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melieah  💍12/11/17💍 @thayer_tristen 🔐 Track Volleyball Aquarius Gabby Ford (Wifey) SC:melieah_1433

Happy Father’s Day love you dad😍😘❤️💞#fathersday

I think I’m obsessed with the moon 🌙. But isn’t it funny how someone will tell you so much and try so hard to make you believe something then one day doesn’t say a word to you, you try to talk but no. They leave you on seen then try to make you feel it’s your fault. Like I don’t have that enough in my life😣 thanks for making me feel worthless😔 once again


Sparkles ✨ 😍 has a good last day of school with him😍❤️ I want another elegant ear🤤 omfg i was so scared that we were gonna fall of the fairest wheel😱😵

Happy late national best friends day #nosleepgang

Last day of school😄😉

I love all you people and all of you are there and I’ll miss you zach and I think I’ll see Trenton tye and tristen over the summer soo I’m not gonna say I’ll miss you if I think I’ll see you happy summer to all you boys I would have more guys to say this too but y’all are close to me


I fucking love you guys like I swear I would die for you guys 💯 I gotta say that my wife and I have had so much fucking fun together and I hella miss that😭I love you babyyy❤️ and vickey i LOVVEEE our too dramatic run and hug hugs they’re great and I love them and you❤️😘 NATTT my boo thang we have been through too much together and to our surprise we never leave each other for long I fucking love our hugs ong I do😍 we just give hugs like we haven’t seen each other in yearsss😂 I love you soo muchhh😘❤️ ooof now kate I love you so much you hype me up when I don’t want to be hyped but you know I need it to you say the most random things just to make me laugh😂 you left and you made your way back to me😍 I love you daddy kate😘 zacherssss omggg we have been through a lot together as well but how did we end up here?😂 I mean your dating MY wife😂😭 I swear and you know this is true but I will kick your skinny as out the country if you hurt my babyy I love you but if you do her how you did me I’m just gonna have to kill you cause my baby don’t need that and you know that💯 I love you and you know that and we don’t talk that much but we have our little convos and we get to tell each other everything and anything cause it’s not like we haven’t before😂love ya Zachy boii❤️I wish you didn’t have to move😔😭I’ll miss ya😘 BREEE omgggg you don’t even knowwww😩 I fucking love you soo much and we don’t hand out no more but damn you’ll always have a place in my heart💯 you’ve been there when I didn’t expect it and you’d just listen to me blab about my problems and you would just listen and you see right through my walls which sucks cause I hate that😂 I would tell you ANYTHING ong if you asked I’d be spillin everything😭😂 I love you 😘 I just had to say this cause I don’t say it enough😩😭❤️😘 and you can’t forget about my molly, my forbidden love 💕 your one class together is fucking amazing it’s the time where we tell each other EVERYTHING and we both know things we wish we didn’t 😂 but we couldn’t even go through 5 minuets not talking to each other during class it just makes my damn day😍 I fucking love all of you😭 at least some of you will stay close and I love u💕

❤️❤️❤️💕💞😍😘I love you baby 😘

Finally got up the nerve to draw this wasn’t as hard as it looks

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