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Melisa Ali  The daily grind of a kid's attempt to recover from her first full marathon >> Kuching Marathon 2015 - 06:04:04

Just want to let you guys know (again) I went running “earlier” this morning and didn’t die. Was so nervous I’d be last and be rubbish 😂 but actually I really enjoyed it. This photo session was at our last hill climb of #inibukanbukit, and a few of us were dead before reaching the top (wasn’t me! 🎉) So, guess what. Not running outside but maintaining indoors does help.
Got some self belief back. And I accepted another run invitation for tomorrow morning, coz that’s what us weirdos do for fun! #doyathaaaaang #beyou #thisgirlcanrun

The plan was something like 10-15k easy within 3 hours, and guess what #wedidit 😅😂 We ended on a 14.6km somehow, had the most brilliant early morning, and remembered that plans change all the time. #5amclub #therearebetterclubs #evenaswadswitchto7amclub #runningbuddy #runtogether #solatberjemaah

This morning guys, Melisa started off like other normal sane runner on a non-working day : running. 2 hours covering from one end to another end of Bukit Cerakah 🎉🎉 #finally #startsomewhere I’m so proud of you, Melisa!
But what Melisa didn’t know was how the next few hours will get her more crazy : 3 rounds of climbing up and down the flight of stairs 😖😭😭. Fighting gravity while uphill lunges after a hill workout? #kaurasa #matilah #layankanje #totalbody

Ugh. When today’s even harder than yesterday’s (epic) chirpies session, you know, I don’t really want to move for the rest of the day 😂.
Loved the atmosphere today tho with such small group (thanks to other FFKers) and it was a gorgeous workout that I can’t wait to come back again! #omgwhathaveigottenmyselfinto 😱☀️🙌🏻 This energizer bunny isn’t done yet y’all. #dreambigkid #cardiosculpt

This 👆🏻 was a shitload of effort because ya girl is TIRED, but somehow it just hurts so good 😅😂.
On the other side of the world, I’m really REALLY struggling to stay on the running plan so much 😔. Excuses shouldn’t be made, but good lordy it’s hard work fitting these runs in around everything at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get my mojo back soon! And remember Melisa, mesti rajin everyday tau 🙌🏻💛🏃🏼‍♀️ #whateverhappened #getagrip #nothingtoocrazy #saturdaychirpies

Sultan Mahmud Bridge International Run. Finished half marathon at 3:31:18.
Problem with Melisa : I’d start the race way too slow and only start pushing to the limits on the second half to stay just below 4 hours 😅. Project 159 my ass.
Moral of the story : run a steady race, Melisa. #respectsub2 #letsworkonsub330first #ohmyperut

Not sure what I wanted today to be. I’ve been talking myself into working out this evening, all day, which is unlike me. I’m usually very excited! But tonight I was just MEH.
But it’s ok. My legs are now one strength closer to running, and my bum too is one strength closer to actually helping with my runs instead of just tagging along for a free ride. And at some point tomorrow my muscles will remind me of this evening and I’ll feel virtuous 👸🏻. #thisgirlcan #keepmoving #strengthtrain #cardiosculpt #rehab

Post-race recovery at Pulau Kapas 🏝 #mukataknakbalik

Run-walk-blown about. Rainy Saturday morning and it’s still a run/ walk affair though, more walking than running. Yeah, that’s how that run went. Now to sleep. 📷credit gambar cantikkkk to @mohdzarindotcom ☺️

When runners on short getaway, everyone is practically here 😂🏖☀️ #runcation #shahalamkids

Let’s Vacay-(minus)-run! 😄 #ljsm

And I’m back to my glamorous workout space! 😂 I really don’t like working out after work tho. It’s midnight and I’m still up 😔😣. And that headache you’ll suffer the morning after for not having enough sleep. Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️.. Anyways, what a stripey stripe day! And it’s almost the weeeeekend!! #totalbody #zebraday

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