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Adventures in Melbourne.

The Salvos are going high tech for the Red Shield Appeal this year! With pay wave on offer your pockets don't need to jingle to help those in need. It's all happening this weekend. Dig deep!
Photo from today's Herald Sun.


Look what popped up in memories today! Perfect timing, having just visited the new @befreeart wall 😍

Because if you call your baby Amelie you better expect we're not just going to buy you a wondersuit.
#Amelie #gnome #newcousin (kind of πŸ˜„)

You never know who you'll meet in Fed Square. πŸ˜„
Buddha's Day Multicultural Festival happening all weekend.

We've been coming to the Buddha's Day Festival for years, baby Mena got blessed by the monks as did Rav a few years later. This year the blessing ceremony will take place in Deakin Edge on Sunday from 1pm-3pm. Advanced registrations are required.All the details of the blessing ceremony are on the Buddha's Day website, it's open to children of all faiths and backgrounds.

Looking beautiful for the festival tomorrow. Buddha's Day is worth a visit for the amazing vegetarian street food alone! πŸ˜‹

He's on a secret mission. Obviously lobsters are a top choice if you are trying to be stealthy.

Checking out the set up for Buddha's Day Multicultural Festival tomorrow.

Mena, stop spraying paint on your brother! Are your ears painted on? πŸ˜†

The first time we chased down a @befreeart wall Mena brought a tea cup and some tiny teddies. This time it was a skateboard a whole lot of sass. Times have changed. πŸ˜„

How's this for magic- that's Mena up on that wall with her 'imaginary friend' @befreeart ! When Mena was two she decided that the Be Free girl was her imaginary friend, we'd go all over the city finding her on walls. After a while the talented artist behind the girl contacted us and set up a meeting with the real girl and even transformed Mena into a paint splattering 2D girl so they could cause havoc together! Over the last six years @befreeart has been so amazingly generous with their time and art, can't thank you enough, Be. Look forward to seeing what these girls do as teenagers (on and off the wall!!!) πŸ˜‚

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