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Whimsy pieces from new Wentworth Christmas puzzle. Thank you, Santa! #myownsanta

William Blake, “The Lord Answering Job out of the Whirlwind” (c1804). The full title is “Job Confessing His Presumption to God Who Answers from the Whirlwind.” The “presumption” is Job’s mistaken belief that he and his friend have through discussion arrived at an understanding of God’s thoughts and motivations, which are beyond mortal understanding. Blake’s religious illustrations often employed circular or wave-like lines that show momentum—religious action that is momentous rather than contemplative. Scottish National Galleries, Edinburgh. #postcardbowl #arthistory #williamblake

I know Santa can’t come until we are asleep, but we need to make one more batch of slime before we go to bed.

December 1930 cover of Town and Country Homes, from the Geffrye Museum of English domestic interiors in London. Wishing everyone a safe and homey Christmas.

Only one more day left on the advent calendar, and then it’s Christmas! This scripture may be my favorite one yet.

Sentimental baking: muffin mix picked out by E at Harmons grocery, blueberries left over from my neighbor party, Demerara sugar from UK 🇬🇧, shuguh bowl reminding me of life in Boston, and Australian sugar spoon reminding me of baby spoons from my dad when I was a kid. #poetryineverything #peopleilove

“City County Building” in Salt Lake City, by Eric Dowdle. I picked this up in the 90s, pre-social-media, when companies advertised via free postcards in restaurants. Salt Lake City is a cool place to be for Christmas. #postcardbowl

Francisco de Zurbarán, “The Birth of the Virgin” (c1627). This circle of strong, attentive, helpful, life-saving women is one of my favorite nativity scenes. So often women are written out of our stories. I feel certain that before shepherds came with haste, and before wise men followed a star, there were women who ran with haste to cries of labor and taught a young mother to nurse her child. Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, California. #postcardbowl #arthistory #zurbaran

Alfred Sisley, “Snow at Louveciennes” (1878). Sisley was influenced by years spent in London, where he became acquainted with the subtle variations in tone used by Turner and by watercolorists. He returned to France and used similar techniques in his oil paintings of snow like this one. Musée d’Orsay, Paris. #postcardbowl #arthistory #sisley

It’s feeling Christmas-y here!

Local friends: if anyone wants a single can of the old Coke Zero for a stocking stuffer, I’m happy to let you have it. I prefer the new formula and feel this can should go to a good home.

Claude Monet, “Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning” (1891). Between 1889 and 1891, Monet painted these haystacks 30 times in different seasons and lights, possibly inspired by Japanese artist Hokusai’s “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji.” Previously Monet had painted up to 6 views of the same subject, so the jump to 30 was a radical increase. This is another example of how the Impressionists were affected by Japanese art after kaikin, Japan’s policy of isolationism, ended. Getty Museum, Los Angeles. #postcardbowl #arthistory #monet #claudemonet

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