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My favorite guy came for a weekend visit.

Don’t worry Ev. If I had the choice between you and a young Dennis Quaid, I’d pick you.
I’ll see you soon💕

Last day at #gatewaystudentconference
Lovin’ all the time I get to spend with my people and my Jesus.

Sending the happiest of birthdays to my hilarious little sister and my incredibly beautiful momma. Where would the world be without all that sass? 🎁🎉🎈 Love you both a bunch!

How many Dr. Peppers have Uncle Ben and I bought together? Who knows.
How many times has Big-O fallen asleep during our one on ones? Who knows.
One thing I do know is I have so much love and appreciation for these two friends.
Let’s have some more laughs and Cat-Daddy again sometime soon💕

Amazed at how when we listen to God and act in obedience, he brings an overwhelming amount of peace to our hearts.

Side note: I miss Hawaii

Super grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given.
Super grateful to be living the life I live.
Super grateful for the friends that are apart of it all.
God, you’re too good to us.

Thankful for friendships that push you to grow more and more in the love of Christ. Pushing you to be the person they know you can be. Challenging you to look beyond just surface level and to indulge yourself in the goodness of God.
Big-O, I love ya dude. Thank you for pouring into my life.

Just two potatoes

The house is much louder now that sister’s home for the weekend!

Me: “Hey Ina, if someone takes my nose...what do I do?” Ina: “You take Aaron Rogers’ nose.” ....Great Idea

Glad I got to see this kid today! Ina, you’re the coolest

I’m really missing Chicago.
Despite the extremely cold weather, I absolutely love the city and all of the diversity and uniqueness that’s expressed. God has big plans for you Chicago!
I hope to visit you again soon 🍁

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