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Claude Monet, "La Grenouillère" (1869). Monet's paintings of "the Frog Pond" capture the mid industrial age when new bridges and trains made day trips to Paris suburbs possible, but before the Seine was dredged to make room for larger boats. Monet captures how all classes mingled at this swimming hole and floating restaurant, from shirtless swimmers in the water, to black-suited bathers on the left side of the island, to top-hatted aristocrats on the right. Even Emperor Napoleon III and his family turned up the same month penniless Monet painted this. Met Museum, NYC. #postcardbowl #arthistory #monet #claudemonet

This piece by the magnificently talented, innovative @_alicavanaugh_ caught the eye of a visitor to my house today. She does such beautiful work.

Alexander McQueen dress made of ostrich feathers and medical slides dyed blood red and black (2001). This was part of a line of dresses inspired by Hitchcock's "The Birds." All art, including fashion, depends a lot on inspiration from other artists' work, but fashion differs (in U.S. at least) because we let people copy other clothing designs and sell the copies with no benefit to the original creator. The difference is generally that U.S. law treats all clothing as "useful items" not entitled to copyright protection, whereas other forms of art can be copyrighted--though there are a few legal protections, such as copyright of textile prints. My law firm handles fashion copyright cases, and the issues are always interesting. This dress was in the fantastic "Savage Beauty" show at the Met, NYC, a few years ago. #postcardbowl #arthistory #alexandermcqueen

"The Human Condition" (1933) by René Magritte. He wrote that the tree in the painting "hides" the tree in the actual landscape. Do you think it is the human condition to miss actual experiences by focusing on how they might be interpreted, captured, or artificially recreated? Imagine what Magritte would think of social media and how we let it define us. National Gallery, D.C. #postcardbowl #arthistory #renémagritte #magritte

"Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" (1931) by Grant Wood, the artist who painted American Gothic and who actively promoted the idea of distinctly American, academic art that wasn't just folk art. Here he borrows from Longfellow's historically inaccurate legendary poem of Paul Revere's ride to Lexington. Wood embellishes the legend's fairytale quality via a birds eye view, tiny people, houses like doll houses, and Revere on a galloping horse modeled after a hobby horse Wood borrowed from a neighbor. Met Museum, NYC. #postcardbowl #arthistory #grantwood

"Lift Up Thine Eyes" (1968) by Norman Rockwell. As the priests post the day's devotional message, the counsel to look up is echoed by the rising flight path of doves over the entrance to the church. The message is timeless (and Rockwell was a master of timeless images), but this painting deliberately reflects its contemporary setting, with New Yorkers in miniskirts, the latest model cars at the curb, and technicolor emerald, red, and yellow pops of color. BYU MOA, Provo, Utah. #postcardbowl #arthistory #normanrockwell

You may have already seen these, but last Friday night I got to hold still for three hours while genius artists @marysauerart and @caseychildsart did a live demonstration of portrait painting during gallery stroll @anthonysfineart. I'm so impressed with their spectacular talent!

Meredith Frampton, "Marguerite Kelsey" (1928). Frampton's mother sewed this dress specifically for Kelsey (a professional artists' model) to wear in this painting. Skin-toned and uncorseted, it rejects traditional presentations of the female nude and societal definitions of femininity. Tate, London. #postcardbowl #arthistory #meredithframpton

Vincent Van Gogh, "La méridienne or La sieste (after Millet)" (1890). An "after" artwork is when one artist creates her own rendering of another artist's image. While Van Gogh was in an asylum, he copied paintings of other artists, including several by Millet. He told his brother he was painting this in a new language, one of color and reflections of light. Musée d'Orsay, Paris. #postcardbowl #arthistory #vincentvangogh #vangogh

I'm kind of in love with Dylan's cover of "What'll I Do." Anyone want to go see him and Mavis Staples with me on Oct 17 in SLC? Let me know quickly--I'm going to get my ticket.

Peter Lanyon, "Calm Air" (1961). On a recent flight from London to Belfast, I sat by a pilot who has taken up gliding as a hobby, and I got to tell him about Lanyon's paintings inspired by air currents and his experiences gliding. This one shows how gliders sometimes break through a wall of turbulent air and suddenly find an expanse of calm, easy air to glide through. Courtauld Gallery, London. #postcardbowl #arthistory #peterlanyon

Happy birthday @kingsenglishbookshop, one of the world's great local booksellers. Thanks for setting me up!

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