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Melbourne Pig Save  Melbourne Pig Save aims to inform the community of the plight of pigs in our food production system. 🐷

It’s a bit of a misconception that pigs in intensive piggeries never see the sun until they are sent to be killed at the slaughterhouse. Sometimes they do and it also depends on the setup of the piggery. This girl was in a conventional ‘grower’ shed in a Victorian piggery, conventional meaning the older style metal sheds built on concrete flooring and divided up into pens usually using metal bars. She has the sun glowing on her face, but she is surrounded in filth and it covers her nose from rooting in it as there's nothing else for her to do. Pigs are crammed into each pen, and some are far more crowded than others. The sides of the sheds have tarpaulin sheets that can be rolled up and down depending on the weather. Some sheds are in states of disrepair and left to fall apart but still used to hold the pigs in. They have ripped tarpaulin sheets and corrugated iron sheeting for roofing that have huge holes in them, letting the rain pour in. When workers pay little attention to the needs of the animals, or the protective sheets are torn to shreds and not replaced, the pigs are left to swelter in the sun as it passes through the sky. On this day it was only in the low 20s C and yet the heat from the pigs’ bodies and the steam from the fermenting shit and piss built up on the concrete and wooden flooring was very noticeable and, the stench palpable. What will the shed be like when it’s summer time and the temperatures will reach into their 30s and 40s day after day with no surrounding trees to provide any shade?

They need us so desperately. Be their voice. .
Because it's what you would want if you were in their position.
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This baby has gone through a process by which the animal exploitation industry has turned him into a product to be consumed, the price includes insemination and separation from his mother, fattening, transportation to the slaughterhouse, electrocution, stabbing, bleeding and packaging.
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A powerful action held by Melbourne Pig Save saw activists come together to pay tribute to the countless pigs whose lives are ruthlessly stolen from them.

The bodies of 14 piglets held in the activist's arms died within a week of their birth - some from starvation, some crushed beneath the weight of their own mother, and some from blunt force trauma; deemed unprofitable to the industry, they were bashed into the ground, a routine practice considered "humane" within the industry.

As horrific as their deaths were, the alternative fate their brothers and sisters met was no better. After a short life of confinement, subject to mental and physical torture, they were sent to meet their violent deaths in a gas chamber, or by a knife across their throat.

Their deaths are a direct result of your daily actions and choices. When you purchase animal flesh or their stolen secretions, you're not only consenting to animal abuse and murder, you're funding it.

Repost: @animalliberationphotography thank you for this powerful video of the days event.

After Saturday’s tribute the 14 piglets were buried in a place where they can finally rest in peace. They were buried with care, love and respect, a stark contrast to how their fellow piglets would have been treated at the piggery. These piglets all died either during the birthing process, or within hours of being born or a few days later. They would have been thrown on a ‘dead pile’ and left to rot away at the piggery if they weren’t recovered by activists, just seen as waste to be discarded, and these 14 are the tiniest representation of those who are cast aside like rubbish.
According to Lee McCosker’s paper ‘A Review: The pattern of mortality in piglets (birth to 2 months of age) and means to reduce the mortality rate’ around 18% of piglets die before being weaned prematurely from their mother. Based on this figure and applied to the most current pig slaughter numbers available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016), the number of piglets who died due to starvation, chilling, overlay and suffocation, the main causes of their deaths, plus other illnesses, was 1.1 million in 2016. These numbers would be conservative and not a true representation of the numbers, as accurate reporting would not be the expected in piggeries. We would expect the number to be a lot higher than the 1.1 million accounted for.
The number of lives lost so prematurely each year is absolutely shocking, the industry accepts that the deaths of 1.1million piglets, in order to produce 5 million pigs who are brutally killed each year so they can be eaten, is outrageous. What is more outrageous though, is that people are willing to support such cruelty and brutality with their dollar, delegating any responsibility they have for their actions to the piggeries and slaughterhouses, whilst exclaiming that they ‘love’ animals. What a sick and twisted industry and society this is.
RIP little ones, we will fight for you always until justice for all living beings prevails. We are thankful to have had the honour of acknowledging your lives and showing you the respect you deserved.

