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melissadowler  Filmmaker, founder & feminist whose mission is to inspire and uplift. Making movies @longhaulfilms and empowering young female filmmakers @sheseesorg

It’s easy to feel bad about the world lately, and this has been one of those weeks for me. This afternoon, feeling grumpy, I sat down to write thank you notes to people who donated to She Sees, the organization I co-founded to inspire young women to get into filmmaking. In the past couple of years, whenever I feel rotten, all I have to do is spend time working on She Sees and my mood shifts. So many people gave so generously to our fundraising campaign, and this week, the mentors I work alongside all sacrificed their Sunday brunch time to prepare for our next session. The cure for feeling bad about the world is to do something good in it. I’m lucky to be part of @sheseesorg and to be surrounded by so much generosity.

There’s nothing much better than life on the road with you, @tomdowler. Looking forward to taking off again in a few days and spending the last weeks of this crazy year running around the planet together.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” -Joseph Campbell. For me, this year has been one of taking stock and figuring out what’s next. As I prepared to forge ahead what I didn’t realize was how much time I was going to spend looking back: healing persistent wounds, releasing old habits and grievances, reconnecting with my essential self. I’ve been inspired in recent weeks to re-read journals from earlier in my life and what’s interesting to see is that even with growth, there is so much at the core that remains the same. In many ways, I’m struggling with the same things that I was back in 2010, 2006, 1998. I can’t tell if it’s reassuring or depressing to read an entry from 7 or 8 years ago where I’m fretting over the same dumb problem I’m grappling with this very week. Will I ever push past these limitations, I wonder? But on the flip side, the words and ideas and opportunities that inspired me then still do the same today, which is why this quote from Joseph Campbell floated up for me. These words were a catalyst in the last phase of my creative journey, when I woke up from a long, numbing slumber and realized I had to chase my passion or risk missing out on real fulfillment. And somehow, with all that has transformed in my life, I am again contemplating questions about passion and fulfillment and how I spend my time and what I want to create and I find comfort and guidance in that same quote. Simply follow your bliss, Melissa. #femalefilmmakerfriday

If you made a sign, if you marched, if you called your Senator, if you donated to the ACLU, if you watched the news and felt despair, if you posted your outrage on Facebook, even if you didn’t know what to do... today you have one critical task, one important opportunity... GO VOTE. People died to give you the chance to do this. People are even now actively trying to stop you from exercising this right. If you believe that what’s happening in America is unacceptable, GO VOTE!

Turn back the clock.

“One’s destination is not a place but a new way of seeing things.” I saw this quote on the wall in big writing today at JFK, a reminder from the universe. I’ve always loved that feeling, the traveler’s perspective, of being elsewhere and outside of yourself and thrilled by what may look ordinary to someone else. A while back, I made it my goal to greet each day with that mindset, to live with a traveler’s sense of possibility. But for a while, I stopped seeing travel as a privilege and started treating it as an obligation, something to get through as quickly as possible and get home. In the last couple of months, I’ve felt that shift as I’ve rediscovered my love for the wonderful dizziness of being out of my time zone and comfort zone- of being unscheduled and in transit and open to discovery. I’m seeing the world with new eyes again, and as I stand waiting to board my next flight, I’m grateful. #lomography

I had a dream one time in Paris. #lomography

The first feminist gesture is to say: “OK, they’re looking at me. But I’m looking at them.” The act of deciding to look, of deciding that the world is not defined by how people see me, but how I see them. — Agnès Varda

My ride or die. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #tbt #lomography

Let’s play. #femalefilmmakereveryday

This week marks three years since @tomdowler and I moved to Los Angeles. It feels like we’ve been through lifetimes here. It feels like we’ve barely been here a moment. The sunsets, the tacos, the traffic on the 101, the art everywhere, the trash everywhere, the palm trees, the way you can talk to almost anyone about “the universe” or what phase the moon is in and they will totally get it. Los Angeles, you’re a strange and inscrutable city, and I love you hard.

Starting this Monday in Phoenix but my heart is still very much in Paris. #sergegainsbourg #jetaime #parisjetaime

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