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"You make me feel so little!" Aka you're a giant Mel πŸ˜‚. Just what every woman wants to hear! Haha @lenz_ewin22 I'm kidding 😘. #bigspoon πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦ I was SO glad to be back in the gym tonight! This week has kicked my butt in many ways! I took the last couple days off thinking my body would feel awesome today and for some reason I hurt everywhere. Bodies are so weird! Regardless it was a really good night! I worked up to 155 for three of my front squat and thrusters Felt so much better on my ankle tonight! Cheers for finding time to sweat with friends on this beautiful Friday! 😎 #tgif @tryabouttime @blonyx @tenperformance @greaterthan @2poodperformance @rpstrength @reebok

If this morning is any indication of how my day will go, count me in πŸ˜‰! I mastered the kick turn swimming laps, hopped on my bad foot at PT (!!), and my doc remeasured my flexion... a 10 degree improvement in 3 weeks! Hell yeah 😎. Cheers for huge improvement even when it feels slow! #anklegains
Ps. I shared a lane this morning with a woman in her 50's who was training for her 7th iron man. She has pretty bad dementia and told me this because she swims a little zig zag. She was just kicking ass. I almost hugged her but stopped myself! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ Dana, you're a total bad ass!! #motivation #seriouslyamazing #likeagirl #humpdayfeels #positivevibes @tenperformance @blonyx @tryabouttime @rpstrength @greaterthan

I've been seeing this #metoo hash tag all over the internet over the past few days and it just makes me so sad! Yes, there are SO many amazing, respectful men out there, but there are most definitely some bad apples. At first I thought, I've never (thankfully!!) been sexually assaulted but damn, if I haven't been harassed... too many times to count. I always thought it was because I was nice, but that's total bullshit. Being a kind person isn't an invitation to violate anyone verbally or physically. Ever! I've never really told many people this, but what better time than to share with 60,000 of my friends in hope that it will encourage others to get something off of their chest. 😘 #thatslove
I remember right around the time my eating disorder started in high school (coincidence πŸ€”) I was a teacher's aide for one of my teachers. It was my junior year. He was always super nice to me, but starting asking weird questions. I Remember one day he asked me if I was a virgin. I was a virgin all throughout high school, but I didn't know to do when asked. I mean, what a freaking weird question. He told me he had dreams of taking my virginity away from me. He told me this on several occasions as well as many other things that Definitely crossed a line. I Remember dreading showing up to his class, and making excuses to leave early just so I wouldn't have to be alone with him. He made me feel so dirty, so violated. I was afraid to tell Daniel, my brother or my dad for for fear that my teacher would end up in a ditch.
Since that time, I've had several bosses and superiors who have tried to use power to get what they want with me. I've had bosses and superiors who have tried to hold my hand, who have tried to kiss me and who have just made me feel like I was only hired for what I look like and not because I work so hard. Thankfully, now I have no fear threatening any man who makes me feel less than. πŸ˜‚ #butseriously
If you've ever been harassed or assaulted in anyway, my heart goes out to you. May you find peace and strength to share your journey and may women and men support and respect each other to make the world a better place. πŸ’™

No I wasn't tipsy πŸ˜‚, I was just working on my stability this morning after class. I forgot how much I love these!! They definitely help with shoulder stability, core and these days, ankle stability as well. I did a few sets of overhead and back rack and stuck to light kettle bells. Overhead is def harder! Try these! Today was a really great ankle day ☺️. #feelinggrateful
Ps my sweet girl is doing great and sleeping next to my feet as we speak. πŸ™ @greaterthan @vullsport (tank), @tenperformance @blonyx @tryabouttime @forever_protected πŸ“Έ @maggit18 #iloveyou

She is the definition of unconditional love πŸ’™. Asking for prayers for my baby girl today. I just dropped my sweet Bella off at the vet to have a tumor removed from her eye lid and I'm a nervous wreck. While I know she will be okay, just thinking about my sweet girl being in any amount of pain hurts my heart. May her surgery be quick and painless so she is back home in my arms. πŸ™ #prayersforBells #mybestfriend #myfirstborn #crazydoglady #hurryupandcomehome 🐢