Thank you @animalliberationphotography for capturing such poignant photos of the tribute to piglets, the victims of the pig farming industry, on Saturday. These piglets were honoured in a way that would never have happened if it weren't for the silent activists who recovered their bodies for us to bring into the public space. We brought them out to show people things they are never meant to see in the pig farming industry. An industry that relies on systemic abuse, torture and exploitation of animals. These animals are a reality, they are not a 'belief', they exist and their suffering is absolutely real. Consumers support this cruelty and exploitation every time they purchase body parts passed off as 'food'. If you don't agree with animal cruelty, something inherent in 'food' taken from animals, then you can make changes that help them by going vegan. You can check out @animalsaustralia and @edgarsmission to find out how.
Go to @animalliberationphotography's Facebook page view the entire album of photos.

On Saturday 22 September 2018 we paid respect to the victims of the pig farming industry. The 14 piglets we had in our care were brought into the public space in Bourke St Mall, Melbourne, to show the public who the victims are when they purchase products they naively believe cause no harm. They were collected from just one piggery. They are the ‘lucky’ ones, and what a terribly sad thing to say about them when they died, some of them not even taking a breath of air, alive in the womb but born dead due to a prolonged and difficult birth.

Instead of us having them with us as a tribute to honour their lives, calling them lucky to be dead, and at such an early stage of their lives, what would have been lucky is if we could have said they got to have a life worth living. One where they were free to be themselves, no restraints placed on their existence, no reigning in of their natural behaviours, no stifling of their innate instincts and personalities. They would have gotten to live, be free, be happy and be loved and protected. But no, instead they were with us, almost pleading with us to do whatever it takes to shake people out of their apathy, to make people care, to waken their hearts and to use their minds to reason, can they suffer, do they deserve to suffer, do they deserve to be treated as nothing more than a piece of meat?
These 14 piglets would have been just another loss in a statistical pool, reduced to mere numbers and economic loss to the business. But they are not statistics, they are individuals, they exist, and we paid our tribute to them with the honour and respect they deserved, rather than being thrown onto a dead pile like rubbish at a piggery, left for their bodies to rot away. .
Full post and album is on our Facebook page @melbournepigsave
Thank you to Briannagh O'Loughlin for the photos.

After our vigil last week at Diamond Valley Pork, we made our way to Australian Food Group, just a few minutes down the road, to speak up for the pigs who are also mercilessly killed at this facility.
Whilst relatively small, they still have the capacity to kill a few thousand pigs weekly with carbon dioxide gassing being the method of stunning.
Footage obtained by activists from inside Australian Food Group's gas chamber was included in the expose at

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” – Ansel Adams

When we look at a photograph, we are actively choosing to engage with its subject – the individual(s) pictured – and their situation. In choosing to bear witness to another's reality, we are opening ourselves up to learning more about their life.
And once we know, we can try to help. #PleaseDontTurnAway 📷: A sow and her litter on a pig farm. Italy, 2015.
Jo-Anne McArthur/@essereanimali
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Have you seen this before? Do you know what it is for? A vacuum knife is a slaughter tool that is stuck in the chest of pigs to suck their blood. The animal exploitation industry will not show it to you in their ads.
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The hardest part about living with Esther, was opening our eyes to what her life would’ve been like without us. It was always easier to keep on scrolling, but falling in love with her had made it impossible to look away.
The top photo, is what a happy pig looks like. The bottom photo, was taken a few days ago (credit Sabrina Desgagne) as their transport truck pulled into Fearman’s Pork- a CFIA inspected/approved processing facility in Burlington, Ontario. We almost NEVER post this kind of photo (and this post doesn’t mean it’s becoming a regular thing), but this one really stuck with us over the last few days; probably because we know it was taken less than 25km (15.5miles) away. The difference between these two images is haunting, you can see everything you need to know in their eyes.

There’s nothing worse than knowing she was so close to a sanctuary, but she’ll never get the chance to see one. There won’t be any investigation regarding why she’s so beaten and bruised, either. It’s just business as usual in the life of a commercial pig.

It could’ve been Esther in either of these photos. She’s all we see when we look at them, and that’s what we’re trying to help others see too. The same hilarious, larger than life personality exists in every pig, they just rarely get a chance to show it.
Giving up animal products was the easiest decision we ever made, the only thing we regret is not doing it sooner.
#KindnessIsMagic #FarmAnimalsAwarenessWeek

A brief moment shared between two souls, an activist reaching out with a loving touch to comfort this young pig for the first and last time in his short life.
Captured at a Melbourne Pig Save vigil recently, moments before the truck entered the slaughterhouse.
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