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melissadowler  My debut feature documentary Adele and Everything After comes out January 30th. Buy or rent on iTunes or Amazon and support women in film!


Happy anniversary @tomdowler. You're the person who taught me what commitment is: something deeper and wilder and richer than I ever knew. Our commitment has let us explore a hundred versions of ourselves; to grow, to risk, to be brave, to sometimes falter and yet never get entirely lost. We have struggled through some years, flourished through others- but that is how we have allowed ourselves to grow. Because of the depth of our commitment to this marriage, we have been able to commit to and manifest so many other beautiful dreams. I am grateful we found each other, glad we held on to each other and amazed that after 11 years, we are more deeply crazy about each other than ever. I am so lucky to have you. Happy Anniversary, my love.

Walking into the weekend like... πŸ“·: @hopefulrebecca

Happy Valentine's Day to my partner in so many things, @tomdowler. February is the month when we first locked eyes across a crowded room (for real) and had our first long, deep, intense conversation. It's the month we had our first magical kiss, on a street corner in Soho. The month we went on the first (of a million) movie dates. It's the month you asked me to marry you, and the month we said 'I do' before proceeding to have the most awesome party I've ever been to. It's a bonus that this is also the month when the rest of the world celebrates love, too. Thanks for being my Valentine for all this time. 😘😘😘❀️❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍

Another fabulous visit to @acehotelpalmsprings- loved sharing my favorite spot with @hopefulrebecca #livetorage #ballingonabudget #whathappensattheacestaysattheace

Why is #femalefilmmakerfriday so important? Google the term "movie director", then scroll through the images that appear of Cameron, Tarantino, Nolan, Polanski, Hitchcock and see how long it takes you to get to a photo of a woman, Kathryn Bigelow. One woman in a sea of (troubling) men. I wrote about this on @medium last year (link in profile) and how much of a struggle it was for me to understand that I could be a director, when for a long time I saw so few people who looked like me depicted in the job. Now, not only am I proud to be a WOMAN director, I'm doing everything I can to make sure other women know they can do this job. Photo credit: @cccccari, another #femalefilmmaker you need to know

These two in Malibu. #lomolca

Bravo Farms is my new favorite place on I-5, if not the world.

It's #femalefilmmakerfriday and this is me on set directing re-creation scenes for my feature documentary, Adele and Everything After. I had spent two years documenting the real story of Marty and Adele's relationship unfolding, and had learned to give myself over to the flow of following real events as they happened- one of the unique challenges of documentary filmmaking. It was interesting to switch gears for scenes like this, where we depicted Marty's childhood, which required a very different kind of directing style and included elements like casting and working with actors (in this case child actors), production design (working with the talented @muppetmadison) and our crew shooting on a vintage Bolex camera to create a distinct look for these scenes. While documentary filmmaking has had my heart for a while, I love directing scenes like this and am looking forward to directing more scripted/narrative projects in the future.

Adele and Everything After is out today. I call it "my debut feature documentary" as a director. But it has been so much more than any words or any image can sum up. A million memories. A ton of adventures. So many nerves and fears and doubts and questions. Achieving things I never dreamed we would do: selling out screenings and winning awards and seeing ourselves in magazines at the supermarket check out. I have learned so much, grown so much, expanded my vision for what is possible. Most of all I have been inspired and empowered by the friends and colleagues who have been there for us at every step. The community I have in my life consistently overwhelms me with its wonderfulness. So many people have shown up, donated, offered advice, talked me down from anxiety, laughed with me, cried with me, celebrated with me. What an experience this has been. I'm proud, grateful, humbled, exhausted and uplifted all at the same time. Thanks to every single one of you. Enjoy the movie!

Holy shit! Adele and Everything After is live!!!

When you go to grab your morning coffee and see your movie in the newspaper on the counter!!!!!!!!!! #isthisreallife #didnotstagethis

Back in 2014, Marty approached me about making a fundraising video to help her get a new service dog. Little did she know that conversation would start a 3-year journey of making Adele and a Everything After, traveling around North America sharing it at film festivals, winning awards and now, preparing for the movie to be released by @gravitasventures on January 30th. It's has been a wild ride, I can safely say beyond either of our expectations. We've had so many laughs and adventures (and a few misadventures) and met so many great people. What an incredible journey, and it ain't over yet. If you haven't pre-ordered the movie, you gotta get on it! It's on sale for $6.99 on iTunes through midnight on January 29th. If you pre-order you're helping give us a push to the top of the iTunes charts and that means more people will discover the film. Go to adelemovie.com/iTunes and pre-order today! You're supporting a woman's story as told by a woman plus... pups!

