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Ellie  Next Con: LCAC • ❌Lvl 16|| She / Her❌ • 🌈Lgbtqa safe and Black empowering🌈 • 🍃Cosplay is rated E for everyone 🍃 • Link in the bio for 10% off ochu

I did say that at 2K I would be starting up this Yuri on Ice cosplay contest and I thought it would be a fun lil way to celebrate while also giving back to you guys so here are the prizes!!! .
PRIZES: [1st Place] Yuri on Ice cosplay jacket of your choice!!! (Probably the full tracksuit cosplay) 🏙
[2nd Place] Any character wig 🏙
[3rd Place] A key chain and Pin and you will also get a shoutout for 48 hours. ❤️❤️❤️
You must repost this photo and your entry using the hashtag #melissafortecosplaycontest I know it's a really long hashtag and I'm sorry 😂😂😂. Please TAG ME IN THE PHOTO AND THE COMMENTS ILY!!! .
Because I wanna give EVERYONE a chance to join this, if you are private repost this on your account and DM me your entry. PUH LEASE. .
You must be following me to enter and @filthydinosaurs . I REPEAT YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME aND @filthydinosaurs TO ENTER. It's a heck of a hassle to keep up with the contest if you aren't. And no hard feelings if you unfollow after I'm still thankful you joined. .
The deadline for entries is August 4th. I'm giving exactly two months for you all to get your entries together aND SLAY THE GAME HUHUHUHEREER( A LOT OF PEOPLE ASKED FOR EXTENDED TIME SO HERE YALL GOO AHAHAHAH)
. .
NO HATE. No HATE I REPEAT. If I see a contestant posting hate on someone else's eNTRY BYE BINCH. I doNT TOLERATE THAT SHIT. .
NeXT. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER THIS CONTEST WITH YURI ON ICE COSPLAYS. I mainly started this as a way for people who don't have to acquire a cosplay. So you really don't have to enter with yOI cosplay. .
PS: I am honestly going to try my best to set up the rounds by follower count. But if some how you're against someone with a lot of followers I'm really sorry man. All of you guys are still beautiful children.
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I feel bad for all those that don't follow me on @filthydinosaurs and not see me make content. I apologize #tokyoghoulcosplay #touka

Hi y'all so I'm making a post here because not everyone that follows me watch my videos on my story. So this is the new acc I have switched to. @filthydinosaurs I will no longer be posting here only for the contest and promoting this page. SO pleaSe Go spam with likes or whatever and follow if you would like

Swipe to see what my Viktor looked like before. .
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Content? What's That? #yurionice #yurionicecosplay

I need to cosplay 2b like soon


Was tagged by @kofitnessnycosplay to post cosplay I'm known for and I definitely feel like my Allura is what I'm mostly known for. And it makes me really happy cause working on her was a trip. So I tagged some other Cosplayers and nominate them to show their cosplays that they are known for .
🌺 Cartoon: Voltron🌺
🌸 Character: Princess Allura🌸
✖Cosplay: by Me
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