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Mel Gutierrez  City, nature, music, art, comics, toys, sports.

Stan Lee signing at Amazing Fantasy.. #sanfrancisco #comics

Rest in Memory Grant Hart of the mighty Husker Du. One third of one of my favorite bands. Thank you for the music. #nowspinning #dontwanttoknowifyouarelonely #vinyl

Hit up the neighborhood flea market. A vendor was selling 25 cent comics and gave me a deal on Artist Jock's art book. Great finds for a one block flea market. Wind down with a stop at Lemonade on a warm Sunday. 👍

Prickly Shadowplay.
Prayers to those affected by Hurricane Irma and the Mexico earthquake. #shadows

Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Just found out Juliet isn't asking Romeo where he is, but WHY he is Romeo. Hmmm.. #Shakespeare #goldengatepark #sanfrancisco #landscape

Winding down the holiday evening with pizza pizza..
Glen Park livin' #pizza #food

Fear of the Dark. Back in July. A little pump up on a quiet holiday.. #happylaborday #ironmaiden #metalmonday

Glimpse of my two days at SF Comic Con. Selfie with the great Bill Sienkiewicz, some stuff I acquired, and a Bob Ross funko pop that made me smile.

The beach of a forgotten time. A scorcher of a weekend. Happy getaway Friday! #sandiego #landscape #cityscape #beaches