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Melissa Doss  God. Family. Attorney. Crossfit Ath: 5x Central Reg qualifier, 2nd place Crossfit games team, 2014. 2017 games- Team Maximus. 😎


The good news: I should be walking again late September, I am able to do upper body exercises two weeks post surgery, and I get to keep my foot. That's about it πŸ˜‚. The bad news: my swelling isn't quite where my Doc wants it yet and postponed my 2nd surgery another week. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. My poor doc saw a river of tears fall from my eyes and hit his table. It wasn't the news I have been so deeply praying for this week; However, I also want a full recovery and know patience is necessary.
When I read my bible study this morning, I knew God was telling me the timing wasn't right... But I had hoped my gut feeling was wrong. I know his timing is always perfect even when it breaks my heart and just plain sucks! Gah. So I will wipe away my tears, love on my family and friends tonight and get back to work tomorrow. Thank you for the continued love, support and prayers. πŸ™ means the world. - Mel πŸ’™

When I let the pups out this morning, the sun was shining so bright! It was already a beautiful day. I didn't expect it, but tears began streaming down my cheeks. I freaking love being outside and I haven't mastered the stairs when home alone yet aka no outside for me. I let them fall for a couple of minutes, texted my girl that I'd like to go outside for a few minutes later and got over it. Ask and they shall answer :) So thankful for my sweet friends who came to visit today and who literally carried me outside to enjoy the sunshine 😎. @lenz_ewin22 @maggit18 @bats_man25 and baby Tobin, you guys are amazing! Thank you for making my day so wonderful. #sunshinehealsthesoul #thankfulformyfriends #feelingsappy πŸ’

Huge thank you to @rpstrength for continuing to walk with me through this journey. While my workouts these days include using my walker to hobble into the kitchen or to the car, I don't want to lose all of my gains if I can help it 😘. I couldn't stomach much food the first few days after surgery and reached out to @nick.shaw.rp for help. Plus I had no idea what to eat since I'm so inactive right now BUT I want to eat enough to help the heeling process! I've following the rest day template for 145 lb female but adding in some extra carbs to keep me happy and so I don't lose too much weight. RP will also be helping me add in extra nutrition along the way as I can start adding in upper body exercises (please Jesus hurry πŸ™πŸ˜‚). Thank you thank you for being so awesome RP! You da best. Cheers to hopefully not losing allll of my muscles while I'm a gimp. πŸ‘Š if you're interested in trying a template, use the code Doss10 for a discount. #thatRPlife #tryingtostaystrong #andhealthy #thatbathroomselfie

It's crazy how life can change in an instant. A week ago today I was still hoping I'd wake up and my bad dream from the night before would be just that. A bad dream. The past week has been trying to say the least. Mentally and physically. Knowing the pain, lack of independence and heart break is temporary gets me through every hour. Also my friends and family are pretty bad ass 😘
Even when life sucks (and it sucks a lot somedays!), I choose happiness. I choose to be grateful. I choose to remain positive even when I want to feel sorry for myself, because I know I have so much to be thankful for. I choose to remain faithful. I choose to believe God will make something wonderful out of my pain. He has to right πŸ™ When attitude is literally the only thing I can control in my life right now, I will choose to capture hard moments and choose happiness. πŸ’™ This is a really big week for me. I'm headed back to the doctor Wednesday and praying my skin/swelling is ready for surgery. One step closer to recovery. I have a good feeling about it! #prayers #eyesforward #attitude #hanginginthere #readytohikeagain πŸ“Έ @androointeractive @tryabouttime

When @lenz_ewin22 offers to give you a pedicure πŸ˜‚. She pulled out all the stops! #cantstoplaughing #shesanut #infullcharacter #hammockmanis #andpedis

Had a blast this afternoon cheering my man on at the Trifecta comp! 😎 When I broke my ankle he tried to pull out... Of course I wouldn't let him! Haha. My little choose fitter killed it today! #hesmyfav #hiswifeisaslavedriver #gohardorgohome πŸ˜‚ #youaintquittin #iloveyoudaniel #biggestfan