Lazy Sundays ☺️. Brunch, road tripping, laundry, romwod, epsom bath, Netflix and chill. The perfect end to an awesome weekend away! πŸ’™#ilovesundays #restdayfeels

I LOVE living in the country but I LOVE visiting new towns and cities! There's something my free spirit thrives on while touring new places, meeting new people and not knowing a soul. I just love it!! (If you can't tell πŸ˜‚) If only I could take my law firm and family on the road rv style πŸ’™. Today has been an amazing day! #lovingNashville #andFranklin #exploring #adventureswithmyhubs #feedingmysoul #freespirit

The best way to cure drinking one too many glasses of wine and a midnight egg mcmuffin... doing Amanda of course πŸ˜‚. 9-7-5 muscle ups and squat snatches (95/135). I was thrilled my ankle felt pretty good this morning and was able to do the workout rx! Time: 4:59. Not a PR but who cares! Legs felt weak but my heart was so happy πŸ’™. Thank you for the incredible hospitality @crossfit.musiccity ! @butts_by_butts #yourock #saturdayfun #sweatingitout #openyoureyesMel @greaterthan shorts and bra: @vullsport @tenperformance @tryabouttime @blonyx

Celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary two months later AND my mans b day two weeks early 😍. All the celebrations! Chris Stapleton concert, exploring the city and just being together. I can't fricken wait! #weekendvibes #nashvegas #mymanπŸ’™#countryland

She's been called bossy, because she doesn't like being walked on. She's been called a bitch, because she is assertive and knows what she wants. She's been called selfish and lame because she keeps her priorities straight. She's been called boastful because she is confident. She doesn't really open up to many people, because she likes to keep her inner circle small. She doesn't give away her time easily because it's valuable. She knows who she is and she knows her worth. She is priceless. πŸ’™ #knowyourworth #likeagirl #likeaboss #internationalgirlday #onedaylate #beautyinstrength πŸ“Έ @xdirtyxdanx

Ahh memories 😎. #mygirls This pic was taken after double heavy grace aka my dream workout at WZA last year! I keep seeing all things @thewodapalooza and I'm SO sad my footsie won't be ready for the team qualifier next week πŸ˜”. Seriously, WZA is one of my favorite comps every year! While my ankle has most definitely been a huge set back, I will say that I am thrilled with my progress! I squat cleaned 120 lbs this morning, exactly two weeks post boot. Minus stiffness and weak legs, it honestly felt awesome ☺️. I also did my first wall balls! πŸŽ‰ Every time I have a sad moment or a moment of doubt, I try to remember where I was even two weeks ago and let it go. Attitude and that brain game is everything. #progressisprogress #babysteps #tryingtostaypositive #butidomissmygirls @jenndancing @marilyn.hopkins #sweetmemories #raveoutfits @savageswim @thechestee @romwod

When you sweat so much your hair turns a pretty shade of wet brown πŸ˜‚. I had an early work event this morning so I had to workout tonight. It definitely wasn't my favorite time but I'm glad I got a great sweat in!
The wod was:
0:00-10:00 4 rounds of
250 m row
5 squat snatches (I kept it light at 65)
3 rounds of 500 m row
10 burpees
At 20:00
2 rounds of 750 m row
15 KB swings
Basically it was 28 minutes of rowing cardio 😜. Aka gross. I honestly wanted to quit and go home after two rounds but I shut off my brain and finished the damn thing. #peerpressure Thanks for the encouragement @lenz_ewin22 ! You're my favorite 😘πŸ’ͺ. #sweatingbuckets #imdisgusting #cardioday @blonyx @tenperformance @tryabouttime outfit: @vullsport @greaterthan @2poodperformance @rpstrength

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