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Melissa Farlow  Melissa Farlow has over 20 National Geographic stories with extensive documentary work in the American West.

Photo by @melissafarlow | Lost in the woodland garden ferns. Can’t stay out of the mud. @thephotosociety @natgeoimagecollection @natgeo @natgeofineart #ferns #garden #sewickley #pennsylvania

Photo by @melissafarlow | After working on a story about Frederick Law Olmsted for NatGeo magazine, I came home and created a miniature woodland forest of native plants in our backyard. Our town was replacing old curbstones from the 1800s that lined the streets, and we took a couple to make a stone bench. Small scale compared to Olmsted who organized hundreds of workers to move boulders and create waterfalls in Central Park creating natural looking landscapes. He believed we all need wilderness. @thephotosociety @natgeo @natgeoimagecollection @natgeofineart #mylittlewilderness #garden #sewickley #pennsylvania

Photo by @melissafarlow | Flowering crabapple, dogwood and cherry trees look like they are on steroids when spring comes to Kentucky. Horse farms are peaceful but the scene at Churchill Downs is buzzing with the upcoming Derby Race. I shot is photo years back on a NatGeo assignment featuring thoroughbreds and horse country. Do you have a favorite picked for the Derby? Rain is predicted on race day-if I was there I’d place a bet on a mudder. @thephotosociety @natgeo @natgeoimagecollection @natgeofineart #kentuckyderby #horses #kentucky

Photo by @melissafarlow | Mustangs are highly social animals. This bachelor band of maturing males are friends but will battle each other vying for their own mares. They are playful and it’s fun to watch them practicing their moves. @thephotosociety @natgeo @natgeoimagecollection @natgeofineart @wildhorsephotos #wildhorses #horses #sandwashbasin #colorado

@melissafarlow | The crabapples bloomed in unison this year celebrating Arbor Day. @thephotosociety @natgeofineart @natgeoimagecollection @natgeo #trees #arborday #pennsylvania

@melissafarlow | Recalling an assignment that took me to Chile when I was working on The Long Road South, a NatGeo book on the Pan American Highway. I stood inside the doorway watching people who had walked miles on a pilgrimage to the cathedral. @natgeofineart @natgeoimagecollection @natgeo @thephotosociety @randyolson @susiepostrust #panamericanhighway #onassignment #chile

@melissafarlow | I’m always awestruck by the dome over the atrium in a hotel near my hometown. I photographed the completed restoration for NatGeo magazine. Fascinating history as it evolved from a health resort with mineral springs (bottled for Pluto water) and later added a casino, opera house and bicycle pony track. This 200 foot dome was built after a fire in 1901 and later after another fire, Italian artisans installed 2 million one inch marble floor tiles. I’m leaving out colorful history but it housed touring circuses-was a US Army hospital in WWI. Following the 1929 stock market crash and Great Depression, it languished and was sold to the Jesuits who lived there until the ‘60s. Then it was a private college, was sold, then in 1983 declared a National Historic Landmark. Empty for years, the building deteriorated and after several attempts at renovation Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana donated. An exterior wall collapsed, and billionaire Bill Cook took on the project costing an initial $35 million for renovation than eventually total cost was about $100 million. It is incredible. There are tours and more...for me there are memories from my teenage years of dancing with a boy for the first time at a holiday formal dance. This is an iPhone snap as I met friends and family after a memorial for my high school journalism teacher Ruth Uyesugi. Go see what was once called The Eighth Wonder of the World. @thephotosociety @natgeo @natgeoimagecollection @natgeofineart #preservation #architecture #historiclandmarks #uyesugi #westbaden #westbadenspringshotel #indiana

Photo by Melissa Farlow @melissafarlow | Spring - all photos within 5 minutes. I love the view from my sisters house. The tired, old apple tree still pushes out some awesome blooms. @thephotosociety @natgeofineart @natgeoimagecollection @natgeoimagecollection @natgeo #spring #rain #myhometown #paoli #indiana

Photo I @melissafarlow | One little cloud threatened but it only created a little drama on the awesome landscape of Kerry County, Ireland. @thephotosociety @natgeoimagecollection @natgeofineart @natgeoexpeditions @natgeo #ringofkerry #caherdaniel #ireland

@melissafarlow | Love driving the backroads. Big sky and open space and surprises along the way. Drive by at 65 creates a challenge when shooting out the window. @thephotosociety @natgeoimagecollection @natgeo @natgeofineart @randyolson #roadtrip #driveby #dirtywindow #clouds #art #horse #kansas

Photo by @melissafarlow | It’s not a giant wave as someone asked, it’s a Winter sky. Utah mountain landscape looked nearly monochrome on a recent cross country drive. @natgeofineart @natgeoimagecollection @natgeo @thephotosociety @natgeofineart @natgeoimagecollection @natgeo #driveby #winter #landscape #clouds #utah

@melissafarlow | Shoshone Falls and the Snake River are incredible but my IG post was just about to get more exciting when I spotted parachute jumpers on the bridge. This guy watched his buddies land safely and debated - then decided “can’t do it tonight.” @thephotosociety @natgeo @randyolson @natgeofineart @natgeoimagecollection #snakeriver #shoshonefalls #twinfalls #waterfall #idaho #roadtrip #icouldntdoit

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