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Melissa Doldron🇨🇦🇹🇹 aka Momo  Sports Massage Therapist RMT, SMT (cc) • Fascial Stretch Therapist • Joga Coach • Sports Enthusiast

RUN // “Saturday, call the girls, get ‘em gassed up // gotta hit the (run), gotta make that ass jump // gotta hit the (run) like you hit them muthaf*ckin’ angles // with your phone out, snappin’ like you Fabo // and you showin’ off, but it’s alright // it’s a short life.” .
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Photos by + @mel_runs

#FBF // to Island hangs and cottage vibes. More please! #MelSquared #goodtimesoutside
Photo: @jessbaumung

FACT: I am not a strong swimmer. 🤷🏽‍♀️ FACT: I have signed up for my first Sprint Triathlon this summer, which includes, swimming 750m in Lake Ontario! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I had a little panic moment in the pool last night when I was sharing a lane with some stronger swimmers and was trying to keep up with the flow of traffic. I started thinking about race day and the hundreds of swimmers that will be around me and thought if I can’t handle this “pressure” in the pool how am I going to deal with it in open water?! A few deep breaths to calm myself and I kept swimming. I have no idea how I will fare in that 750m open water swim, it slightly terrifies me and I wish I could fly @nathanielacole and @peigh from @swimdemcrew in to help coach me through it!
That being said, race day is approaching faster than I imagined and I’m getting comfortable with being massively uncomfortable here. I’m going to start visualizing a strong race and crossing that finish line. Gotta keep pushing. I am more than capable. (And thank god wetsuits make you more buoyant!) 👊🏽 “The path is the goal. The goal is the path.” 🏊🏽‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ #TRInewthings #MomoOnTheGo #TriathlonTO #swimbikerun #triathlonnewbie #keeppushing #diversityinadventure #fitover40 #visionquest #mastery #mastersathlete #afroswimmers #peerpressuremademedoit #strongertogether #pdrr

Mother’s Day tradition: 4 years treating the parental units @sharontomlinson44 + Ken to a game cheering on our fav team! Happy Mother’s Day to the lady that has always cheered me on with whatever I want to do, welcomed me home whenever I needed it and instilled work ethic and a love of reading. Literally telling strangers in line today getting our hotdogs that I got my dream job with my fav team. 😂 Love ya Ma! 💐
And a happy belated birthday to my stepdad Kenneth, whom we share the love of baseball and wrestling, and who unconditionally loved Simba and was there to console me when I needed it the most. ❤️ #BlueJays #MothersDay #IssaCelebration

RUN // I really don’t remember the last time I felt “fast”. I remember my fastest year; 2014-2015 starting with the training and racing of the Nike Women’s Half in DC. It all seemed so effortless. Or maybe that’s just how I remember it since these days running seems so labour intensive. Something about passing that 40 year mark has really made me feel every ounce of every run. But I keep plodding along, learning to take the slow pace and appreciate the surroundings, today that meant the lovely sights and smells of the cherry blossoms in full bloom🌸. And I learn to really honour the space I‘m at physically, and be joyful I can run at all. Slow and steady, as they say. ⚡️🐢⚡️ #MomoOnTheGo #TRInewthings #turtlepower #pdrr #alwaysontherun #outsideisfree #goodtimesoutside

STRETCH TO WIN // Pretty awesome day when @derekmillender of the @cavs organization stops by work for some #FascialStretchTherapy! Thanks for the referral @jogajana ! 🏀

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Good Times Outside // from snow to sunshine, today’s @mec #TrailRaceOne had it all! Smiles for muddy miles! Many thanks to MEC and @parkbus for providing bus service to the trails! Nothing I love more than exploring our amazing park systems, but not having a car makes it tough to explore beyond the city. MEC has released an awesome blog on trails around the GTA you can access via public transportation! (Link in Bio). Making these parks/trails accessible is key for everyone to be able to enjoy and feel the benefits of what being out in nature gives us. 🌿

Who’s ready for the next adventure?
Ph: @jessbaumung
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Trail Tuesday

Spring is here and it’s time to get outside for some #NatureTherapy! @mec Trail Race One is this weekend and I’m pumped to get back on the trails.
Accessibility is often an issue for those like me that live car-free in urban areas, but MEC has compiled a great list of trails fully accessible by public transportation! Looking forward to exploring some new spots with no stress of not having a car! Link in bio to article including link to sign up and join me at Heartlake for Trail Race One!
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Image by: @jessbaumung

RUN // Sunday Funday Runday! Oh how I’ve missed sunny runs. No stress on pace or distance, good chats with running pals. 💖 We also checked out the start area for @torontotriathlonfestival and where the swim will kick off for us this summer!
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Adventures in Babysitting // Some QT with my BBs Denham + Tristan. #Dendoo #TriscuitBiscuit

95 days til the @torontotriathlonfestival and my triathlon debut!! 😱 Throwback to when and I took to the Humber Trail to get our cycling legs under us. Time to kick training into gear. Swim, bike, run, fun! Right! Any other newbies out there wanting to tackle your first Tri? Hit me up!
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GRATITUDE // Ahhhh yoga, there to remind you to breathe deeply, show yourself some compassion, quiet the mind and provide strength when needed. Many thanks to @chelsealovesyoga for the magical Yoga Nidra session and the incredible night with @iriseyoga + friends discussing sisterhood, inclusivity and yoga. It helped fill my cup. You are truly a delight. 🧘🏽‍♀️🙏🏽💖 First Yoga Conference was a success!
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