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Melesha Jade Higginbotham  Let us press on to know Christ and to be like Him.

Super grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given.
Super grateful to be living the life I live.
Super grateful for the friends that are apart of it all.
God, you’re too good to us.

Thankful for friendships that push you to grow more and more in the love of Christ. Pushing you to be the person they know you can be. Challenging you to look beyond just surface level and to indulge yourself in the goodness of God.
Big-O, I love ya dude. Thank you for pouring into my life.

Just two potatoes

The house is much louder now that sister’s home for the weekend!

Me: “Hey Ina, if someone takes my nose...what do I do?” Ina: “You take Aaron Rogers’ nose.” ....Great Idea

Glad I got to see this kid today! Ina, you’re the coolest

I’m really missing Chicago.
Despite the extremely cold weather, I absolutely love the city and all of the diversity and uniqueness that’s expressed. God has big plans for you Chicago!
I hope to visit you again soon 🍁

Spent the night watching “Cinderfella” under the stars for a little Jordy’s birthday! You’re a gem Jordy, and I’m so thankful to call you a friend! You’re a dang good one! Happy 21st!🎉🎈

Excited to say that I am getting the chance to intern with the youth group at my church! I get to meet with the youth every week and I will also get opportunities to share if God places something on my heart. I will also get to meet with some of the kids one on one or in groups!! I’m so thankful to have this opportunity and I’m beyond excited to mentor these cool kids! 🙌🏽 They’re pretty awesome!

These two are better than Kraft Singles

20 years old and I can finally drive.
Conquering my fears one step at a time!

SERIOUSLY grateful for this friend of mine😉

God loves each and every one of you! I know, I know, you probably hear that all of the time. But just because you hear it doesn't mean you believe it.
God loves us and He sees all of us as worthy and valuable.
All of those negative things that you tell yourself (I'm not good enough, I'm a bad person, I'm stupid, dumb, and pathetic) ALL of those things are from the enemy! He wants you to believe negative things about yourself because he doesn't want you to see how Good and Beautiful God has made you! He doesn't want you to see that God is great and that He created us with a purpose in mind. He doesn't want you to believe those things because the enemy's motives are for evil and destruction. He wants to do whatever he can to draw us away from God and a super easy way to make that happen is to invade our thoughts.
The good news is that God is stronger than anything the enemy could throw our way! We get to fight alongside God to combat the enemy's schemes!

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