or want in. See link in profile and click Celavive!

As women, we hold so much wisdom, power, beauty, sensuality, love, and magic in our bodies. We are multifaceted. We cycle, we create life, we are goddesses. We have been taught that we are unpredictable when really we are extremely predictable. We’ve been taught that we have to look a certain way to be beautiful, when really we are all beautiful and unique. We’ve been taught that it’s not ok to invest in or take time for ourselves and our needs, that we should be taking care of everyone else, when really, in order to be our most joyful and authentic selves we must take the time and make the investment for self care. ⠀

Now is the time. Women are rising. I have space for 4 women, who are wanting a life change. This program is for you if you have a desire to heal your relationship with your body, to learn the power of your cycle and how to ebb and flow with it. This program is for you if you want to live in a lighter and healthier body, if you desire to let go of blocks that you aren’t even aware of that have been holding you back for maybe even lifetimes. This program is for you if you’re wanting to step into your power and to shine your light once and for all. ⠀

For all the details and to chat with me in person about this opportunity you’ll find the link to apply in my profile.

I’m going to be popping into some inboxes tomorrow for the first time in a looong time! I’d love to share with you if you want a more in depth conversation and are interested in learning more about me. Link in profile to sign up!
PC @kourtneykeil

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