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Melbourne Pig Save  Melbourne Pig Save aims to inform the community of the plight of pigs in our food production system. 🐷

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Pigs are well documented to be exceptionally intelligent animals with cognitive abilities comparable to a human toddler. They are also caring mothers who sing to their babies.

Over 150,000,000 pigs are raised in factory farms and killed for food each year. On industrial farms, many piglets are born to mothers in gestation crates, cages that confine the sow so restrictively that she cannot turn around. The pigletss are then raised in dark and filthy warehouses until they are ready for slaughter. Though pigs can live for more than a decade, most are sent to slaughter at only four months old.
📸: Pigs at a factory farm. Finland, 2015.

Jo-Anne McArthur/Oikeutta eläimille

Melbourne Pig Save will be holding vigils at slaughterhouses throughout the year. .
If you are interested in attending these vigils, please send us a message (on Facebook) so we can add you to our register. In the message please tell us a bit about yourself, for example, your background in animal advocacy (if you don’t have one yet that’s fine, we all have to start somewhere so just tell us a bit about yourself) and why you would like to join us in attending vigils.
*NOTE* to all who have requested to join the closed group but have not been accepted yet - please send us a private message so we can go through the terms and conditions. .
Thank you 😊🐷

As I approached, she was cautious but curious. Never having received any love before in their short life of 5-6 months. As any dog would, she nuzzled my hand and then started to lick my fingers. It broke me knowing that within hours, she’d be slaughtered and cut up into pieces. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you.
Her whole existence and life of misery, reduced to being an ingredient in a meal that would be gone within minutes.
I don’t care what anyone says about how much they love bacon or the industry telling consumers you need to ‘put a little pork on your fork’ ... it’s not necessary and it certainly isn’t right. You have the choice. Make kinder choices and leave animals off your plate. .
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Dead pile.

A dumped body of a sow, her face contorted into a gruesome grimace, and a very young piglet stand out in the darkness, just a few of the many bodies dumped in the piggery's dead pile for their bodies to decompose and be used for fertiliser, usually on the property. In the background the glow of lights in the sheds that hold sows, either waiting to be artificially inseminated or already pregnant and waiting to be taken into the farrowing crates, can be seen. Many sows either die from illness onsite, or are killed with a bolt gun or rifle if sick and no longer of 'use', and the ones who survive are sent to the slaughterhouse after a few years of being a breeding machine and turned into cheap sausage.

The answer to ending this cruelty and inefficient use of resources is to go vegan. To make a start, you can check @animalsaustralia for tips.
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On the 25th of June, @MelbournePigSave held their monthly vigil at Diamond Valley Pork in Laverton North. ~
With a kill capacity of 2500 pigs daily, DVP is Victoria's largest pig slaughterhouse. The facility is 80% owned by Rivalea, who also own Corowa Abattoir, Redlands NSW, the largest pig slaughterhouse in the southern hemisphere.
Melbourne Pig Save have managed to negotiate with the slaughterhouse to stop two trucks for 10 minutes each, so we can bear witness & provide the pigs water in their final moments. ~
Activists hummed, sang & provided these innocent babies with a few minutes of love and kindness. It is likely the only positive human interaction they will have ever experienced. ~
Once the 10 minutes was up, the trucks drove into the facility. The pigs could be heard screaming as they were likely prodded off the truck. They are then violently forced into a gondola which descends into a CO2 chamber. Whilst the pork industry suggests this is the 'best practice method', the reality is that the pigs thrash violently as carbon dioxide forms carbonic acid as it reacts with moisture in the pig's nose, eyes, throat and airways. It is likely that this feels as though they are burning from the inside out. But guess what? It's 'free range' & 'RSPCA approved'. ~
If you consume animal products, look into what you're paying for. Watch what you're responsible for. Watch the pig that had their life taken from them, just because you wanted a bacon sandwich.
They go in as living, breathing sentient beings and come out chopped up into unrecognisale pieces of flesh that cause a plethora of illnesses upon consumption. Nothing humane happens in between. Slaughterhouses are hellholes.
Please message if you'd like to attend future vigils. Please do not request to join the closed group until you have sent them a message.


An individual who deserves to have their life acknowledged, to be shown some love and kindness, to let them know we see them and what they suffer does not go unnoticed. We will be there until the end, when the human race wakes up to the atrocities they are committing against other sentient beings.
From yesterdays vigil at Diamond Valley Pork.
📷: @lovebreephotography/SENTIENT

2500 piglets per day are killed here at Diamond Valley Pork, just minutes outside of Melbourne. These 2-3 month olds are taken from their mums, denied food or water for days prior to transport (to minimise fecal waste) and then slaughtered here. .
Once they arrive at the slaughterhouse, after hours of vomiting from fear and dehydration, climbing over one another and suffering injuries from being stepped on and shoved, they're hit, kicked, and electrocuted with prods to get them into their holding pens. You can hear their screams from out side of the facility.
They're then forced into a cage called a gondola, and lowered into gas chamber that feels to them like they're burning from the inside out. They thrash and fight, terrified and dying. These pigs were more intelligent than dogs, and just as sensitive. .
They were individuals with families and personalities, like us. Now they're dead, victims of a useless industry that poisons our planet with its liquid waste and chemical runoff, poisons our bodies with artificial hormones, high cholesterol, fat, and the fear of an animal who suffered their entire life and didn't want to die. .
Look into their eyes and see your dog, your cat, your horse. They're all the same, and none of them deserve this.
📷 and words: @lovebreephotography/SENTIENT

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