Loved marching with this squad today. A year on and it's kind of hard to comprehend everything that's happened since the last march. I'm glad to see how many people still showed up (especially with the temp below 70 in LA) and I hope you all get your butts out for the midterms. #rockthevote #getoutthevote #registertovote #womensmarchlosangeles

Devotion is my #wordoftheyear. It's the word that I need for right now, and a word that even a short time ago would have terrified me. I've spent a lot of my life feeling not quite in all the way. A little outside of things. Worrying whether I should be somewhere else. I think it's because I made a lot of choices based on that little voice in my head that said "you should be doing this"
Or "well you have to do that" or "you're never going to really get what you want so you might as well..." But something I recognized coming into 2018 is that I've stopped living shoulds and I am where I want to be, doing what I want to do. Not dreaming of going anywhere else, but for the first time in my life only thinking about how I go deeper. Devotion is the great divide between the masters and the dabblers. And yet, there's peace in devotion. A certitude that feels like sinking in to velvet. I'm looking forward to where it will take me this year. I'd love to know... what's your word for 2018?

Through every step of my journey these past years, I have been supported by the most incredible, loyal and generous women. They have hired me. They have donated to me. They have let me crash with them. They have shown up for me. They have cheered me on. They have made me feel special. They have liked, commented, retweeted, sent ❀️ emojis. They have listened to me complain. They have got tipsy with me. They have made me laugh really, really hard. They have told me anything is possible. I would not be where I am without this amazing crew. You know who you are and gratitude doesn't seem like a big enough word for what I feel for you. Depicted here are two of the many women I'm lucky to call friends, photographed by another.

To the women from all walks of life who are speaking out against injustice. We are only beginning to come into our power and we will shape a better future. We are leading the way.

"Most people overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a lifetime." Achieving big goals is a slow, messy, frustrating, vulnerable process. And we have been pummeled with the false notion that significant change can be fast and easy, all while being bombarded with images of others who are where we want to be, and seem like they got there by magic. Maybe in December you dreamed up audacious goals for the new year but now that January is here, all you can think about is how big, frightening and unattainable those goals feel. That's where it falls apart for many of us, because we're facing a choice to live in the uncomfortable space of knowing our current reality doesn't measure up to our big vision, or getting lost in the shuffle of daily life and sinking back into the status quo. If this is how you're feeling right now, head on over to Medium, where I wrote a thing about what it takes to achieve those big goals. medium.com/@melissadowler

"I'll never know and neither will you about the life you didn't choose. We'll only know that whatever that sister life was, it was important and beautiful and not ours. It was the ghost ship that didn't carry us. There's nothing to do but salute it from the shore." - Cheryl Strayed

The movie I directed is available for iTunes pre-order!!!!! Go to adelemovie.com/iTunes and order today! #Repost @longhaulfilms (@get_repost)
Friends, big news! Our documentary Adele and Everything After is available to pre-order on iTunes. Go to adelemovie.com/itunes to pre-order this moving documentary about a woman with an untreatable heart condition and the remarkable service dog who transformed her life through the power of unconditional love. Support independent filmmaking and women in film and be among the first to see this powerful movie. πŸ•πŸΆπŸŽ₯

Taking a moment to meditate in the midst of life rushing back to its regular schedule. A daily meditation practice is one of those things I know is important in theory, but I've resisted committing to in practice. Until now. Luckily, @angellstragiclife has agreed to support me in this resolution. πŸΆπŸ™πŸ» What are you committing to in 2018, friends?

Gliding into 2018 like a boss. #happynewyear2018

Spending the last day of the year with good friends and the Pacific Ocean. Doesn't get better than that. Happy New Year everyone!

Started a new decade today and it feels great. Thanks to all of the people who sent messages, gifts and love from all over the planet. The very best part of my life is the wonderful people who are in it. And a huge thank you to @tomdowler who made me feel so special on my birthday, and really does pretty much every day. It's been a magical first day of my 40s and I'm so ready for this next stage of the journey.

Happy holidays from Cali! πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰πŸŽ…πŸ»β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ·πŸΎπŸŒ΄πŸŒž 🐢

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