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Melissa B  Conservation/restoration. Nature + Plants. Chicagoland area. 🌾πŸ”₯🌎


And another grass!! One that is super cool and rare, found in the sandy Black Oak savannas near Lake Michigan, #PrairieBrome. Dawww look at those cute little fuzzy lemmas and glumes ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ #bromuskalmii 🌾

Probably the easiest grass to take a picture of with an iphone. πŸ˜‰ This is #SandReed, chillin in the sand dunes and beach-ridges of Lake Michigan. #calamovilfalongifolia #calamovilfalongifoliamagna

#TalesOfASandPrairie continue!!!! Here are two really cool shrubs one may encounter in the sandy area behind the Lake Michigan storm beach. The first is #SandCherry #prunuspumila. The second (consisting of two photos), is the state endangered #DuneWillow, occurring on the margins of the marly pannΓ© wetlands. #salixsyrticola. So neat! So cool! Shrubs rock!

Another new plant I saw in yesterday's adventures was #FlaxLeavedAster. Although it was done flowering I still can admire its beauty and the remnant habitat of which it resides. This conservative aster is constrained to sandy soils. Here in this remnant gravel hill prairie is has found its place in a little pocket of exposed sand. #ionactislinariifolia

Saw a bunch of neat things yesterday, the first being this beautiful uncommon hybrid between New England Aster and Heath Aster. It grows in wet to dry-mesic prairie remnants on fine-textured loam. It was a lovely sight to see at a new prairie I had never been to before. 😊 #AmethystAster #symphyotrichumxamethystinum #symphyotrichumamethystinum

Another goldenrod in spirit of goldenrod season!!! #Zigzaggoldenrod!!! I've seen this one grow is some really neat places!! Out of rocks!!! On slopes!!! In high quality rich woodlands!!! It does everything!!! ...πŸ’›πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ #solidagoflexicaulis

A fav goldenrod of mine, found here in a rich mesic woodland. I love the bright flower bunches in each leaf axil and of course the smooth blue stem (see third picture) giving this goldenrod its name, #bluestemmedgoldenrod. #solidagocaesia πŸ’™

Spreading the love. #milkweed #asclepiassyriaca

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