Who wore it best πŸ˜˜πŸ‘­. Missing my sweet, beautiful, hippie, dread lock wanting, hairy arm pit, swole mate Bestie. Haha! She's perfect. ☺️ Hoping my ankle heals SO fast so I can still be on the @thegranitegames floor with my permanent GG teammate. #dibs #iloveyou #mygirl #weirdos4life
#Repost @redlinegr (@get_repost)
Who are you going to drag to the gym tomorrow morning? TAG A FRIEND! #toetheline #teamwod #saturdaymorningworkout

I love this picture so much! I remember when we practiced event 4 with a slug, we totally busted πŸ˜‚ (right @namyrame ! Still can't stop Laughing)! I couldn't figure out how to climb that short rope or fireman down. It was a hilarious disaster!! I practiced so hard for that one! Luckily, We killed it on the floor! It was Such an amazing moment and one I'll never forget.
I'm so grateful to have been able to compete with some of my best friends, and now family this year. They accepted me wholeheartedly and loved (still do!) the heck out of me.
Not only did they stay with me in the hospital, but they've made me feel so loved and included all week. Texting me all hours just to keep me updated and to keep my spirits high. I tear up thinking about them! I remember after falling the first thing I thought of was you guys.. Not wanting to disappoint my people. I love you guys to the moon. I can't wait to be Coach Doss at the @crossfitgames and love on you guys the way you've loved on me. 😘 #ilovemyteam #GoMaximusGo #feelingsappy #letmebe #bestfriendgoals @dexhopkins @chrisawalker1 @alexingtonlegend @thedarwinperez @namyrame @marilyn.hopkins @celenesteele πŸ“Έ Marc Melkie @airrosti

Baring the circumstances, yesterday was a pretty good day ☺️. My pain was manageable, I got a lot of rest, a lot of work done, and celebrated my parents 37th wedding anniversary with them! They are such good sports! Haha. Take out Chinese and failure to launch with their baby girl. That's love. ❀️ Last night I was pretty uncomfortable for some reason. I had to get up and up to the bathroom about 1:30 am and tried to do so quietly so I wouldn't wake anyone. I managed to do it alone but when I got back in bed, I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. I hate how even going to the bathroom is a big damn deal! Plus it hurts. Blah. I let the "I don't deserve this" tears fall for a couple of minutes then captured my emotions and turned them over to God. I know this is temporary, but it sucks!
Today I'm attempting to get out and see a couple of clients. I'd love some extra prayers that my pain and my emotions stay calm. πŸ™ it's going to be a good day. I just know it. Thank you for the continued love and support friends ! Means more than you know. #thankfulthursday #evenwhenlifesucks #itcouldbeworse #roadtohealing #myparentsarethebest

I love this man so much. πŸ‘« He's been by my side through sadness, through sickness, through an eating disorder, through the death of a best friend, through the loss of a puppy, through the loss of grandparents, through disappointment and now he helps me pee in the middle of the night and waits on me hand and foot, all with a smile on his face. πŸ˜‚ #hessolucky
I'm not sure this is what he signed up for when he first asked me out 15 years ago, but I sure do love him for it! He's my rock and I'm so incredibly grateful for my sweet husband! I love you Daniel!! #youaremy🌍 #mybetterhalf #helovesme #ioweyoubabe

The positives: I'm home for now, my momma is here with me, hubs is amazing and I have the best support system in the world ☺️... And my teddy bear. #imallowed
Negatives: the pain is terrible. Ahh!! I tried lowering pain meds last night and was in an excruciating amount of pain. I'm just not ready! Also, I hate being so needy. πŸ˜‚ I feel like the ultimate Bossy Dossy. Taking it day by day, but thank you for the continued love, texts, messages and support. They mean so much to me! The plan today is to get back to work (at home of course!) and soak in time with my momma. I love you guys 😎. #keepmepositive #justabumpintheroad

Not exactly the plan I had in mind for my season and after the most perfect weekend in Nashville! Last night I fell from the top of the pegboard (I took one hand out before resetting the other), and fell and broke my ankle. It's a pretty bad break. I had a surgery last night to re set and have to undergo another surgery in a week or two to put plates in my ankle. While being injured just plain sucks, I know it could have always been worse.
I'm so incredibly heart broken I won't be competing with my teammates and some my best friends at the @crossfitgames but will be there screaming my face off for them from the sidelines. πŸŽ‰

Thank you in advance for all of the love, support and prayers. Means the world to me. πŸ’™ I may not understand but I know God always has a plan.

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