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Melissa Doss  Fam Law Attorney/Crossfit Ath:4x Central Reg Ind, 2nd place Crossfit games team,'14.About time.Team Ten. Blonyx.Redline.FFF. GBRX.2 Pood.Wodbottom.

Dear Dave,
If you're listening, I'm pulling for muscle ups tonight! I think lots of muscle ups paired with heavy barbell thrusters would be so much FUN! But clearly you don't care what I think 😂. Can't wait to throw down with my team at Friday Night Lights tomorrow night! Let's hope I can stay awake that late 😉😴💤. #noreally #FNL #hopefullyendingonagoodnote #17 .5 #flyinghigh #deadmeat #whataterribleclue #onemoreweek #yipee #teammaximus 📸 @gustavoalfarophotography

I'm so thankful for friends (cough Nic cough) who always show up early for me when I need the push (and lots of laughs!). Struggling with friends when you're still half asleep = 1000 times more fun than struggling alone! Ha! The open has been tiring and honestly has made me feel less fit 😂. I'm so excited to get back to regular training next week!! #ilovetraining #andcompeting #buttheopen🤔 #onemoreweek #theykeepmemotivated #fransss #morningfun @blonyx @vullsport @tenperformance @rpstrength

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as we live, my bestie you'll be. 👭 Wishing the happiest of my birthdays to one of my favorite people in the entire world! I love doing life with you @jenndancing !! There's no friendship sweeter than ours ☺️. I wish I was in Dubai celebrating with you!!!! #liveitup #iloveyou #shesmine #bdaygirl #weregettingold #oldginas @jenndancing

In case you thought I was normal…😂. Sorry for ruining my video 2 Pood! Ha! @2poodperformance #nailedit #ilovemybelt @cmicmil @constantly_varied_gear

When you and your little Bebe E execute your 17.4 plans to a T, you genuinely smile so big! 😎 My goal today was to remain strong throughout the whole work out, not only physically but mentally. I stuck to sets I knew could do and hit my goal of 30 deadlifts! I don't really care what anybody else got, I'm thrilled with my score! I can honestly say, it was the best I could've done today. Having zero regrets is the best feeling. Cheers to my teammates kicking butt and to the open being over in a week! 🎉 #17 .4 #thepaincave #myarse #worthit #teammaximus #thatgrin #proudofyouE👭 @vullsport @blonyx @tenperformance @rpstrength @romwod

If I'm being honest, I was pretty disappointed after 17.4 Friday. I was 2 reps less fit than last year... Which is totally okay! I wasn't disappointed because of my score but because I felt like I didn't push myself like I could have on the row. Everything else I executed according to plan, but I gave up on the dang row. 😁 I was tired after the week and just not really mentally there. Plus I hate rowing... And You could see it on my face. I was tired. (But Who isn't!!) While I hate re dos, I can't not at least attempt to give it my all. That ain't me...For myself, for my team! I'm hoping my back/hammies feel good as new tomorrow and I'm able to mentally push through to prove to myself that I can. I am strong enough. I am mentally tough. So when I want to give up on the row tomorrow when my legs are dead tired, I'll remember this public post I made to the world to suck it up Mel!! 😂 #mindovermatter #mindalwayswins #mentaltoughness #icandoit #strugglebus #onemoreweek #praisethelord #teammaximus #roadtoregionals 📸 @dangoodmanphotos

Eyes on the prize. 🏆 Every time I wear these shorts I think... I really really want a new pair of games shorts ☺️. Two more weeks then the fun begins 🙏 (hopefully)!! C'mon 17.4... Don't disappoint me! #morebarbellplease #hardwork #sacrifices #bigdreams #goals #regionalsbound2017 #teamlove #teammaximus @2poodperformance @thechestee @tenperformance @romwod @blonyx 📸 Nick Jackson

Happy 60th birthday to the coolest dad on the planet. ☺️ Even though my memory sucks most days (ask my friends...), I still remember the most random but important things! Like my daddy racing me in the church yard by our house when I was a little girl (he never let me win!!), my dad trying to fix my hair before school 😂, my dad bringing me coffee in bed during my tough high school years and my dad always telling me that I was beautiful and worthy in every way. He was and is truly an amazing father.
Dad, I know you may think a third of your life is over (haha!), but I think the best years of life are yet to come! May year 60 be the best year yet! I love you so much 💙 #hesthebest #mancrushwednesday #daddysgirl #birthdayboy🎂 #holybicepMel😁

My hips are always SO tight!! That's what I get for sitting on my bum all day long. 😁 Last week @airrosti reminded me of this awesome stretch (banded lizard) and I've been doing it this week. Helps so much! For those of you who sit on your butt at work or in the car allll day long like me, give it a go. 🙋🏼 Put the band as high on your inner thigh as you can and move your knee in and out. I try to shoot for at least a minute per side. #happymobilizing #healthyhips #happygirl

While getting old(er) most definitely has its long list of perks, recovery just isn't one of them 😂. I tried heavy snatching again today and when I got to 175, my lats/biceps said "NO! I hate you Mel!". I think the barbell was cemented to the ground. Ha! #noreally 💁 At least I got a good sweat/lifting session in and got to cheer on my freaking strong teammates!! #twomoreweeks #istheopenoveryet #regionalsbound🙏 #withmateam #letsgo #onto17 .4 #moreheavybarbellplease #ilooklikeagiant #mylittlebebeE @team_maximus @tryabouttime @blonyx @tenperformance @romwod

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